The Chink Menace

A growing problem within the American section of the movement at least has been that of the rising issue of China and those either ignoring it or those celebrating it, either because they’re contrarian idiots or they’re being paid off by China, like, for example, Andrew Anglin. Either way, an issue that must be brought to light is that of a rising China and how we must deal with it.

When I say Chinese, I mean the Han Chinese ethnic group of Asians who make up the majority of China’s population and rule over China. I bring this up because the Han Chinese are known as “The jews of East Asia” among other Asians due to their merchant mentality, materialism, and cultural attitudes toward defrauding others with shoddy or counterfeit goods.

If you want to know more regarding this, I strongly recommend you read the massive greentext below about a 4chan user who did business in China for decades and his experience with the Chinese being cheating lying rats no different than jews. Some anecdotes which align with some of my own experiences as well. You’ll have to right click on the image to open image in new tab to read it fully.

I also suggest that readers watch the video below regarding the backstabbing and frankly jewish nature of the Chinese:

China today is no better than China of the past, and there is a reason why, over one hundred years ago, we banned them from our countries. The chinks themselves have proven to be proficient in their deeds of trickery, thievery, degeneracy, and lies. Just take a look at this image below.

Despite the age of this image, it still perfectly fits in line today. The Chinese robbed the Western World of its labor, spreading disease and plague from their gross health conditions that are even worse than your average spic, and the spread of cheap drugs into our lands to poison our people. While it was opium back then, nowadays it’s fentanyl, which the Chinese government has refused to stop the production and importation into our lands, all while they work with jews to buy up our industries and either move them to China or move them to Mexico.

Like jews, the Chinese have it in their blood to be dedicated to China. Even a partially Chinese person, from my experience, still remains heavily pro-China. I’ve even seen those who are less than a quarter Chinese go out of their way to defend China and why China should rule over the world and why China is a good place. Even people who are only a quarter jew have it in their blood to act in the best interests of jews.

The Chinese are frequently friends and collaborators with our jewish overlords. With the People’s Republic of China being extremely good friends with the illegitimate nation of Israel, often Israel sells US military secrets and equipment to China at a profit, allowing China to make their own knockoffs of US Military made things and build up their own forces. It clearly shows anyone with half a brain that the jews and the Chinese are the best of allies and should be treated as one in the same. In fact, in the United States, jews during Christmas have a tradition in which they eat Chinese food, as both the Chinese and jewish people do not celebrate it, showing the friendship between the two ethnic groups. 

So what’s the solution here? Well, it’s simple. We just go back to what our ancestors did a century prior, strict opposition to the Chinese as a menace to the world and of collaborators with the jewish menace as well. We kick them back to the yellow river hellscape from which they once came from and do not do any trade with them or do business with them. Let them sink back into the feudal poverty-stricken hellhole they once were prior to our weak leaders, starting with Richard Nixon at the behest of jews like Henry Kissinger to revive China back into a global shitstain.

As a final note, I’d like to leave a video below for readers to watch regarding the actual dangers of China and what their end goal is. It’s made by a liberal, so it will be biased towards that worldview. However, it is still extremely well researched and goes into the complete history of China from the beginning to now and their ultimate end goal of taking over the world through soft power through economics and buying up industries, ports, and natural resources of a country to make it subservient to China. An extremely good watch.

Hail Victory!