Parallel Polis

A concept that I feel that our readership should be aware is that of Parallel Polis. That being in simple terms, a parallel society. Parallel Polis was a concept coined by Czech Conservative and Anti-Communist Vaclav Benda in the 1970s. The idea is basically to create a parallel society of your own. A counter society to the one you’re opposing. In Vaclav’s case, his opposition to the Marxist-Leninist Regime that ruled Czechoslovakia at the time.

He did this with other Anti-Communist Dissidents through creating their own independent culture, political structures, economy and more. All separated from the society they despised and opposed. This was also practiced much earlier than when Vaclav and his fellow Czech Anti-Communists gave a term for it. Irish Nationalists in opposition to the British Empire formed a separate society. The one they wished to create. They did this at first through revival of Gaelic Culture and Language then moved towards other means. Including but not limited to creating their own armed forces, their own economic systems, their own court systems and much more.

All of this until they were strong enough and gain enough legitimacy to completely separate and declare independence from the British Empire as the Republic of Ireland. This also applies to the American Revolution as well with those wishing independence forming their own government, militias, economy, mailing system and more until they gained enough legitimacy and power to finally declare independence and war on the British Empire. A more recent example of this would also be the Polish Underground State. Which in simple terms was Polish Resistance Fighters not just forming militias to fight German/Soviet Occupation of Poland but also acting as the Polish Government itself.

Besides the obvious things the Polish Underground State did such as Sabotage, Assassinations and Terrorist Attacks which were mostly directed at the Germans. They also did very interesting things I find useful to us to learn about. For example with Polish people who collaborated with the Germans. They were kidnapped then put on trial by courts set up by the Polish Underground State. Granted they were always sentenced to death but it gave more legitimacy to give the appearance of trials to those that collaborated with their enemies. They also did things that weren’t just killing and violence. They provided social services to Poles in need. They ran underground schools to teach Polish Language, Culture and Political Worldviews to Polish Children. Which only furthered their legitimacy in the eyes of many Poles. They even had their own media networks and publishing arms.

From this they were able to garner more and more support and get more people to join. Until they had enough strength within their own military forces to do rebellions against the Germans. Such as the Warsaw Uprising (part of the PUS’s Operation Tempest), Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and more. Honestly giving the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS a serious fight and even though the Third Reich won in the end, the Reich ended up actually losing more soldiers than the PUS’s Home Army. With the Reich having 17,000 causalities to the Polish Home Army only having 15,000 causalities in the Warsaw Uprising. So while the Home Army lost, they didn’t lose without giving the Reich a considerable black eye in the process.

Granted in the end, the Polish Underground State were all nothing but useful idiots against the Germans. Since after Germany was defeated, the US, France and the British sold them down the river to the Soviets. In which the Soviet Union basically wiped them off the face of the earth and stomped out all resistance in Poland. Since allying with these snakes only yields death and the allies were full of shit when they declared war on Germany for “Polish Sovereignty”. However it cannot be ignored that both the example of the Polish Underground State and other examples of Parallel Polis cannot be ignored. In fact examples such as the Polish Underground State should be emulated and copied for our own benefit.

It is a fact that we are under Jewish Occupation and that must be resisted and overthrown. However it must be done in an intelligent manner. Not by shooting up synagogues or mosques. Not by setting off nail bombs in Times Square. No, that’s a waste of time and a waste of your precious life. Instead we must resist occupation through intelligent means. As I advocated before in my “The Hamas Example at Successful Revolution” article, we must seek alternatives. Reminder that not all direct action is good action. James Mason himself has repeated that if you must do something then it better be worth it. To myself and hopefully to you dear reader this must be done by thinking with our heads and not being retarded.

We can resist this Jewish Occupation by creating the very society in which we are advocating for. Like with the Polish Underground State for example. Most of what they did that made them popular was through decentralized propaganda, social services and alike. Not just bombing out places and shooting places up. Creating publishing arms to create booklets, books, propaganda leaflets and more agitating resistance to the occupation of Poland. Creating media arms to make a media network that only promotes Polish Nationalism and Anti-Occupation Propaganda. Creating Paramilitaries to slowly but surely build up enough decentralized armed support to eventually challenge the system they were opposing. Creating Parallel Economies to de-legitimize and weaken the occupation economy. I could go on.

In order for us to win dear readers, we must learn from the examples of those who put up serious fights to occupations of the past. Those that succeed. We can’t win by doing the same old shenanigans that have failed us before. Obviously reformism is a flop and has a decades long track record of failing us. However same applies to just wasting our lives with stupid actions such as pointless mass shootings and alike. Don’t waste your life. Be Smart, Be Vigilant and most important of all Be Creative and Inventive. We’re under a decades long occupation and we need all hands on deck to beat this occupation and finally win back our lands and our race.

We can wish for collapse all we wish but if we have nothing to replace that which has collapsed then we are all just wasting our time. Start building the society we wish to see now. Not tomorrow, Not in 10 years, NOW!

Hail Victory!

Image related detailing the structure of the Polish Underground State for reference: