Beware of the Kiwis

As some are already aware, for the past couple months there has been much news coverage around the gossip forum known as Kiwifarms. For those who are unaware, it can be summarized as leftist transvestites become enraged when a gossip forum discusses immoral things they like to do allegedly around and to young boys online and launch an internet activist movement called #DropKiwifarms to shut down the site and purge archives of everything they were up to. We have an article on our news website covering this here.

If it was simply this, this wouldn’t even be worth an article. However, the aftermath is something that is deeply concerning to anyone who would be put on the system’s hit list. For those unaware, how Kiwifarms was taken down was due to its DDoS service, CloudFlare, dumping the site’s protection, and from there, it was continuously dropped by every single DDoS service imaginable, from DDoS-Guard to most recently DiamWall. This is strictly due to the fact that Kiwifarms is self-hosted; they own basically every component of their web infrastructure. All except DDoS protection.

So, this was a point of weakness, and as a result, CloudFlare was targeted heavily with harassment and threats given to its staff and its CEO, Matthew Prince, with various major news outlets also joining in. Originally CloudFlare put out a statement stating it won’t drop anyone for the reasoning of allowing individuals to commit a federal crime (DDoS is a federal crime), which is what DropKiwifarms was advocating basically. Then, from there, within a couple days, switching quickly to some poorly put-together statement that Kiwifarms was a dangerous, evil terrorist website out to kill people. Despite the fact that CloudFlare provides services for actual terrorist organizations, which makes it even funnier.

However, though this is just rumors and speculation, what makes more sense from what is heard is that CloudFlare got threatened by Visa and Mastercard (their payment processors) that they will revoke CloudFlare’s ability to accept credit card payments for services, effectively bankrupting the company. So as a result, CloudFlare had to look in desperation for a bullshit reason to dump Kiwifarms. This also makes sense considering why DDoS-Guard and DiamWall also dumped Kiwifarms, considering both of them need credit card processing in order to function as businesses.

Why is this happening, though? It’s not because some random technocrat transvestites hold all this power, nor does the system actually give a fuck about a bunch of socially autistic weirdos talking about weirdo Twitter transvestites for fun. The reality is that the system is using Kiwifarms as a testing method for how they can curbstomp a website off the internet. Originally, this started with 8Chan but has since grown in size and scope and will only continue to get worse as the conglomerate of different interest groups within the system begin to become more arrogant and do more crackdowns.

What’s the future from here?:

A legitimate question to ask after all of this is: What is the future from here when it comes to further online existence? The truth is quite bleak but also exciting. As things become worse and worse for the system, so too will the harshness of its crackdowns increase. This is because what is coming our way is both a blessing and a curse.

That being it will come to the point where we can no longer use the mainstream internet as it will become further that we can no longer participate in mainstream society. It will get to the point where the only way we can exist is by using alternative systems. In the case of the internet, we will be forced into using platforms such as Tor and/or I2P if you even want to use the internet for your own purposes, such as promoting politics such as ours. Because if they’re willing to shut down Kiwifarms for simply discussing what weirdo transvestites are up to, we’re in big trouble down the road.

The only reason places such as ours even still exist on the Clearnet is simply because we’re not that big and the system doesn’t have that much concern for our existence at the moment as there are bigger things for them to worry about. It’s really that simple. Kiwifarms was taken down because they flew too close to the sun and became too big for the system’s liking. However, it will certainly get to the point where the Clearnet Internet is simply something that we aren’t allowed to exist on anymore, as not only will they remove you from the mainstream websites, but they will target your infrastructure as well.

There is no alternative to this for further usage of the Clearnet Internet. People have stated how we can just go offshore or rely on foreign companies to protect us. The cruel reality is that there is no other country for us to run to. Since our politics are illegal outside of the United States. The American Futurist is run and operated solely by citizens of the United States. If we were to operate this website anywhere else in the world, we would go to prison on terrorism-related charges.

Simply put the issue with the United States’s Internet, while the freest in terms of content protections, there are no companies to protect those protections because they’re all run by kikes or owned by kike shareholders with transvestite pedophiles as the middle managers and content managers. It is already to the point where they’re not just satisfied with kicking you off of places like Twitter or YouTube; they want to target your infrastructure too if you self-platform.

While we looked into self-hosting and maybe even becoming a registrar, which we will still look into, we’re not delusional enough to think this will remain forever. Because they will find a way to screw you even if you own 100% of your website’s Internet infrastructure. Remember that the electricity to this web server is privately owned and could be cut off at any time. The city you’re in could pass laws banning datacenters from their city; your bank account will be seized by the bank; the system could have the FCC confiscate your stuff, and more. They won’t leave you alone.

This, of course, will have unintended consequences for all those involved. Since the technocrats in question leading this charge are doing it just to humiliate us and have some sadistic fun, this will backfire on them. Since your average technocrat is a weakling, they’re losers, etc. They do this for the sole purpose of feeling superior to others while living as inferiors. Except for one issue they don’t realize: While you can ban someone from your platforms and take away the infrastructure needed for them to make their own Clearnet platform, you can’t ban someone from going to your house in the middle of the night and blowing your brains out.

This isn’t a call to action, nor even a wink and nod telling readers to do this; this is just an inevitable result of these policies by the technocrats. There are plenty of people out there who are/will be run over by this technocratic purge, and they aren’t just going to take it lying down. They will go to these people’s houses, offices, and more and kill them. In fact, it has already occurred when Nasim Najafi Aghdam, an Iranian Vegan and Savtri Devi fan, shot up YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California, injuring two YouTube employees and killing herself.

Why? Because YouTube kept screwing with her videos by shadow banning them and making sure no one could view them. So she went to YouTube HQ and went after those responsible. To quote the anarchist radical Utah Phillips: “The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.”. Again, I’m not advocating for anything, simply stating the facts here. The more these pedophile transvestites, corrupt kikes, and scumbag White traitors keep pushing, the more the springback will hit harder.

Soon they’ll be in for a rude awakening when all their bullshit lies about “Oh boo hoo, I get billions of death threats per second! Give me money for my Patreon!” become real threats to their lives. How long until they get gunned down in their homes or have their offices attacked? It’s already happening, and when they finally put the hammer down on everyone, which I suspect won’t be long, it’ll be quite the spectacle, especially when these idiots declare how they don’t understand how people came to hate them so much and cry victim even more.

In Conclusion:

Despite all of this, despite whatever hardships come our way, The American Futurist and its sister projects will always exist. Even if we have to run it on a ham radio intranet, we’ll do it. We already have a .onion and we’ll also soon have a .i2p domain as well too. Even if worse comes to worse, other people can easily take the mantle from us as well. This also applies to the movement as a whole.

We see people get all doom and gloom regarding the state of things for us; however, we must remember that we’ve been through worse. We’ve seen our movement declared war on by the entire world in 1939 and then hold out for six years. If we can survive that, we can survive some scumbags making it harder for us to spread our message and build back up.

In fact, we welcome it since it will only force us to become more inventive and creative as we find ways around systemic repression. Even if it means communicating through tin cans and string, we’ll still exist and we’ll still find ways to thrive. So you, our readers, must prepare. The future is coming, and it’s coming with a fight. We’ll provide resources below to help you educate yourself on various topics that will be useful when full repression arrives.

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Hail to the Future, and of course, Hail Victory!