Eternal Struggle

As National Socialists, we have found that conflict and struggle are the nature of all things. From the beginning of time, Good has struggled against Evil, in a contest for dominion of the universe itself. Nothing is unchanging – everything that has, does, or will exist is in a constant state of change and strife – governed only by the Eternal laws of nature.

In this, we see the absolute Vindication of our worldview – the need for constant struggle in the personal, social, and racial realms. For, as existence itself is always changing, so must we remain ever moving forward, always striving to be better than we were the day before.

We must aim to never be content, and to never seek mere contentedness as our goal – to embrace contentedness is to reject the need for conflict and struggle that is inherent in the world – in effect, it is to reject life itself.

Here, we decisively break with the left and the right. The goal of the left has always been a passive and mediocre world, a world in which all conflicts are averted, all needs are met, and equality is forced upon all people. It would be a world of nothing less than spiritual, mental, and physical castration. This world could have only been conceived of by the most spiteful, envious, and decidedly unequal “people” on earth.

The goals of the right are also in frank opposition to ours. While a few of their beliefs might vaguely align with ours via pure coincidence, their worldview is centered upon pure stagnation. Ultimately, to the right, things are justified solely by their current or past existence. An outmoded practice must be conserved because it is how things have been done in the past or in the present – not because it is the correct thing to do.

Notice how the right fights to save its foolish fiscal policies with the same level of dedication that it fights to preserve its social policies. The right does not, for example, truly oppose homosexuality because it is in opposition to the iron laws of nature – it opposes it on only reactionary grounds. A right-wing “utopia” would be an unchanging world of stagnation, a world denying the fundamental truths of life – there can be no future in this kind of a world.

National Socialism provides a stark contrast to these two worldviews of stagnation and mediocrity. It is a breath of fresh air, a reassertion of ancient Aryan values by new means and methods. We do not reject change – instead, we are always striving, always aiming for self-improvement, on the individual, and on the racial levels. We must always be “Happy Warriors”, finding meaning and defining ourselves via conflict and struggle.

There is no “end goal” to this struggle, just as there is no end to the universe itself. The goal, then, is simply to find meaning in the struggle. In National Socialism, we have found that meaning, and we know that our worldview is in tune with the laws of nature.