The Founding of the NSRF

Many disparate events have led to the founding of the National Socialist Resistance Front. All of our founding members were involved with the National Socialist Order, which has, in recent weeks, been transformed into an entirely different type of group. Unbeknownst to most of us, there was a secretive Order of Nine Angles Satanist strain inside of our group. They saw an opportunity to seize the NSO, and they have done so, turning it into a group dedicated to Satanism. We have rejected the direction that the new leaders intend to take the NSO, and we’ve decided to form our own organization, to build upon the legacy left by the Atomwaffen Division and the original National Socialist Order.

We, of course, don’t intend to simply follow in the footsteps of our great predecessors. While respecting the past, we shall forge our own new path, doing whatever is necessary to secure the rightful place of our beloved Aryan people. We will respect the great deeds of the old groups, while also learning from their mistakes.

There is no quantifying the degree to which we love our race, and of course, we have an equal amount of hate for the enemies of our race. The National Socialist Resistance Front makes this promise – we will never stop fighting for our race, and we will never cease in our struggle against our enemies. We offer no quarter – the enemies of our race deserve death. We desire a purely Aryan world, and there is nothing that we wouldn’t do to turn that beautiful dream into a reality.

In this new endeavor, we swear that we shall never falter, never compromise, and never do anything that goes against our deeply-held beliefs. We will never do anything that is trendy, we will never denounce our heroes, old or new. We will never allow ourselves to be influenced by anybody outside of our new organization. We refuse to bow or kowtow to any so-called “movement figures”, as we are subservient to nobody.

We intend to carry the message of Adolf Hitler as far as we can, regardless of the consequences. The National Socialist movement might seem small, and we are heavily outnumbered by our racial enemies. But, it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, and we will light as many candles as we can.

What We Believe:

  1. National Socialism’s ultimate goal is the welfare and dominance of the Aryan race. All other objectives are secondary.
  2. The Aryan race must dominate the world.
  3. The Jewish subhumans and their disgusting religion are a cancer that must be excised from the Earth.
  4. The traditional way of the life is the only correct path, a mother and father raising future generations of mothers and fathers.
  5. All Aryan men must be armed and ready for combat at a moment’s notice.
  6. The National Socialist Aryan man must aspire to the virtues of Bravery, Loyalty, Honesty and Duty.
  7. The Aryan race is entitled to a happy life. All obstacles preventing it must be eliminated.
  8. The arts must be reformed with National Socialist ideals and imagery.
  9. The traditional form of banking, usury, must be banned and become a capital offense.
  10. The lying press should be considered the natural enemy of the Aryan race.
  11. Property tax is a weapon wielded by the Jew to control and enslave the world.
  12. Education should be reformed to teach essential skills and grow the mind of young Aryans.
  13. Every Aryan person deserves a proper home.
  14. All religions and spiritualities must be of Aryan Origin, and they must be totally subservient to the values of National Socialism. Those that will not must be eliminated.
  15. All Aryan people should aspire to physical excellence and celebrated for achieving it.
  16. The mentally feeble and invalids are parasites who serve no purpose.
  17. Homosexuals and all of their fellow degenerates must be cleansed from the Earth.
  18. The Aryan race should place its interests above all others at all times.
  19. There is no greater nobility than dying for the survival of the Aryan race.
  20. Disarmament of the Aryan race is a direct attack and should be treated as an act of war against our people.
  21. The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler was the Aryan spirit made into flesh and must be revered as such.
  22. Any action that detracts from the goals of the Zionist world order is a noble venture.
  23. All lesser races must be eliminated.
  24. The earth must be shepherded by the Aryan race, the only race that has ever tried to preserve her beauty.
  25. Those that abuse animals must be subject to the same abuse.
  26. Cities should be built in cooperation with nature, not built in an effort to destroy it.
  27. Business should serve the National Socialist worldview, those that do not should be abandoned and destroyed.
  28. The Aryan man has no duty to anyone but his own race.
  29. Men are the only ones that should serve in any influential role, be it politics, education, the military, etc.
  30. No current nation has the interests of the Aryan race at their core, total annihilation of these governments and institution of a united National Socialist order is the paramount goal of National Socialism.

NSRF Membership Requirements:

  1. You must be an Aryan Man- if you have to ask if you’re Aryan, you’re not.
  2. You must be a Revolutionary National Socialist.
  3. You must agree with and be committed to the program of the NSRF.
  4. You must have read our reading list
  5. You must be willing to take action.
  6. You must be physically fit, or willing to immediately begin working on your physical fitness
  7. You must reside in the United State to join. Non-Americans cannot join.
  8. All members must follow Indo-European, Aryan religions, or Christian Identity. No non-Aryan religions are allowed, including Satanism.

Hail to the National Socialist Resistance Front!

contact us @nsresistancefront on wire