Anti-Zionist Jews aren’t your friends

Within the greater movement at large, there is a subsection of that movement which values “Anti-Zionist Jews” as allies. Since they’re against Israel so they must be good right? This idea is dead wrong and only shows such a person not having a single understanding on how Jews operate, their internal factions and fights and alike. Let me explain further.

Within the Jewish community globally, there is a great debate that has been going on for roughly 140+ years now. That is on the idea of Israel. A Jewish Ethnostate. Zionists argue that Jews should have their own nation as to separate themselves from the world. Since every time Jews have existed in other non-Jewish countries they get kicked out or killed since Jews cannot help themselves in how they act. This is an idea started by Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism. Of course this Jewish nation is created through Jews parasitically sucking out resources from Non-Jewish countries and stealing land from Arabs claiming it as their own. However this is the base idea of Zionism. I myself oppose Jews no matter what so I don’t care if they want to leave to the moon and form a colony there. They’re still a danger to our people and the people of the world and should be dealt with as such.

Anti-Zionist Jews on the flip side are mostly 2 groups. Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Communist Jews. Both have the same argument when it’s boiled down. That being that Jews shouldn’t have their own country solely made up of Jews. In fact its disgusting to them. Why? They believe that Jews should exist as a nomadic group among all the nations of the world and should never work ever. In other words they want Jews to continuously be pure parasites until the end of time. In their minds the idea of Jews doing manual labor or serving in a military is disgusting and beneath a Jew to do. Non-Jews should be the ones to do the labor, Non-Jews should be the ones to protect Jews with arms. Basically the Jewish concept of “The Golem” is to be applied here. The claim of these people being “Good Jews” is beyond me. They’re not “Good Jews”, they’re the pure Jews.

Jews aren’t your friends no matter the circumstances ever. They’ll never be allies with us and I don’t care what they state. They can oppose Israel all they want. Israel isn’t the end all be all of the Jewish world. It’s incredibly naive to think this way of Jews. Jews are not a monolith. It is an entire community of different tribes, head families, political factions and alike. As stated many Jews oppose Israel simply because they see it as antithetical to what is being Jewish (that of a parasite). To me the idea that someone is “an ally” just because they oppose Israel is counterproductive. To myself the only people we should ally with and/or support are people who opposite all Jews. Not just the few that run Israel.

Don’t be an idiot and don’t trick yourself into supporting people who are counterproductive to your own goals.

Hail Victory!