The Trial: The Fate of Kaleb Cole

Breaking news from The American Futurist. Kaleb Cole has been sentencing to 7 years in Federal Prison + 3 years Supervised Released for the awful crime of making artwork that the FBI used to threaten people with while the FBI themselves including the informant that actually did the crime was never charged. For further context read our Kangaroo Court article explaining this debacle.

We had one of our correspondents called into the conference call to listen to the sentencing live. It was quite interesting from what we’ve been told. They had everyone from various journalists to the ADL and members of the Jewish Community of Seattle tell the judge how Kaleb is a big bad nazi who deserves to go to prison because of the Holocaust. We’re not joking. The head of the ADL in Seattle said on the stand that Kaleb made her relive the Holocaust that her grandparents almost died in and how he should be punished for that.

Chris Ingalls was interesting as well. He cried that we were pointing out that Kaleb was a political prisoner being punished for his political beliefs on bullshit charges. He said that Kaleb wasn’t a political prisoner though failed to elaborate why. After this Chris stated how harmless he was and how he visited Kaleb’s parent’s house to “Get His Side” when in reality from what Kaleb relayed to us. Chris Ingalls was harassing his parents and demanding he interview Kaleb or them (even though he didn’t live there at the time) or he’ll do a worse story on Kaleb.

Another Jew who’s name we couldn’t hear enters the stand. Like the ADL woman she cries about antisemitism and how Kaleb is a big bad nazi who likes Hitler and hates Jews. How she had to buy an expensive security system because of how scared nazis make her. Due to this she feels that Kaleb should get the max sentence and possibly more added time. Kaleb at this time was making snarky comments and laughing at the absurdity of this trial. Not taking it seriously at all, which the Judge didn’t like.

Speaking of the Judge, Judge John C. Coughenour is now bringing up sentencing and why he feels Kaleb deserves the 7 years. Judge Coughenour does a several minute rant on how Kaleb is unrepentant of his nazi views and his love of Hitler and of the Third Reich. How bad it is he refused to renounce National Socialism when demanded of him by the system. How journalists who harass and dox people who make Jews mad are the heroes of our time.

We swear we are not joking about this whatsoever, the Judge ended this rant by citing how Jews are the masters of our society and how awesome they are and how he loves them so and how any attack on them is an attack on the progress of humanity. He cited his favorite Jews like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan and Steven Spielsberg. How the Third Reich wanted to wipe Jews off the Earth and if the Third Reich succeeded we wouldn’t have those Jews he likes. Therefore Kaleb is evil and bad and deserves the worst for being mean and liking people who don’t like the Jewish race that he as a Judge loves so much. Kaleb was laughing during this rant by the Judge for the record.

We contacted James Mason as well for comment. His response to this all was simply disgust and stating how this is further proof that the Judicial System is illegitimate and Jewish controlled and owned.

All and all despite Chris Ingall’s crying and whining. Kaleb Cole is a political prisoner who is being strung up on bullshit charges that if we take to its logical conclusion the FBI informant Joshua Sutter should be criminally charged the most since this was his plot and Kaleb didn’t pass out any posters to these journalists. He literally only made the artwork at the request of Joshua Sutter’s insistence and after that the FBI did as they pleased then charged Kaleb as if he did those crimes himself. It’s all very Jewish.

The main takeaway we should have besides showing support to Kaleb’s circumstances. Is to recognize that we must be vigilant. Do get caught up in the emotions and watch out what others state. In Kaleb’s case the FBI took advantage of his emotional state from the constant harassment from the FBI and the Media because he happened to run an NS group. They even took away his guns on the basis “Nazis don’t have gun rights!” according to the FBI. So after all this bullshit, the FBI through an informant took advantage of Kaleb and pushed him into the simply act of creating artwork that didn’t even threaten. All the poster stated was that Atomwaffen Division can dox and harass back too.

We ask our readers to look at the poster above. Does this poster have any death threats on it? Any threats of bodily harm? No? So looks like Chris Ingalls and the ADL are just over dramatizing the actual poster content then. All the poster says and what it is to imply is that those that harass Atomwaffen Division members in real life and stalk them. They can come and dox those journalists back. At least that’s how the FBI informant sold this to Kaleb. No threats, nothing. Yet despite this Kaleb is being charged with the FBI’s own crimes because he is mean to Jews. The judge even admitted so why he’s sentencing him so harshly for doing nothing more than creating artwork for posters the FBI used in crimes.

All and all this is nothing but a sham trial. A kangaroo court with Jews and Collaborators of Jews sentencing a man because he’s Anti-Jewish. He challenged the system and they didn’t like that. Be aware since it’s not just Kaleb they’re after. They’re after the rest of us. Even if you’re not Pro-Siege and you hate us and you’re just a movementarian who’s content with Patriot Front and Mike Enoch. They’ll come after you too on bullshit charges. So watch what you say and watch out what others say or suggest. Don’t get taken advantage of due to a poor emotional state, even if that emotional state was brought on purpose by the FBI so they could manipulate you to agree to a plot that even on hearing sounds harmless.

We wish the greatest of support to Kaleb Cole during this time and we’ll update his prison address as soon as he’s moved to his new facility.

Hail Victory! Hail Kaleb Cole!

As another note to add to our readers, I want you to look at the original report by Chris Ingalls on this. Look how obviously staged this is. Chris himself admits even before getting the posters that the FBI contacted him prior about this too.

This has been a coordinated project by the FBI working with the media to get Kaleb arrested for anyone with even the smallest amount of common sense. Chris Ingalls is not a victim. Those who received these posters are not victims. They cooperated with the FBI and this plot is an FBI plot. Kaleb Cole is a political prisoner held on bullshit charges. Stay strong and stay vigilant.