Passive Demoralization

As I strolled through the streets of the downtown section of a major American city, a new phrase popped into my head – “Passive Demoralization”. Any white person in a racially mixed urban area can likely understand what I mean by this – the simple fact that the act of walking through a large city demoralizes you, and makes you feel unwelcome in your own country.

Many forms of obvious intentional demoralization are a bit more obvious – mixed couples and faggots on TV, communist propaganda in films, kike-backed riots destroying entire city blocks, etc. But, Passive Demoralization is a bit more pernicious. The nigger crackhead bums don’t have to be yelling at you actively, they simply have to be there to create a non-welcoming environment.

Have you ever lived in a home where you weren’t wanted? An asshole roommate, shitty landlord, etc? If so, you’ll understand the feeling. Even if you are not being actively yelled at or bothered, there is a vibe through the home that makes you feel unwelcome.

The condition of these cities is no accident, either. We have slowly been worn down by this form of demoralization, to the point where most of us don’t even notice it anymore. We’ll step over a nigger sleeping on the sidewalk without a second thought, it’s business as usual. Never allow yourself to forget: THIS IS NOT HOW THINGS SHOULD BE. If you transported a white man from 1950, and put him into a modern city of today, he’d probably be arrested within ten minutes of his arrival due to some sort of hate crime.

The condition of these cities, and the large socioeconomic divide in them actually creates comedic visuals at times. It’s not uncommon at all to see a group of Starbucks-sipping, vest-wearing tech bros casually talking about their well-paying jobs while they carefully avoid human shit on the sidewalk, or walk past a schizophrenic nigger.

The environment you live in has a major role in how you think, and on how you feel. Living in a clean, healthy white environment engenders fine white thoughts. Is it any surprise that modern whites who live in dystopian hellscapes like our major cities are mentally and morally sick? Most lemmings simply adapt to their environment. If they see niggers everywhere, they like and support niggers. If they see fags everywhere, they like and support fags.

Now, you may ask for a solution? I’ll point you to the ever-relevant James Mason:

“I’ve often stated that the condition – and content – of these cities make a positively ATTRACTIVE case for atomic
warfare. After all, don’t they employ radiation in the treatment of cancer?”