Propaganda: A Will and A Way

As American National Socialists, our political will is obvious – we wish to take power, by any means necessary. This is easily understandable, and non-negotiable. The question that we’ve been asking ourselves for decades, is in what way we shall do it.

We certainly won’t be able to use conventional means – running for office, founding think tanks, etc. Many great men have tried and failed before us. Our priority, then, is to seek other means. Armed revolution? A coup d’etat? These might be possible, but they are quite unlikely. Our best bet is for the white population of the USA to become so discouraged by the state of the country, and the state of the government, that they look for other solutions – namely, us. Societal collapse provides us with the right set of circumstances needed for us to attain victory, but only if this is utilize and prepared for properly, otherwise it will be squandered. Others have expressed this idea before, of course, but they seem to forget one thing – if the White Populace don’t know about us, or about what we stand for, why would they turn to us? In a power vacuum, the victorious side will likely be the one with the greatest degree of recognition, the side who has clear-cut, well known ideas and principles.

When the Great Depression hit Germany in 1930, the German population turned to a then-fringe political movement, the NSDAP. They were widely unpopular, but they presented actual RADICAL SOLUTIONS, and it was obvious even to most German lemmings that radical solutions were needed.

Now, do I expect that we can easily garner even the pre-1930 level of success and popularity that the NSDAP had? No. However, we can, in the case of major discontent and white civil unrest in the USA, be known as a viable option to the white population.

How do we do this? Through good old-fashioned propaganda. We have an advantage, here – our propaganda is not based on nonsensical marxist economic theory, or ridiculous and unnatural LGBT brainwashing – it is based on real-world observations, and undeniable natural law. The marxists can’t say in one-hundred pages what we can say in one sentence. What we need are short, biting, one sentence or less propaganda images that are RELEVANT to the life of the man on the street, and that show us as a SOLUTION to their woes.

We need videos that show our STRENGTH, VIRILITY, and COMPETENCE. The last 10 years, with the rise of groups like the Atomwaffen Division, and the National Socialist Order, have been amazing for our image. If you have some free time, look up 1990’s/early 2000’s documentaries about American Nazis. Whether this is a fair image or not, the documentaries tend to show a weak, incompetent, and unintelligent group of yokels who sit around drinking and grilling all day. They are constantly mocked or made fools of. After that, watch a more recent documentary about American Nazis. PBS, NatGeo, Vice, etc. You’ll see us portrayed (fairly or not) as hardened, dangerous, ideological warriors who will stop at nothing to achieve our goals. The media has, unwillingly, done some of our work for us.

We have to realize that, as National Socialists, we will never be seen as nice people who happen to have radical views. We can’t try and be nice guys, we have to embrace this image. If our ideal scenario comes to pass, and we have a chance at taking power in a collapsing USA, what kind of image do we want to have? Nice guys, or hardened warriors?

In short, our propaganda needs to be easily understood, and eye-catching. We need to both show what we are opposed to, and present actual solutions. Our focus also needs to be taken away from esotericism, at least publicly. Our great authors like Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, etc are for internal consumption. You’ll never convince someone to become a National Socialist by handing them a copy of “The Lightning and the Sun”. You might be able to do it, however, with a copy of our great basic texts: I recommend “White Power”, by George Lincoln Rockwell, “National Socialism: The Biological Worldview”, by Povl H. Riis-Knudsen, and “Hitler’s Revolution”, by Richard Tedor.

We know what our will is, now let’s focus on the way!