The American Futurist is Back Online

You may have noticed a temporary absence and a brand new domain name. These new changes are the result of a request for takedown by the United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate, which caused our domain name to be seized by our registrar. This was quite a funny (albeit inconvenient) surprise to us, and is another example of the system trying to prevent both us and our word from having a platform.

Draw a comparison from this to our adversarial communists and adjacent groups, for all their sword rattling they never face any real push back from the system- let alone the UN. This doesn’t just apply to people directly opposed to us, other groups within the movement are known to call us ‘feds’, ‘glowing’, or ‘controlled opposition’. If this is the case why are we the ones getting infiltrated by federal satanist pedophiles and having our website taken down by the United Nations Security Council?

Regardless, we are back and better than ever. We have some BIG things coming up in the next few weeks that we are very excited about. The key point to take home is that we cannot be stamped out, no matter how many arrests or bullets thrown our way. We will persist and if somehow we don’t, our ideas will persist now and into the future.

As you might notice. The site still being reworked and under construction at this time though it is now open for usage as we fix issues. So please be patient with us as we fix these issues at this time. Obvious issues such as the weird white header at the top among some other issues. We expect these to be done very soon. So please be patient while we work these issues out. Please email us also if you wrote an article for us between last September-October but it’s not on the site anymore. We didn’t remove it, for some reason our archive fucked up and didn’t have 100% of all articles from that period. We believe we’ve uploaded all of them but if we don’t have yours email us at [email protected]

Hail Victory!

We will not drink the corn syrup and We hate the Anti-Christ!

A big thank you as well to everyone who has donated to us during our previous uptime. We used the money given to keep this project afloat and we don’t know what we’d do without you. So you have our gratitude.

We also want to say that the United Nations are child raping pedophiles who have such an extensive track record of raping children that they even have an entire wikipedia article dedicated to documenting their love of raping children. So to have an organization such as this against us is proof we’re on the side of truth and good.