Take Your Vitamins and Minerals

You should take vitamin and mineral supplements. This especially applies if you’re an American. Why though? I’ve seen plenty of people within our circles scoff at the idea of taking such things. However, such a thing is to be mistaken. Your average person’s diet leads to them lacking in their needed intake of vitamins and minerals. This is due to the fact that modern food sucks. It lacks the needed vitamins and minerals and tends to just be made up of sugars, salts, and fats with nothing else. This leads to you developing a deficiency in certain key vitamins and minerals. So I’ll go over what I take personally and why. Always do your research prior to taking new supplements, especially if you’re on certain medications. Let’s begin, shall we?


Multi-Vitamins are pretty basic and common. They tend to cover all your nutritional needs to a point. Though usually certain vitamins/minerals within multi-vitamins tend to be cheap versions and not absorb well. This is due to maintaining a price point. From my experience, it’s best just to take the regular multi-vitamins and add on what vitamins or minerals that are cheap garbage versions of them with better higher quality versions and take those supplements in their best forms. At least from my own experience.

Personally, for myself, I take the Nature Made Multi Complete Multi-Vitamins, which can be found at pretty much every pharmacy and health food store in the United States very easily. They tend to be $15 a bottle, which lasts 130 days if you take 1 a day. But you can look at other multi-vitamins out there and compare them. With Nature Made’s Multi-Complete, the issue is with its mineral content being pretty damn cheap and lacking. Both zinc and magnesium are in oxide forms, the cheapest form and it barely absorbs. Combining this with the fact that you shouldn’t take zinc and magnesium at the same time due to them competing with each other to absorb, which means you don’t get either zinc or magnesium in content. This can be fixed by just taking zinc and magnesium in their best forms and taking them at different times. I take magnesium in the morning and zinc at night. Speaking of which.


Magnesium is a really important mineral to have in your body. Especially for your mental health. In fact, it’s proven that magnesium deficiency is linked to things like depression, for example. Magnesium deficiency, by the way, is extremely common within American society at large; 50%+ of Americans are magnesium deficient. For myself, I take Magnesium Glycinate. which is the best version possible of magnesium for absorption into your body. There are other types, and the dosage varies depending on what you’re using magnesium for. Here is a good article explaining on that, by the way, and the benefits of magnesium here.

As stated, it’s best to research this and if you’re taking medications, talk with your doctor before taking any supplements, as in some cases, supplements can interfere with the medication you’re taking and vice versa.

Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D3 is one of the more important vitamins, and yet despite this, 42% of Americans overall are deficient in it. This especially comes in the winter and autumn, when fewer people are outside. Thankfully, vitamin D3 can be purchased in bulk for pretty dirt cheap pricing. So problem solved. Meeting your needs with vitamin D3 comes with the benefits of things like immune system support, heart health, and calcium absorption, leading to stronger bones. There’s nothing else to really add to this.


Zinc is good for immune system support, and zinc deficiency is so common that it’s become a global concern. Zinc deficiency can also manifest itself in the form of things like acne. In fact, many dermatologists recommend trying zinc supplements due to their anti-acne effects. The question is whether you are taking the right zinc. From my own research on the subject, it’s best to get a zinc supplement that has copper in it. As zinc lowers your copper in your body, and copper is needed for your body to function and it’s hard to get that naturally, so it’s best to not cause yourself a deficiency in it. Zinc, like magnesium, has various forms. Personally, for myself, I take Whole Food’s 365 Chelated Zinc with Copper. It’s cheaper than competitors with the same ingredients, so that might be something to look into. Avoid zinc oxide as it’s cheap and absorbs very poorly.

As a warning, do not take too much zinc. It can cause severe stomach pain that is just downright awful. I experienced it myself, and it sucks. This can be quickly fixed, by the way, by just taking Tums (which are made from calcium) and drinking whole milk (which has magnesium and calcium), which lowers the zinc in your body and causes the pain to stop. Because these stomach pains usually appear shortly after taking too much zinc, taking too much zinc can also lead to zinc sickness, which can lead to things like not being able to feel hot or cold, joints locking up, and more. So don’t take more than the recommended amount ever and don’t fuck around with any vitamin or mineral that can cause harm, such as zinc. It’s not worth the shit you’re going to have to deal with. Watch this ChubbyEmu video of him telling the medical story of a dumbfuck boomer who had been megadosing on zinc and got fucked up from it. Again, I can’t stress this enough. Research into if this is right for you and if you’re taking medications, then talk with your doctor please. The last thing I want is for someone to take something they’re not supposed to and get harmed by it.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion to all of this, you should look into whether or not vitamin and mineral supplements are right for you. Now it’s pretty obvious that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be fixed with a proper diet. The issue is, especially in American society, that such a diet is expensive compared to just taking supplements. I can buy a several-month supply of vitamin and mineral supplements for less than $60. It’d cost me that much for just two weeks’ worth of food that gives me the same nutritional value as taking those supplements every day. This is why, for example, the US military gives its soldiers vitamin and mineral supplements. It’s cheaper, easier, and a lot less effort under the current framework than spending lots of money on a nutritious diet that meets the same needs in a person.

Don’t listen to “TRUST THE EXPERTS(TM)” retards who claim you don’t need supplements because “it’s all a scam!”. Certain figures have reiterated this claim, but the validity of this claim rests on whether you’re eating foods that meet your nutritional needs. Which most Americans aren’t and you probably aren’t either. So those people, as usual, are mentally retarded or lying or both. For myself, since I started taking supplements, my mental health has improved, my skin health has improved, my hair has started growing in more and much more. So those retards are clearly wrong that “IT’S ALL A SCAM, SNOPES SAID SO!”. If the US Military sees value in supplements, then they’re clearly of some value.

I will state this again that before you take any supplements, research this and consult your doctor if need be before going on any supplement at all. If done wrong, this can fuck with medications you’re possibly taking and your overall health. Don’t be a retard and fuck yourself up, is all I’m saying. Stay Safe, Stay Smart, and Stay Healthy.