The American Futurist: A Year In Review

On April 15th, 2020, The American Futurist was founded. The American Futurist in both aesthetic and concept had been a dream for roughly a year prior among those who were staff of the now defunct Siege Kultur. This includes Siege Kultur founder Vincent Synder. However it mostly remained a dream. That was until the mass arrests of February 26th, 2020 against those involved in the similarly defunct organization known as Atomwaffen Division. This included Siege Kultur founder Vincent Synder in those arrests. With the FBI forcing everyone’s hand, we took the opportunity to permanently retire Siege Kultur and go ahead with projects that were put on hold for a future date.

This project’s success far exceeded our expectations. We expected only 5,000 monthly readers at best due to the glaring fact that we’re nothing but a fringe of a fringe with very little support while being quite literally banned and deplatformed on basically every major platform on the internet. For example even mainstream movementarian sites such as The Daily Stormer only get 120,000 monthly readers, which in terms of internet reach is quite small. With great joy the results of our project have far exceeded our expectations. As of the time of this writing we currently have over 10,000 dedicated monthly readers and growing. We have no one else but you to thank dear readers. Without you we’d be nothing.

Our rivals within the greater pro-white movement are also in shock over our sudden growth. From our own internal investigations, they fear it. Such as the movementarian organization known as “Patriot Front” in which we’ve received credible information that their higher-ups are aware of us and are in fear of us. Give it time and we’ll outgrow all of these movementarians with real revolutionary fascist ideas. The truth will win in the end whether the enemies of the truth care about it or not.

The enemies of the truth will always lose in the end. Especially those such as the Jews and the White Traitor Collaborators working with them. They can make attempts to censor us, deplatform us, attack us with lies, arrest us or even kill us. It’s no use. We’ll always win in the end because at long as there is a reality there will always be Fascism. There isn’t a damn thing they can do about it. On top of the contingencies we have in place to protect this place of truth, you dear readers are also a contingency. The system can kill every single one of us including James Mason yet any one of you can do what we do easily and it drives them mad at that thought. Hence why they want us all dead/in jail. Goebbels himself even commented this in detail except however the enemy will lose in the end and we will be victorious.

Remember that dear readers. We will win in the end. It doesn’t matter if it takes 1 year or 10,000 years for us to win but we will still win. Do not give up hope, Do not waste your lives on stupidity. Keep your head up high, your powder dry and prepare for the incoming fight of your lives. Prepare to stop this rotten world of evil. Prepare for it all.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!