Statement on the George Floyd Trial

As we all saw, Derek Chauvin, the man who put his knee on George Floyd. Was convicted on all 3 charges he was accused of. This is international news and I’m sure every single reader of this site is fully aware of all the details of this case. So we’re not going to bore you by repeating in detail what happened. Personally I myself could give a fuck less about this case. However this case brings up some interesting observations and lessons to be learned. So lets discuss.

For the record, none of any of the permanent staff gives a single damn about George Floyd. We do not care if George Floyd was suffocated by Derek Chauvin’s knee or if he died of a drug overdose. George Floyd was a drug addicted negro who has a lengthy criminal history of being worthless drain on society. In fact the reason he was even at that liquor store was to buy various drugs from his dealer whom we saw refuse to testify and George Floyd’s girlfriend confirmed that person was his drug dealer. So what value does this person even have to the living world? Nothing. If it wasn’t Derek Chauvin, George Floyd probably would have ended up dead in some other manner. Either through overdosing with his fat coal burning girlfriend or getting shot by another negro. As someone who grew up and went to school with people whom are the same types as George Floyd. I can say with absolute certainty that the world is a better place without him.

Derek Chauvin himself is no hero of the white race either. In fact we’d go so far as to state he isn’t a good person either. Just from reading up on him, it’s obvious that Chauvin is the stereotypical try-hard jock cop who thinks he’s a super badass and tends to power-trip on his police duties and acts like a dick to everyone around him. To add to further proof of this, his wife is a Chinese woman. Which anyone who is knowledgeable on the types of middle age men who fuck Chinese women. It’s what was described above. We’re more than willing to bet that Chauvin has said to people how much he hates white women and how better Asian women are. Even though generally Asian women are sociopathic insects and we saw that happen to Chauvin when she divorced him right after George Floyd died. Taking all his stuff no doubt. In any regard, Chauvin collaborated with the system. Betrayed his race. Now he’s getting thrown under the bus as a racist by that system. Poetic justice really. If we were the ones in charge, Chauvin would still be facing criminal charges. Except they’d be for racial treason and collaborating with the system.

The only reason that Chauvin even had the book thrown at him was because of Negro and Communist mobs threatening to burn down all the cities of the United States and murder lots of people. Even major political figures such as Rep. Maxine Waters threatened violence if there is a not guilty verdict. This is terrorism. This isn’t being hyperbolic or saying this for propaganda purposes. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization and a state sponsored one at that. They threaten violence and death if they do not get their way and they have used violence and death as we all saw last year when practically every major city within the US was on fire. We recommend our readers to read the previous article to get what we even mean by terrorist activities. We’re not complaining about the tactics either per say. We’re not movementarians. However could you imagine dear reader if any of us even tried a fraction of what these people are doing? Threatening jurors on a trial, threatening government officials, burning most of the major cities to the ground prior and threatening to do it again if you don’t get what you want.

We’d all be in prison so fast for doing a fraction of a fraction of what Black Lives Matter does, it’s not even funny. Former Atomwaffen Division members get to face 10 years or more in prison for edgy posters but Communists and Negros get to threaten the entire United States and somehow that’s treated as normal and no one is prosecuted. It’s clear to anyone that sadly we don’t live in a “White Supremacist Fascist System” that Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist Action claim. We just fucking don’t. If we did those groups would be dead. They wouldn’t be basically a part of this very system and face no prosecution for any of their actions while if we have the slightest fuck up we’re thrown in prison for years.

We’re aware there are those people who support such movements like Anti-Fascist Action and Black Lives Matter who monitor this site. Here is a question specifically for you. How can you justify yourself as being anti-system yet your ideas are promoted by the system including the President of the United States and every major corporation on earth and most celebrities. How? Don’t give us the sob story of “w-well the police were mean to us and used tear gas!” , maybe if you didn’t burn shit to the ground, the local police department wouldn’t use tear gas. If we did the same actions of rioting. The US Military would be called in and they would use live ammunition and the news media would celebrate it. Our email is open and we’re open to discussion. However you’re going to lose that discussion pretty quickly and you’re just going to be pointed out as the pro-system patsy you truly are. Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist Action are pro-system and they act in the interests of the system. That’s just a fact, not an opinion. Image below very much related.

In conclusion. We, The American Futurist, don’t care for the George Floyd specifics. If this was just contained to a simple news story, it wouldn’t even be worth mentioning. However what is interesting is the fallout around it and what is to be noticed about the groups just as Black Lives Matter and how different they’re treated compared to us. Yet supposedly we’re the ones in charge of the system. All of this is evident of one singular thing. The system is collapsing and mass psychosis is upon us. No sane well built society such as this would be so tolerant of this filth. Having our cities burned to the ground over drug addicted criminals dying then celebrating the groups that did it as just and moral. It’s insane. Go back 70 years or more and show people of that time the future we live in today. They’d think you’re showing them a horror film. Yet here we are.

Prepare, Don’t do anything stupid and most of all observe what’s going on around you. You’ll find lots of things to learn from it.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!