To control language is to control the debate, a trend that has been seen in recent both from the system and in some cases even within our own movement and within the broader right wing in the US in general, language is purposely dumbed down to limit the capability of people to conceptualize and communicate. Without the complex use of language, complex thought becomes impossible. Without complex language, man is unable to comprehend anything but grunts and basic imagery.

A worrying trend among the right is playing right into the hands of the system. More and more I notice the “dissident right” under-utilizing linguistics. All it takes is someone online to say a lie about this or that and suddenly you have a variety of people parroting whatever falsehood has been said.

This is nothing new. We all know people are stupid and will often times spout hearsay with no evidence. The key here is that it is also endemic among the right wing, the very same right wing which claims to stand against and above this sort of idiocy. All it takes is one rumor against an individual or organization to be whispered and you will have an army of people slandering and arguing against that person/organization to their death. A perfect and relevant example is the Azov battalion, who have been wrongly accused of being “Jewish controlled”. This only partially applies to an unrelated organization, the Right Sector. Yet, despite it being false, many people parrot this blatant lie with no evidence or just lie because they’re deluded retards who think Russia is this White Orthodox Christian Empire when it’s the exact opposite.

Another great example is the Atomwaffen Division. Many people accused the Atomwaffen Division of being a “honeypot” or “glowniggers”. Both of these terms do not imply that Atomwaffen was not infiltrated by the federal government (they were). Rather, these terms imply that Atomwaffen was created by the federal government. Atomwaffen was not a honeypot. It was an authentic group which was created by young National Socialists with the goal of destroying the federal government to advance National Socialism in North America and around the world.

When you fall into false rhetoric and accusations like this, you are playing directly into our enemies wringing hands. One simple change of a word can entirely change the meaning of a sentence. The result of this is the present schizophrenia among all dissident circles; all groups are apparently created by the federal government, there is no legitimate opposition, fear dominates and destroys all attempts at genuine networking and activism. This is the very definition of COINTELPRO. You are falling for their tricks and, worst of all, many people do not even realize it. It all boils down to sloppy speech and the incorrect use of language.

We will never progress as a movement when such simple trickery works so well on us. A man capable of falling for any surface level propaganda that reaches him does not meet the qualifications of a National Socialist; it is more characteristic of a schizophrenic Q-anon follower. If all it takes is one FBI agent, one shill, or one schizophrenic to spout nonsense and suddenly have a demented legion of idiots willing to defend him, we will never advance let alone achieve victory. You must be aware of this crucial fact or we will never win.