John Wilkes Booth: A Hero

Often do I see people within the movement give credit to Abraham Lincoln. How “good” he was. How “The Jews killed him because of X reason!” and more. The truth is that Abraham Lincoln deserved the bullet in his skull from John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln himself was an open leftist and pen pals with Karl Marx. It’s irrelevant to hear Lincoln’s words on race and more because Lincoln himself was a liar.

Abraham Lincoln openly stated prior to coming into the presidency that he had no intention of abolishing slavery. Yet his actions after taking office prove otherwise. Are we supposed to believe that he intended to ship the negro race back to Africa just because he said it? No, we shouldn’t. In reality, Lincoln had planned to accelerate the United States into the period we now live in as soon as he could. He wanted niggers to run the South with their White and jewish leftist collaborators and more.

Southern Whites would have been turned into serfs, subservient to the newly freed niggers and their jewish and White traitor leftist leaders. We know this because, later on, when White Southerners had had enough of the leftist pro-nigger nonsense coming from Washington, D.C. and realized what Lincoln and his ilk had in store for them, they rebelled against these policies through newly formed organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, White League, and others.

John Wilkes Booth was a hero and is a hero because he destroyed what would be the full realization of the hell world that we now occupy. He had enough. So in response, he shot and killed Lincoln and on the theater stage yelled “SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!” or translated “Thus Always to Tyrants!”. Through Lincoln’s death came a blockage to Leftism in the United States and it caused the “Progressive Movement” within the United States that now rules over us to collapse in on itself.

The Southern Democrat, Andrew Johnson then took power and effectively blocked the leftist’s plans for negro/White leftist rule in the South and protection for former negro slaves. He had so empowered Southern Whites that it was too late when he was deposed and the Leftist Ulysses S. Grant took power. Groups like the Ku Klux Klan and their allies were empowered so much that they were like an American Taliban. Too powerful to take on head on. As a result, Southern Whites ruled the Southern United States for less than 100 years, until the Civil Rights Movement, working with the Federal Government in the 1960s, largely overturned that rule.

John Wilkes Booth should be remembered as a hero of the White Race for what he accomplished. He, through his actions, stalled the “Progressive Movement” run by negros, leftists, and jews for 100 years. Had he not done what he did. The hell world we live in now would have come a lot sooner. Showing how weak our enemies truly are. Lincoln was a villain to the White Race and deserved the bullet that he got. To someone like myself, John Wilkes Booth acted as an instrument of God himself. Ending the leftist tyrant Lincoln and delaying progressive plans for another 100 years.

Hail Victory! Hail John Wilkes Booth!