A story we remember with much sadness was in 1945 in Berlin, Hitler was in the bunker and was just told how many of his generals had abandoned him and many who remain begging him to flee or surrender, he only had one response back as he shouted in anger “COWARDS!”.

As an article to make a sequel on our Kaleb Cole article on his sentencing that we personally wanted to make was exposing the absolute cowardice of the movementarian section of the movement. We’re not speaking of those within the movement that celebrated Kaleb Cole’s arrest and sentencing because “Fuck Atomwaffen” while they’ll get arrested down the line and cry over how unfair it is and how they didn’t see it coming and alike. That’s disgusting enough on its own, however what we wanted to bring up and especially what James Mason wanted to bring up, was how absolutely cowardly the lawyers within the movement are.

The story itself starts when we published our Kangaroo Court article, an issue with Kaleb popped up. He needed legal representation that had experience in handling political cases like his, so we went on a great journey on trying to find someone within the movement to help Kaleb out. What resulted from it was just utter disgust on our part, what we mean is that no one within the movement that we contacted had any interest in representing Kaleb Cole, not a single one. Mostly we were ignored but when we did get a response it was simply just “I don’t want to risk my reputation in the movement by helping you guys out, I feel bad for Kaleb being completely fucked over by the system in a rigged trial but I’m not helping him.”. We’re not joking or exaggerating by this either.

Those we contacted (through surrogates for the first two that personally knew them and relayed messages back to us) were The American Freedom Party, Kirk Lyons and Kyle Bristow. The American Freedom Party being the only one that gave us a real response to us, that being the attorney of that group would could help Kaleb didn’t want to “risk his reputation” by helping out a man that even the most anti-AWD of people like TRS have recognized as being fucked by the system and his trial being a sham trial. Yet apparently reputation with your friends is better than helping out a man you know is being burned at the stake by the system. This individual as well gave representation to the Golden State Skinheads as well when they were arrested for stabbing Antifa members at the California State Capitol Building but somehow Kaleb is the devil and they’re not going to help him because his friends didn’t like Atomwaffen Division. It’s shameful.

Kirk Lyons surprised us the most, he ignored us and our requests and the person who knew him personally he cut contact with over his affiliation with us. Despite the fact that he gave representation to members of The Order and to Louis Beam because he felt that they were being fucked over and with Louis Beam’s case, Louis Beam was supposed to be down for the count and the media was celebrating similar to what they do with Kaleb’s. However Kirk won’t help Kaleb in appeals. Why? We can’t say for certain since he’s ignored us and even cut contact with friends because they’re friends with us. So it’s probably just out of petty dislike to us. Hard to say for certain but it is disgusting. Seriously imagine abandoning a man to the wolves over not liking his aesthetics for being too edgy, that’s what we must assume since Kirk had no issue helping out members of The Order who murdered people and robbed banks and did far more serious crimes than Atomwaffen Division ever did. Only God can know for certain what Kirk’s reasoning was. Kyle Bristow was the same in the sense he just ignored us so there isn’t much to write there.

Not even regular attorneys wanted to help Kaleb out either since they feared the wrath of the FBI since the FBI was hellbent on making sure that Kaleb was down for the count and in prison since he got under their skin so much, a friend of ours even offered a lawyer $50,000 (10x the retainer) to take Kaleb’s case and got refused. This especially counts since he leaked out documents exposing one of their star informants Joshua Sutter and how Josh works and how much he gets paid as Kaleb was sitting in federal holding. On top of this Kaleb could have easily pleaded guilty and gotten a couple years but refused so he could expose how the FBI has been operating against him and expose federal informants and how that whole system works. He sacrificed years off of his life for the rest of us but somehow lawyers within the movement we’ve basically asked for help don’t want to do shit for him? Leave him to the feds?

Want to know something even more embarrassing? Kaleb’s current attorney is a left winger, as of right now he’s representing Kaleb in appeals FOR FREE. Yes you heard us right, a left winger is willing to help Kaleb out for free because even he was seeing how Kaleb was being absolutely fucked over and how much of a sham the whole case was and how the FBI faked everything from the start and more. He’s open he doesn’t like Kaleb’s politics but he is willing to put that aside to help someone out who he sees as being fucked by the system. It’s disgusting and its embarrassing that leftists are more willing to put their pride and reputation aside to help someone thrown to the wolves but so called “Pro White Lawyers” ignore us or tell us no out of fear of other people in the movement not liking them. James Mason himself remarked how sick it made him feel at the time and how many other people on our team including myself felt sick by it all.

As of right now the only legal help Kaleb is getting is from our opposites, in any matter Kaleb is still going to take this to appeal and take to the Supreme Court if need be. Since as we chronicled both during the Trial and the Sentencing not too long ago on just how biased the Judge was and how the trial was so openly rigged. It’s not like Kaleb is paying out of pocket for this so he’ll just keep appealing for the 7 years he’s been given. Since Kaleb has resolve, he’s strong and he refuses to give in. Hopefully he can beat this and embarrass the system since that’d be a victory like no other.

This has been a public service announcement from The American Futurist.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!