Remembering Terry Davis

On this day, three years ago, Terrence A. Davis, a computer engineer, was struck and killed by a
train, aged 48. Terry was best known for single-handedly programming his own operating
system, known as TempleOS, a tremendous feat, which Terry accomplished after years of
dedicated work. Terry believed the operating system would allow him to communicate with God,
and built TempleOS as Solomon’s Third Temple. Terry also suffered from severe schizophrenia,
plaguing him for most of his adult life. Crazy or not, there is no doubt that Terry was one of us.
His vocabulary was marked with frequent use of slurs, notably “nigger”, and anti-ZOG and
anti-Media sentiment. Terry created the term “glownigger”, and sent frequent death threats to the
CIA. Despite Terry’s considerable intellect and programming skill, Terry lived a very difficult
life, dedicating himself to his work with TempleOS and religious studies. Towards the end of his
life, Terry was thrown out of his home and lived in the streets. Terry died after being struck by a
train under mysterious circumstances. Gone but not forgotten, Terry still lives on in the pages of
Internet lore, certainly one of the most unique figures to ever exist on the Internet. In a just
world, he would be hailed as the intellectual hero he truly is.

Rest In Peace Terry,