The Boiling Frog

Imagine that you’re an everyday white American man in 1950. You’ve been back from the war for five years, and you’re married with two daughters and a son. You received an interest-free government loan on your beautiful four-bedroom suburban home, and you support your whole family with a 40-hour a week job at a factory.

Your entire neighborhood is white. You know that your family is safe, secure, and happy. If you see a non white, they are washing dishes at a restaurant, or shining your shoes.

Now imagine that you’re that same veteran, and suddenly, everything changes overnight. Your beautiful neighborhood is now overrun by niggers and illegal immigrants. Your well-paying factory job is shipped over to Mexico. You have to make ruinous mortgage payments every month on your home. You feel the need to sleep with a gun under your pillow, worried about a black or Hispanic breaking in to your house, stealing your property, or trying to rape your wife or children.

The politicians who previously at least pretended to care about your interests now openly mock and degrade you, your race, and your way of life. The TV and the radio now encourage your daughters to fuck trendy niggers, and to betray their race and culture.

Would you stand for this?

If you were any kind of a man, I doubt it. You would be morally and racially obliged to stand up and fight, and a large group of heavily armed veterans would probably be able to change things.

But, it didn’t happen that way, did it?

There’s an old proverb about the Frog and the pot. If you were to put a Frog into a Boiling pot, he’d jump out as quickly as possible. However, if you put him into a pot of cold water, and slowly turn up the heat, he won’t notice, and will be boiled to death.

I’m certain that you can see the aptness of this analogy. 

The Jewish media bosses, and the crooked and traitorous white politicians and businessmen who assist them know that Whites would not have stood for this in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. Remember: 95% of white American Soldiers stated that they’d rather lose the war than end segregation.

So, the kikes cooked up a cunning plan: to slowly take away anything that made America a decent country for a white man to live in. First, they allowed blacks to vote, and gave them the right to reside and work in the same places that Whites do. But, they told the Whites that this was no real threat, that blacks would soon act just like us, and that blacks would certainly not try to interbreed with Whites.

Then, they started to put blacks into serious roles on TV, and in films, where previously they had only played “the happy slave”, or “the helpful shoeshiner”. “It’s just equal representation, though”, is what the jews and white traitors said.

Next, Hispanics were imported in mass numbers, for three major reasons: 

  1. To make the country less white.
  2. To gain a cheap source of labor, in order to force Whites to either take massive pay cuts, or to simply find other jobs.
  3. To gain even more ignorant, gullible votes for their pernicious anti-white policies.

Soon after this, blacks were all over every major form of media, often engaged in open race-mixing. Their poisonous African music infected all young Whites, and black fashion, black trends, and even blacks themselves became desirable to impressionable young Whites. 

Faggotry was made “cool” in the same way. Initially, they were “just like us”, and the classic kike line was that “consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they like”. Many gullible Whites accepted this, not realizing that soon enough, faggots would be openly gallivanting in the streets, proclaiming their desire to indoctrinate our children.

I could very easily go on with a dozen other examples of this. Gun rights being slowly trampled, abortion being openly practiced, corrupt bankers openly stealing, etc. But I believe that my point has been made. 

White Americans have been duped for the last 70+ years. We’ve been in the pot this entire time, slowly being boiled, and anyone with the balls to speak up is hushed and told that the water’s temperature is fine. 

The temperature in the pot is higher now than it has ever been. And, do you know what happens to a Frog after it finishes boiling? It gets eaten.

But at least we’re not speaking German, right?