The American Futurist on TOR

As an announcement, The American Futurist now has a .onion for The American Futurist to make sure that in the event we lose our .net domain and/or we lose our hosting again, we will still be up through our .onion service. Even though we don’t care for the Daily Stormer, especially now that Andrew Anglin has renounced Race First politics in favor of being a Paleocon Reactionary akin to Nick Fuentes, as well as his constant lies about us in particular, he has shown conclusively that having a .onion alternative for your website is the best way of making sure that your content stays up in the face of takedowns and crackdowns.

For ourselves, having constant online content is something that is needed and mandatory, and we plan on also educating our allies on starting .onion services for their websites in the future as well, to make sure our content and our message can never be taken out of action for even a second. Simply click the link below for our official .onion. We will also be adding it to our menu bar as well for this website.

Official American Futurist Onion Link

This has been a message from The American Futurist, Hail Victory!