FBI Misdeeds

It will not come as a surprise to any of our readers that the FBI – our kike-controlled government’s most unwavering and loyal underlings – are involved in various devious and illicit activities. But, we at The American Futurist are now able to inform you about some actions of theirs that are beyond the pale […]

The Founding of the NSRF

Many disparate events have led to the founding of the National Socialist Resistance Front. All of our founding members were involved with the National Socialist Order, which has, in recent weeks, been transformed into an entirely different type of group. Unbeknownst to most of us, there was a secretive Order of Nine Angles Satanist strain […]

The Strelkov Example

Let us take you back to Ukraine in early 2014. Riots, a coup d’etat, instability, invasion, civil war, etc. We, of course, can’t cover all of that. Instead, we’ll talk about the example provided by one man, Igor Strelkov, who took advantage of the chaos and, for better or worse, changed history. Igor Strelkov is […]

Propaganda: A Will and A Way

As American National Socialists, our political will is obvious – we wish to take power, by any means necessary. This is easily understandable, and non-negotiable. The question that we’ve been asking ourselves for decades, is in what way we shall do it. We certainly won’t be able to use conventional means – running for office, […]

Passive Demoralization

As I strolled through the streets of the downtown section of a major American city, a new phrase popped into my head – “Passive Demoralization”. Any white person in a racially mixed urban area can likely understand what I mean by this – the simple fact that the act of walking through a large city […]

The Informant: A Measured Response

A filing by Kaleb Cole’s Lawyer has told us what we already know- Joshua Caleb Sutter, aka SwissDiscipline, is an FBI informant. This ‘man’ is a prime example of an arch-traitor: the kind of person who will shake your hand and call you his “comrade” and “brother”, all while plotting your arrest and incarceration. And, […]

The Boiling Frog

Imagine that you’re an everyday white American man in 1950. You’ve been back from the war for five years, and you’re married with two daughters and a son. You received an interest-free government loan on your beautiful four-bedroom suburban home, and you support your whole family with a 40-hour a week job at a factory. […]

Brainwashed Nazis?

As a National Socialist, one of the most common claims that you hear is that we are “brainwashed”, “living in echo chambers”, etc. This claim is so patently false as to be laughable. I ask, who is the brainwashed one?: The man who accepts everything that he sees around him, who abides by any rule, […]

Here was a Führer, when comes such another?

National Socialism, as practiced in Germany, was totally reliant on the personality and beliefs of one man, Adolf Hitler. This has caused many post-war National Socialists to ‘wait for a Führer’, hoping that one man will come and suddenly start our National Socialist revolution, single-handedly destroy the current jew system, and usher in a new […]


The Atomwaffen Division was founded and maintained by ardent National Socialists. We all understood the kike plan to destroy the Aryan race. It burned in our hearts. We all came to the same conclusion: this can not last, and it can not continue! Otherwise, the Aryan race would be destroyed for all time. This, we […]