Leon Czolgosz: The Anarchist Terror

When it comes to the tactics of direct action and radical solution we must always learn from History. Both for good and bad examples. Leon Czolgosz is prime example of a good example of such tactics. I felt I should share to the readership of this site due to the educational values of this example of history. Especially due to Leon Czolgosz in question more or less being forgotten by most people. There is much to be learned.

Leon Czolgosz was born to Polish Immigrants on May 5th, 1873 in Alpena, Michigan. Like many of his peers he was just a simple steel worker until bad economic times and being in the time period that was The Gilded Age (to which we seem to be returning to once again) caused him to lose his job then get fucked by the lack of help for those unemployed. As a result he got into the rapidly growing radical leftist underground. Specifically that of Anarchism. Specifically what radicalized him being the assassination of King Umberto I by an Anarchist through Propaganda of the Deed. This doesn’t even account for the climate of terror that Anarchists especially within the US had achieved. Such as the attempted assassination of Henry Clay Frick whom was a powerful steel businessman. This of course lasted for literal decades. Even so far as 1920 when Anarchists bombed J.P. Morgan Investment Bank on Wall Street.

This of course isn’t in praise of Anarchism. While many of the targets of these individuals/organizations most certainly deserved it. The Anarchist movement back in the day was 100% Jewish owned and controlled just as it is today. It was simply just co-opting the outrage against the Robber Barons who certainly deserved the hatred that had against them. Jews such as Emma Goldman practically lead the Anarchists within the US at the time. Keep in mind this was before Jews had total control of the US. Something they wouldn’t achieve until the late 1960s. At this time it was mostly just greedy WASPs ruling over the US. It should just be explained the political climate within American Society during the late 19th Century that lead Leon down the path he did.

So long story made short. Leon gets mad. He idolizes assassins of Kings and more and is just mad at the injustice of the society he lived in. So what does he do? Well simple, plan to kill the current president of the United States at the time. That being William McKinley. William in question was a known puppet of the Robber Barons. He was basically one of the first US Presidents that was bought and sold to the highest bidder openly. This was well known at the time among most people. So in response, Leon traveled to Buffalo, New York with a revolver after finding out that the President was going to be of attendance at the Pan-American Exposition and will be doing a “Meet the President” type deal with McKinley shakes people’s hands for photos in newspapers to show how much of a “Man of the People” he is. Leon shows up, as McKinley reaches out to shake Leon’s hand. Leon slaps the hand away and fires two shots from the revolver before he gets knocked down by a bystander. The President is injured but still alive. He rests in a hospital bed for a eight days until infection from his wounds ends his life. Leon in turn makes international news, is tried and executed with the electric chair.

What came after was absolute terror from the ruling class within the United States. After all if a random person can kill a US President. Then anyone of them could be targeted too. McKinley’s Vice President, Theodore Roosevelt, then became the 26th US President as per line of succession. After which in came the concessions from the US Government as a response to this attack as well as prior and further attacks from the US Labor Movement. Specifically the Anarchist section of that movement. Under Theodore Roosevelt came the “Progressive Movement” and his “Progressive Reforms” which brought things such as Trust Busting/Regulation on Monopolies, Concessions to striking workers, Regulation on the Food and Medicine Industries and more such as the creation of the US Forest Service and more concessions to those seeking change with the system at the time. Which of course had started not long after McKinley got murdered by Leon by the way.

For anyone with half a brain, we can easily see that Roosevelt didn’t do these reforms out of the kindness of his heart. He did so because people were pissed off and the system was so rotten that even the average person couldn’t ignore it. Causing many to become radicalized to various ideologies. Many seeking revolution over the old system. Many such as Leon willing to kill important people as a result. Causing the ruling class within old US society to of course be terrified and as a result give many concessions in an attempt to calm down the populace just enough so they won’t keep trying to kill the elites and the politicians they bought and paid for in question. Even after the assassination of McKinley there just kept being more terrorist incidents. Especially from Anarchists. So the US Government and Corporate America just kept giving more and more concessions as a result until of course we had Social Democrats create a welfare state with things such as The New Deal and the regulations and reforms that followed. Of course all of these reforms, concessions and regulations have been slowly destroyed, watered down and dismantled by Neo-Liberals since the 1980s such as Ronald Reagan.

Leading us right back to the Gilded Age where we have before us an Oligarchy once more, the US Dollar is becoming more and more worthless, jobs are either being automated or shipped to areas like Central America or Asia because its cheaper, wages are stagnant and mere individuals are now worth obscene amounts in the hundreds of billions while we can’t even muster up enough money to repair our roads and bridges that are collapsing before us. On top of that White America is being absolutely raped by Opioid Addiction and Alcoholism due to many people just wanting to escape this hellscape of a world and not have to deal with it. As well as the fact that property ownership is in the decline in favor of renting turning the average American into a serf. Bill Gates for example is now the biggest owner of farmland within the US. Anyone who isn’t a mental retard can see our society and civilization as a whole is nothing but a rotting corpse.

To our benefit as Fascists, our leftist rivals seem to concerned with petty useless issues than to actually do anything effective or really even acknowledge most of these real issues anyways.The leftists of today would have been killed by the leftists of yesterday. They don’t hold a candle to people like Leon. Mainly because the leftists of today simply are not leftists. Mainly people, especially those identified with the modern “Breadtube” left variant haven’t read a single word of Marx, Bakunin and alike. In reality they’re just pro-system losers and RadLibs who want to feel special and edgy so they parrot lines that you hear the official system sponsored Opposition™ such as Black Lives Matter and alike state. The only things they actually give a fuck about are unchallenged hedonism and maintaining the current system at all costs while claiming to be rebels against it. Why do you think so many of these self-proclaimed “Anti-Fascists” are sex-obsessed pervert trannies, drug addicts, Jews and alike? There is no radicalism there. They just adopted that position because they know that without this current system people won’t tolerate their shitty behaviors due to them being inherently destructive and corrosive to society at large.

This is nothing but a gift to us though. Instead of the left attracting people worth a damn with actual grievances, they instead attract Hedonists, Perverts and Rich Kid Spoiled Brats. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I became like I am due to seeing the injustice of the world around me. The corruption in the area I grew up in was rampant and obvious. Racial differences were obvious and the insanity of this world as well. I didn’t have to have some dipshit e-celeb or a college class to tell me why this system is rotten. I simply had to observe reality in front of me and find out solutions to those issues. Which I later found with Fascism. Now specifically American Futurism. The modern left however got “radicalized” by being basic liberals who later stumbled into people like Ian “Vaush” Kochinski and adopted official Opposition™ opinions without actually thinking for themselves or seeing actual problems with the system at hand. We get a monopoly on all the true dedicated radicals while they get all the useless losers, entitled brats and mentally ill trannies.

As we see as well from the lessons Leon Czolgosz showed us, despite him being the opposite of our worldview, the only way to make major change in this world isn’t by begging the masses to follow you nor is it being some e-celeb with some inflated ego and develop some cult around you. No, the true solution is revolutionary tactics. That’s the only way to get noticed and have your ideas fairly heard and considered by the people. It’s the only way to get concessions by this system. One can only look into history to see this as correct.

Hail Victory!