Unintended Predictions: Prayer of the Rollerboys

Prayer of the Rollerboys is a 1990 film that has basically been forgotten about and is still a pretty obscure film. The acting in it is cheesy and kinda bad but with that stated it is an excellent film when it comes to future predictions and a decent story line none the less. The movie itself is set in a United States where there was an event known as “The Great Crash” resulting in hyperinflation of the US Dollar and Asians and Jews coming in to buy up everything for pennies. Even during the movie, China goes so far as to purchase all the ivy league colleges like Harvard and move them brick by brick to be rebuilt in China. This of course turns the United States into a failed state akin to what we see in the 3rd world right now.

Enter Gary Lee and The Rollerboys. The movie itself opens up with a speech by Gary Lee explaining to the audience while it’s shown as a recorded speech that basically the older generations kept borrowing more and more from Jews and other “Alien Races”. Borrowing more money than they could ever repay. Resulting in mass debt that had to be paid back sooner or later. That later came resulting in The Great Crash and Jews and other races owning everything. While regular White Americans were locked up in “Homeless Camps”. Gary Lee further explains that his organization The Rollerboys will take back the US and rid it of their alien occupiers and warns to his enemies “The Day of the Rope is coming!”.

The main story revolving around the main character Griffin and him snitching out people for pussy is just something you can watch yourself. The main point I wish to bring up is around the predictions this movie has made and the interesting themes around it. The biggest point being a Chinese-Jewish dominated world where the United States is indebted to these groups. While we ourselves still haven’t had our “Great Crash” yet, it is coming and we will see in our lives a United States that has basically collapsed on itself. The only people who think otherwise are mentally dead liberals who believe in the “End of History” myth meaning that the current state of affairs will go on until the end of time. I give credit to the movie as well for accurately showing what a collapse of a nation would even look like. It wouldn’t look like Mad Max and people wouldn’t be eating each other in the streets. We’d just experience things like hyperinflation of currency, crime increasing with gangs ruling the streets and the government losing relevancy among the population. Similar to many parts of Latin America, The Middle East and Africa right now.

That is what collapse looks like. Through this collapse of the United States within this film, Gary Lee sees opportunity. He proceeds to form his openly Pro-White Fascist gang known as “The Rollerboys”. They proceed to fight off the non-white gangs in LA dominating the area and continue to do so in the film. Through this they start to act as the unofficial government within their areas of control. Collecting taxes, giving protection to white businesses, giving out food for the hungry, settling disputes and alike. All things the US Gov’t and the City Gov’t of Los Angeles failed to provide. This is how you take power post-collapse. This is really a vision on how that even works. You don’t take power by being the edgiest guy in town but by having a vision and knowing what you’re even doing.

For example the Islamic State, they took over the Syrian City of Raqqa. A Liberal Westernized City. Knowing the lemming principle and having the force to take over the city from the Syrian Military, they became the new government. All of a sudden all the Liberal Westernized Arabs of that city became devout Fundamentalist Muslims overnight. All of sudden the same mentality among the lemming portion of the population that lead to those people snitching their friends, family and neighbors out to the Syrian Government became people willing to do that in service of ISIS. See the video below to know what I’m saying in the extent of using ISIS’s takeover of Raqqa as an example.

Imagine ourselves controlling an area of our own. Suddenly what used to be an area loyal to the system is now loyal to us. Degeneracy, Racial Mixing/Treason and other crimes such as collaboration with the system would be reported to us by random civilians who under system rule would be the first to report us. That’d be an ideal world to be in and it really isn’t that far away either. The US will collapse and we must be prepared for it. That is the lesson to be learned.

Below will be a link to the full length movie “Prayer of the Rollerboys” for your own viewing. As stated the acting is kinda bad and the story can be shit at times but it’s still a movie with interesting concepts and themes to think on.

Hail Victory!