Civil War

This article today will discuss many things our viewership is familiar with: civil war, the dissolution of the American government, rising illegitimacy, and the fact your government hates you. The twist to all of this is that it isn’t us saying it, rather it is regular media and the US government. A few years ago your average person was still in an “end of history” mindset, the concept that the US and its neoliberal global order are omnipotent and its lack of adversaries will serve to lead us to being the catalyst for no more war, famine, and civil liberties for all the world. That reasoning has shifted one hundred and eighty degree in just two short years. Not only do we see it, not only do they see it, but also our greatest enemy the US government.

The following articles are the main focus of this:

These articles discuss a few things. The first is an article from a leftist at the guardian, pointing out how the US is clearly enroute to a political disaster. He is essentially saying the right (we) understand the stakes and the left does not. While he is a leftist, it is a damning summation of the current political status of the government. The second discusses former US generals who demand that the US security apparatus be radically expanded, and that our forces be prepare for domestic conflict. The last article simply describes a recent military operation where US special forces trained in scenario which would mirror anti-guerilla campaigns against white citizens (one even had a siege mask). While many of these claims are based on more deliberately alarmist thought in regard to the January 6th farce of a “coup”, the end result will be increased action and measures against US.

This type of discussion would have been unimaginable just a few years ago, it would have been completely mentally blocked out by the concepts of American exceptionalism and the end of history. The idea of American operations against the US population would have been dismissed by most “normal people” as something that only happens in third world countries, or something that we were morally above. The concept of collapse is ever familiar to an aware revolutionary, but the significance of the government and media admitting it should not be undervalued. The fact that these articles have been written and these operations conducted, is an admission of great importance: the writing is on the wall.

Speaking of “normal people”, have you talked to any lately? They largely do not have faith in the lasting power of the government. They may not be able to articulate this in a meaningful manner, but they know what’s going on. Food is harder to get and more expensive, left wingers and right wingers alike feel as if the system is set up against them, the legitimacy of our government in domestic and foreign affairs alike is weak, and the rising polarity among the population is impossible to ignore. They remain lemmings with no agency, but they have turned from largely happy lemmings to depressed and fearful lemmings. Many more have even joined our ranks, or the ranks of other radical dissident ideologies. They know the writing is on the wall.

This is likely fueling the government’s fears, the population of dissidents has grown from the underground national socialist movement to almost anyone with a vaguely normal set of sensibilities. Much of this has been their doing, for reasons unknown to me outside of cockiness and incompetence. The existing government apparatus can surely be described as cocky. The dominant ideas of Francis Fukuyama and the aforementioned concept of the end of history with the liberal order presiding over a new world order is one of the most arrogant out there. It is clear to these people, even Fukuyama himself, that this order is not to come. Our politicians are scared, boxing themselves into their offices with concrete walls. Their experiment has failed and America has fallen in line with the natural order.

That natural order is decay, entropy. For too long our representatives (or as I refer to them, managers) and population have believed that the modern world is a state above time, immune to its rules and nature. The result of this is what we see today; a state which mirrors a skyscraper with an rotten foundation. Everything in our lives from our plywood houses to our email jobs to our country being a cosmopolitan pig pen is a result of this ideology and the jews behind it. Empires rise and fall, and our “leaders” now face the fact that their state is entirely illegitimate, it does not serve any purpose. For all of our technology, all of our advancements, the state still must follow these rules. The continued pushing back of addressing these foundational issues has resulted in a crisis to end of crises, everything at all levels vertically and horizontally are entirely dysfunctional.

There are a great many people who subscribe the theory of the end of history. The leftist and liberal implementation is an ideal similar to star trek, infinite resources and eternal peace dedicated to productive outputs. Many right wingers subscribe to this at some level too, the right wingers who deny the inevitable collapse of the United States as a political entity in its current form. “There won’t be a collapse”, “there will be no happening”, “you’re schizophrenic”. All of these statements are in the same mindset as these other groups. They believe the US is too powerful, too strong, the times and technology make it immune to geopolitical and individual forces. If the many great empires of history can collapse, the disgusting and incompetent US government most certainly can.

Linking back to the start of the article, these topics are pertinent because even if you DENY these facts, the government does not. The government has spent most of its time and resources over the last 80 years (and the last 20 in particular) gearing its existing apparatuses against YOU. The information state which constantly monitors all residents of the US and our military of foreigners is no coincidence. The normal people on the street see the inevitable conflict on the horizon, those retired generals see it, and so does some faggot guardian journalist. The only question to those still out there who do not believe this and are part of the dissident right is if you’re blind.

We in this thing of ours are not seers, we cannot predict when but we do know the answer to IF. The collapse of the soviet union, the American civil war, and all of these other historical events did not occur in a linear fashion. A low boil existed and continued slowly through a variety of vectors until an explosion of swords or bullets rampaged throughout these places. This is the nature of conflict and it is occurring in plain sight before our eyes. There will come a day when things here degrade to open conflict, and you need to be ready.

On the nature of states:

“Every ideal is a pretext to kill. Hatred is the most important thing in life. The wise men who no longer hate are ready for sterility and death. You must not understand the [enemy] peoples, you must hate them. The more man rises, the more his hatred for man grows. Nature has by no means created males, and peoples, in order for them to love each other.” -René Quinton (1866–1925)

Civil war is an occurrence that afflicts every country that has ever existed, in fact many countries are born out of civil war, it is not something than any country is except from, it is a forge of renewal. Civil wars are always happening and have always been happening, this country has seen at the very least two major civil wars in it’s very short history: the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and this country hasn’t even been around for 300 years. It happened then and it can just as easily and readily happen today. Societal structures are a lot like biological entities in that they are subject to the same laws of nature, of evolution. They grow, they exist, the fight for continued existence, and they die, sometimes along the way giving birth to new and different societal structures. They fight for continued existence is what is being discussed right now, The System is, as Ted Kaczynski put it (as he put many things so well) a “self-perpetuating system” in that it’s main goal is to perpetuate its own existence – at all costs– it does not care for the wants and woes of its citizenry, it cares foremost that it continues to exist and to grow. In this self-perpetuation war is certainly not out of the question, even against the citizens that comprise it that it cares little for.

War is not the first resort The System chooses because it is costly and dangerous, but it will certainly resort to war if the programming – the brainwashing and pacification– start to fail in a way that threatens The Systems power structure. People are becoming less pacified, people are taking notice and waking up to System menace, the pacification is starting to ware off. For these reasons The System is actively preparing, in a very real boots on the ground way as we’ve seen, for a full blown civil war on the near horizon. They see what’s coming and are taking active measures to prepare for a kinetic war on US soil. War is inevitable and war is universal, this war that is to come will undoubtedly be one of the most significant in our race’s history. It will be the freedom of our people globally.

“To the traditionally based world view, all apparent realities are symbolic. This is therefore true of war as well, as is seen from the subjective and interior point of view. War and the Path of God are thus merged into a single entity.” – “Metaphysics Of War” by Julius Evola

What needs to happen is for both actors in this incoming conflict to recognize that it is coming and being prepared for, one side is preparing greatly, the other side –our side– is lacking in this regard. There is no avoiding what’s to come. There should be no fear any more, for victory will mean our ultimate liberation, and death will mean a seat in Valhalla amongst heroes.

“March on! Now as then, in wood and mountain and plain, or river and lake and sea, let man daily invent his glory and his death. There is no more sleep. There is no more truce. There is no more respite. March on! Towards the world’s battle!” – Gabriele D’Annunzio

Authored by Rusty Shackleford and Raccoon