Breaking Ties With The NSO

The American Futurist is cutting ties with and no longer supporting the National Socialist Order. According to recent developments, bad actors have taken over the organization and are now using it to promote The Order of the Nine Angles’ Satanism and Child Rape.

In any case, all individuals involved with this takeover are no longer involved with us anymore. The National Socialist Order is dead for all intents and purposes. Just another failed group, sadly due to subversives ruining it. Let it be known, we will not tolerate this. We will have zero tolerance for degeneracy and subversives in our community. Anyone found, no matter who they are, will be disowned and exiled.

So let it be known that the NSO is dead and certain individuals who will not be named are no longer involved with this project and have been removed from our staff. The now former leader and one of the founders of the NSO, Ryan Arthur, was not involved with this and was subject to being removed by these bad actors because of his opposition to degeneracy and Satanism. These bad actors are not idealists, they don’t care about our worldview, to them our worldview is something to be abused and used to promote their own degenerate worldview. We won’t stand for it.

It’s an absolute shame this has happened. Not only due to the betrayal this has been but because many NSO members are young White men who, with their first group, are never coming back to the movement over this. On top of that, it harms our credibility since if we declare that someone is a good group and support them and this occurs, what does that make of us?

A letter from Cameron Denton from jail really gets to us on this subject; the biggest regret he had was not stopping Joshua Sutter and not putting his foot down on things Joshua Sutter promoted. Now Cameron still has a reputation in the movement as the “weirdo satanist” despite his Christian Identity adjacent beliefs. It’s guilt by association. We don’t plan on making that same mistake, and we will not tolerate this behavior. As stated in our rules for this publication, any organization that we support can have its support withdrawn for any reason we see fit. This is the situation in which to invoke that rule. 

We hope it was worth it for the new leaders of the NSO, since they turned a once-growing and promising organization into an organization of a couple of people as everyone either leaves the movement entirely or leaves to join another group. It’s a sad sight to see. We will continue to fight on however, we will fight until we are either dead or we win. We have dealt with worse situations yet overcame them, we have yet to deal with even worse situations, we will continue to fight on. There is no solution but our revolution!

Hail Victory!

This is a statement from The American Futurist.