Patriot Front 2: Rated R for Retarded

Sometimes sequels are better than the original. For those unaware, Patriot Front recently had a massive data leak, including things like all their chatlogs, pictures of members’ faces (an interesting story how they got this), voice call recordings, and much more. 90% of what’s in the leaks is not going to be posted here since it’s either just banal bullshit or unironic dox information, so that will not be posted. However, we will link to the Unicorn Riot article detailing this link after an internal decision that it must be included as it links to the evidence of what we write about.

If we don’t, then we’re just going to be screeched at by PF Shills that we have no proof, so fuck it, we’re going to link it. If you want to read this for yourself from the source, read it here. Now let’s get into the information leaked that is actually of note, shall we? If you haven’t already, read my first Patriot Front article here.

Patriot Front is Thomas’s personal bank account:

As documented in the article, Thomas and his friends use Patriot Front as their personal bank account. They use it to pay for their rent and the like. How Thomas and friends accomplish this is the same way you’d see in a cult or pyramid scheme. You’re required to fill “quotas” of activism, and the only way to accomplish this is through buying the stickers, patches, and flags off of Thomas.

We’ve personally known about this for a year ourselves since we had some of our own guys join Patriot Front to get a grip on what the group actually is and document any issues that they find. So Unicorn Riot’s leaked info regarding this tends to line up with our own experiences. These prices are seen below.

These prices do align with what we’ve been seeing personally in our own research into the group. Now dear reader, keep in mind two things: first, Patriot Front requires quotas as a member to do activism on their behalf, which mostly details doing stickers; and second, that Patriot Front has a high turnover rate with many members leaving, but many people becoming members too. Now just go by the numbers given of $45 for a sticker order and $5–$10 per patch per member.

Now you see, you have a lot of money being given to Thomas here. We can’t do proper calculations on this. However, if Thomas is able to use this money to pay for rent on his house and still have money left over, such as spending $12,000 on the DC National March. Well, suffice to say, we feel, in our opinion, that he’s pulling in decent money.

Now, before we get individuals telling us how “THOMAS IS DOXXED THOUGH, HE CAN’T WORK SO HE NEEDS US TO BE HIS PAY PIGGIES!”. That’s bullshit entirely. Most of the staff on this site, including myself, have been doxxed. It means absolutely fuck all. When Matthew Heimbach was a nationally known figure with tons of national news interviews, he worked at UPS as a delivery driver without issue. Thomas doesn’t have an excuse, besides the real fact that he and his friends don’t want to work for a living and want to live off of others.

In some circumstances, I can understand living off of group funds, Dr. William Luther Pierce, for example, lived off of funds from the National Alliance. However, Thomas is not Dr. Pierce. Dr. Pierce actually worked for the tiny bit of money he used for himself, including running the National Alliance’s mail order store and, from fmr. National Alliance people, we know he helped out on the line at times, ran a radio show, wrote books, and more. He actually contributed more than he took, and it was a full-time job for him. On the other hand, Thomas does fuck all besides do the occasional march where, on your own dime and time, you get to watch him scream at an empty building in Chicago at 3 am.

To provide public information, here is a picture of Thomas’s $400,000 house in the Dallas area, which he uses Patriot Front funds to fund. Zillow states the rent on this home is $2,320 per month, not including other expenses. It’s all paid for by Patriot Front members, from what we can assume since Thomas doesn’t have a job or any real source of income besides Patriot Front that we know of.

Sorry about the limited picture here. By the way, we will not provide the address (even though this is public information due to him being doxxed). Why does Google Street View block any good pictures of his home? From what we’ve been told and what makes sense to us, the reason you cannot view his house on Google Street View is because he has a friend who works at Google who blocked it for him. Which is fucking stupid of him since we can just go on Bing Maps, Apple Maps, Zillow, etc. to view pictures, and now his friend is going to be linked to this block.

We have friends who work in tech companies too, and sorry to say, but Antifa has more of a presence in tech than people like us, so now all Google needs to do is track down who put the block on Thomas’s house, and now that person is out of a job and blacklisted. Great job, retard. This isn’t the only instance of Thomas’s having friends in positions where he has used their power for his own personal benefit. We’ll go into that later in the article.

Patriot Front doxes their own members and requires members to record themselves committing federal crimes:

To quote from the Unicorn Riot article, “Those vetting new members are instructed to “clandestinely record the license plate information or obtain a picture of that new member’s face” and require applicants to empty their pockets and be checked for wires.” This seems to ring true considering the fact that in the article they include a shitload of different members’ faces, their license plates on their cars, and the like. So it looks like Thomas’s great idea of doxxing everyone who even so much as meets up with a recruiter in real life really worked out, for Antifa that is.

Thomas also has members secretly spy on you and document the insides of your home for him when you’re a member of his organization too. Which is just downright creepy to think about. Thomas basically has his own personal NSA of members who spy on others, even doing creepy things like documenting how much alcohol a member has in their homes, what their bedroom looks like, what their girlfriend is like, and more. It’s all very creepy stuff. You can read about that here, and we’ll include a screencap of the messages we’re speaking of below.

On top of that, Thomas requires that you commit federal crimes and record yourself while doing them, often maskless. Antifa now has those videos and photos and has leaked them. We won’t post them here since they contain individuals’ faces. However, one can just read the Unicorn Riot article and see the results for yourself. I personally can’t fathom the logic behind doing this.

This is just beyond retarded. One word of advice to anyone reading this who wants to do illegal stuff: please don’t plan shit online and please wear a mask. This seems like common sense for someone like myself, but I guess common sense is something that just doesn’t exist in Patriot Front.

Before I get idiots screeching how “VANDALISM ISN’T A FEDERAL CRIME LMAO”, while vandalism itself may not be a federal crime, just like with all crimes, context matters. In this context, you’re planning these acts of vandalism in chatrooms across state lines. That alone qualifies for Federal Conspiracy Charges.What takes the cake, however, is the fact that these acts of vandalism were targeted against protected groups of people, such as faggots, niggers, and kikes, on private property owned by such people.

This also includes stealing/vandalizing faggot flags from faggots and more. Now you just committed a federal hate crime, all put on camera and video, mostly without masks, on accounts that can be traced back to the real person behind it.

I cannot fathom being this fucking stupid. I really cannot. The irony is that Patriot Front faggots love to talk shit on us. They make fun of people like Kaleb Cole, who got arrested for making artwork that the FBI later used in crimes to charge him with. Yet none of this would even happen in groups like Atomwaffen Division for a second. I should know since I am a former member myself (from 2016 to 2018). I won’t deny that a lot of stupid shit did go on, but I can tell you that not even for a second would this be tolerated.

They’d just be kicked to the curb. However, Patriot Front somehow doesn’t get the message on this, that being, DON’T PLAN ILLEGAL SHIT ONLINE, especially in such a blatant manner. Thomas has his own legal team in PF, both civil and criminal, so why the fuck didn’t any of these criminal attorneys step in and tell him to knock it off?

As a more specific example, not too long ago, Thomas and friends had members of the Texas Patriot Front Chapter vandalize an FBI billboard. We’re not joking. As per the logs, Thomas and Patriot Front members in Texas discuss vandalizing the FBI billboard, with Thomas requesting exactly where this billboard is located, and Vincent TX stating to Thomas the location being 30.046197,-97.841027, or Kyle, TX just south of Austin, TX.

In this part of the logs here, Vincent TX discusses with other Texas Patriot Front members finding weaknesses in the fence. This is just blatant conspiracy right here, and this is literally a wet dream come true for the FBI. See below for the results of their successful vandalism of the FBI billboard, which will soon be evidence in the upcoming Federal Trial against Patriot Front.

I do not know why someone would be so stupid as to vandalize something from the FBI and basically tell on yourself by linking your website and also be so retarded as to plan your crime on the internet in a chatroom. It’s just beyond me. This just goes to show that being an optics cuck who lies about your political beliefs will not save you.

Thomas is an Abusive Cult Leader:

Another point to bring up is that, as pointed out in the Unicorn Riot article, Thomas tried pressuring a member from Missouri to miss the birth of his child. Although not pressuring explicitly, using manipulative methods of how much Thomas loves him, how special he is, and how he wants him to be at this march and more. You can read the chat logs here.

Now, at first glance, these seem somewhat mixed, but as someone who has known abusive individuals in my own life, the language used to describe how much Thomas would want him there and putting it on offer to still come despite knowing that this man’s child is about to be born is just obvious emotional manipulation. In reality, a leader would shoot down any request for a member to abandon the birth of their child for a fucking march.

What’s creepy to me is this man telling Thomas how his organization is his life and how much he loves it. That creeps the shit out of me, and it should creep the shit out of you as well. Your worldview should be your life, not a group. What’s even more creepy is this guy feeling the need to apologize to Thomas for attending the birth of his child and being with his wife over spending time with Thomas and going to the march.

Again, for those who can’t read between the lines, the emotional manipulation here is obvious. This is how cult leaders work. They tear you down and then love bomb you to build you up in their own image. As stated before, we had people in Patriot Front ourselves, and from what they told us, Thomas does not have a good view of the average Patriot Front member. You’re garbage to him, a paypig, nothing more. He treats you like an idiot retard in order to promote himself as the big-headed leader to follow, and then when you’re a good boy, he love bombs you and builds you up in his image.

What’s super fucking creepy about this is the fact that your average Patriot Front member is an underage, inexperienced guy who tends to have self-esteem problems or other factors. I recall listening to an interview with Thomas (which I cannot find at the moment) in which he stated openly that Patriot Front targets people who have problems that he can solve.

Obviously, this is just him sugar coating the fact that Patriot Front, as far as I personally see it, is a cult. In SIEGE, James Mason went through similar observations with the National Socialist White People’s Party under Matt Koehl. Where you had an incompetent, untalented idiot in charge of a group in which he demanded respect and it acted more or less like a cult where Matt Koehl was worshiped despite not really accomplishing anything of value himself, and just like Thomas, Matt’s speeches were boring and uninspired.

Going back to the dad in Missouri, what saddens me about the whole situation with him is that, though this man did not attend the DC National March, he purchased a bus to transport Patriot Front members to and from their marches. Like idiots, however, Patriot Front made it obvious where they parked their vans, leading to this poor man being forced to pay $19,000 in damages due to Antifa finding the vans and completely destroying them.

So now, on top of being manipulated by Thomas, this poor man has to pay $19,000 in damages just as he has his newborn child. Pictures below of the destroyed van. Our question is, why is a man who just had a newborn child paying for an organization bus? Can’t Patriot Front themselves buy the bus?

For example, moving on from the tragedy in Missouri, Patriot Front acts like a creepy cult in many other ways as well. For example, Thomas having his State Leaders monitor the lives of members, including but not limited to things such as taking secret pictures of you and your car, controlling facets of your life. This includes monitoring girls that you’re in relationships with, and if Thomas doesn’t like them, then you have to break up or be shitcanned from the group. Having members go through each other’s homes to find contraband and more. Again, this just screams a cult. A good organization seeks to give guidance to members, NOT CONTROL THEM. Any group that seeks to control members is a massive red flag for a cult.

The Patriot Front Homosexual Patdown:

A video we felt the need to bring up is an instructional video for Patriot Front members looking to do patdowns.

Click to watch the video on its own dedicated page on our site here since uploading the video here would fucks up the format of this article for some reason.

I don’t know about you guys, but this doesn’t seem like any patdown I’ve seen. If they wanted a proper video, you can just look one up on YouTube and they don’t include being a homosexual as one of the requirements, since that does not look like a patdown to me. Why, for example, are they teaching their guys to feel up the other guy’s bare arms and shoulders?

If I went to an event and got patted down like this, then I’d automatically assume that the event’s security was a faggot. All they needed to do was a quick 1 second search on YouTube to send to their security guys, not that fucking hard.

Either way, their patdown instruction video is some faggot shit for sure, I don’t know why Thomas approved that, but this is the same guy that okays people planning federal crimes in his chats and manipulates people. So Thomas, being the king of making bad decisions, is expected.

Patriot Front has uses 4chan’s /pol/ to shill:

Above is the official leaked Patriot Front shill guide and how to peddle their stuff. What I’m most interested in is 4chan’s /pol/ and the shilling on there. This is something that was known to us through our own guys that we put in Patriot Front. Specifically, how they’d make special private chats to do shilling, often poorly done and obvious shilling.

Anyone who’s been using /pol/ in the last year can tell you how 10 different Patriot Front threads will pop up all shilling about how you should join their organization. However, you make threads that are bad about them? The thread will either get flooded with people praising Patriot Front out of nowhere, the thread will get deleted, or worse, you’ll get banned. This gets more interesting seeing as in the leaked chatlogs that Patriot Front has members who are on the moderation staff on 4chan’s /pol/ board who openly admit to using their powers to help their group.

As of this writing at this time, on 4chan’s /pol/, threads that bring light to the leaks, talk about how they have 4chan moderators and janitors in their membership, or bring up Thomas secretly doxxing members. Guess what? Even if you don’t sucking Patriot Front’s cock in these threads, you’ll be banned for “replying to a dox thread”, whereas Pro-Patriot Front posters in these threads aren’t banned. Isn’t that a strange coincidence, huh?

We recommend our readers contact 4chan’s feedback page to contact 4chan’s site admins directly about this behavior since it is the work of individual corrupt mods and janitors trying to protect their group. You can contact them here and they will listen to you since they tend not to tolerate members of the moderation team using their powers for their own benefit and have removed staff members who’ve been caught doing this in the past. Considering 4chan is owned by a Japanese man who tends to be center-left in his politics, I doubt he has any interest in protecting staff members who are trying to cover up information that makes their well-known nazi group look bad. Just a thought.

As a word of advice to Patriot Front members who are reading this, you can hate everything about The American Futurist and everything we support and advocate. Whatever you may think of us, just please listen to this. Abandon Patriot Front now before it’s too late, since right now you are on a sinking ship. If you were involved in these criminal actions such as vandalism and alike, and you’re recorded in the chatlogs planning these actions or even worse, if there are pictures of you doing these actions, GET A DEFENSE ATTORNEY NOW PLEASE AND DO NOT TALK TO POLICE WHATSOEVER WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY PRESENT because you may or may not realize this, but this stuff is really bad and when the feds start coming down sooner or later, you want to be protected.

Thomas and the leadership of Patriot Front will not protect you. In fact, in my own opinion, I’m willing to bet that they’ll snitch you out the first chance they get. You can hate me, this publication, and everything we stand for, but please just listen to this advice to at least do some damage control in case the FBI comes for you too. I’ll include resources below for anyone interested in where to find a defense attorney in their area, along with how to react when the police or feds want to talk to you and knowing your rights.

This does not even take into account the fact that Patriot Front is now a perfect candidate for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. By RICO’s definition, Patriot Front is a criminal organization. Thomas is actively involved and even makes it systemic for the group to commit crimes of intimidation, vandalism, and more. Considering not many people in the movement know what RICO is these days, let me just put it simply.

If you’re a part of an organization that the feds go after with RICO, then guess what? You can be criminally charged even if you have no part in these criminal actions. You’re declared a part of the conspiracy even if you weren’t involved. Granted, this law was meant to shut down Mafia crime syndicates and street gangs and allow the FBI to come in and arrest all members. However, they’ve applied this to the Ku Klux Klan too, and if you think they won’t apply RICO here, then you’re delusional.

This is what stuns me really, is how Patriot Front members call everyone idiots and such, while being all arrogant about how they’re the intelligent ones. Yet something that gets me and I’m sure many of our readers is how truly stupid these people are and how bad their OPSEC is. Why in the world would you constantly plan illegal actions online? I’m sure they felt safe because they hosted their chatroom on their own servers.

However, as we see, they didn’t even have the common sense to purge chatlogs after they became old after a certain amount of time. Their chatlogs go back to 2017. On top of that, you can look at the passwords of many of their accounts on their server too, and I shit you not, it’s easy to guess passwords like “reclaimamerica”, which is how they got into the accounts of so many users in their chatrooms and scraped their direct messages. It’s just so fucking stupid.

Law Professor explaining in detail on how to deal with the Police/Feds during an investigation into you:

Find a Defense Attorney in your Area:

This is all I can really give you all. Again, DON’T TALK TO THE POLICE AND FIND A GOOD DEFENSE ATTORNEY. For reference, I have an attorney myself. All I do and have done since 2018 is write and attend events, but even then I still have an attorney. I remember the FBI wanting to question me after the Atomwaffen Division arrests of 2020 since I am a former Atomwaffen Division member and I knew individuals like Kaleb Cole and Cameron Denton who were arrested. What I did was tell them that I was not interested in talking and I wanted their business cards.

I also told them they could talk with my attorney. I haven’t heard from them again since they clearly lost interest after I lawyered up and had no interest in talking with them. Protect yourself because no one else is going to protect you. In all likelihood, he will snitch on you, in my opinion. So don’t be delusional and think that Thomas has it under control and will save you. That’s just how the game is, sorry.


Just as a quick note, a claim I’ve heard made by Patriot Front members is that the leak is all fake. Unicorn Riot faked all 400 gigabytes of chatlogs, voice recordings, pictures, videos, and more. This isn’t a new claim. Whenever previous leaks occurred, then that’s what they’d fall back on. Antifa faked it all. However, these individuals don’t have any proof that these are faked, largely because they’re real. They’ll just make claims that the videos were all by antifa actors, that the voice calls were antifa, and more.

It reminds me of the Zoosadism Leaks on Telegram back in 2018, where some YouTube e-celebrities got caught running chats where they shared animal rape content and child porn. Their defense? It was all faked without giving any hard proof of how it was faked. Same mentality here. You can claim that Antifa had actors make these videos and pictures and somehow find a guy who looks like and sounds like Thomas, as well as the fact that they faked an absurd number of chatlogs going back nearly four and a half years.

Just because you can explain how something can be faked doesn’t mean it is faked. On top of that, why would Unicorn Riot fake this? I understand they’re antifa, but faking all of this just opens them up to lawsuits by Thomas, who has civil attorneys in his organization. So it wouldn’t be that hard for Thomas to sue them for libel and win and also ruin their reputation, since making up 400 gigabytes of chatlogs, voice recordings, videos, and pictures to ruin the reputation of Patriot Front and Thomas sure opens them up to that.

What sounds more probable to you? That Unicorn Riot fabricated all of the leaked data dating back to 2017, or that Patriot Front is run by massive idiots with shit OPSEC and make stupid decisions. What sounds more probable to you? If you say that it’s all faked, then you’re either a liar or an idiot, or probably both.

Either way, it’s obvious that those crying fake don’t actually believe it and are just coping and arguing in bad faith. What a pathetic attempt at a cover up. On top of all of this, as stated, we have our own guys who were in Patriot Front on our orders who still know current members and asked them about this. Yes, the leak is 100% real, but Thomas is trying to downplay it as everyone panics.

In Conclusion:

Patriot Front went from being the top-of-the-hill group to a group where even badmouthing them would result in people crawling up your ass in the movement to complain to you, to now everyone besides their most ardent supporters making fun of them.

I should know since my article on Patriot Front from last month, while getting a lot of praise, I also got a lot of pushback within the movement due to Patriot Front being at the top of the food chain for NS groups and how dare I criticize them. Now all my criticisms have turned out to be true and far more than I expected.

Let Patriot Front be an educational course for the rest of the movement on how not to run an organization. Patriot Front is now an excellent case study in what not to do as an organization, from using easy-to-guess passwords to having shoddy OPSEC to shoddy vetting.

So this has all been a public service announcement by myself and The American Futurist.

Hail Victory!