You Can’t Go Home Again

Recently, I took a trip into a rural area near where I live with a family member. In discussion with that family member, they lamented that an influx of urbanite types, spurred on by the pandemic, have begun flooding into the area, buying up land, raising property costs, and fagging up the culture. They expressed a sense of satisfaction that, given some time, these urbanites would grow distasteful of the rural lifestyle and return back to whatever cesspool they crawled out of. While this deduction will likely come to pass in the immediate, it is a fundamentally flawed thought process. The urbanites will retreat, but they’ll be back, and with them will come the Jews, the faggots, the Third World hoardes, and every other dreg and social leech that the modern cosmopolitan metropolis has to offer. It encroaches slowly, often taking years at a time. Like a tumor or infection, by the time you notice it, it’s too late. Those fag flags, immigrants, and niggers aren’t going anywhere, and you can do nothing to stop it. You can’t vote them out, you can’t protest them out, you can’t even shoot them out, because there’s certainly dozens more where that came from. You can’t run away from it either, because wherever you run to, they’ll follow, thus turning every nice, white, close-knit community into a Third World slum, something that has already happened to many of the formerly white neighborhoods in major cities.

This scenario perfectly encapsulates the failure of conservatism. I have seen many memes and YouTube videos made decrying modernity, by conservatives, and Alt-Lite and Alt-Right Movementarian types, the taglines always being something along the lines of “this is what they took from you” or “we have to go back”. This is, of course, absurd. You can’t go back, you can never go back, and trying to will only lead to anger, disillusionment, and exhaustion. It’s along the lines of swimming up current in a river. The more you struggle, the harder it is to keep struggling, and the more likely it is you will be either swept away by the current, or fall underneath and drown. Many, myself included, were drawn to these ideas, and politics in general, due to feeling out of place, abandoned by time and the world. The past has always been attractive to me. I have felt myself longing to be back in a different era, gallivanting around in some famous battle, or having coffee shop discussion with my favorite artists and thinkers. This has almost always led to a great deal of sadness and frustration on my part, as it is nothing more than fantastical thinking. Fantastical thinking while great for art and philosophy, will get you absolutely nowhere in a practical sense. Pining for a fantasy can only serve as a distraction, a type of escapism. Real solutions are needed for real problems, and wishing for it all to go away and go back to “normal” is worthless. In fact, it is worse than worthless, as it can only be demoralizing. The focus must always be on the present and the future, on how to solve our current problems and mitigate future ones. By no means is the past not important. It is the foundation for our current movement. However, a house only having a foundation will still leave you exposed to the elements. You still need the rest of the house. Likewise, we must continue building on the ideas of the past, and move into making them a reality. The past is passed. Let the future reign.

Hail Victory!