Brainwashed Nazis?

As a National Socialist, one of the most common claims that you hear is that we are “brainwashed”, “living in echo chambers”, etc.

This claim is so patently false as to be laughable. I ask, who is the brainwashed one?: The man who accepts everything that he sees around him, who abides by any rule, societal or legal, simply because it is what he’s told to do. The man who only allows himself two political options, Jewish Left or Jewish Right, because anything else would be ‘dangerous’, or ‘radical’. The kind of man who, while likely being naturally repulsed by faggotry or by non whites, forces himself to swallow politically correct bullshit, because it’s trendy. The kind of man who dies comfortably in his bed at 85 years old, having accomplished nothing other than being a cog in the kike machine. The kind of man who has nothing to live for, and nothing to die for, other than our jew system.

Or is this man brainwashed?: The man who questions the world that he lives in. The man who doesn’t accept things just because he’s been taught them, and actively seeks Truth above all things. The kind of man who is willing to look into “non-PC” and “non-trendy” ideas. The kind of man who accepts his natural rage towards his racial enemies, and tempers it with his love for his own people. The kind of man who is willing to die for his ideas, for his Fuhrer, or simply for another proud Aryan.

I think we all know who the brainwashed one is. Unfortunately, very few can see through the brainwashing that they have been subjected to since birth. It takes a strong will and a strong mind to shed yourself of the wool that has been pulled over your eyes since before you even learned how to read or speak.

The brainwashed lemmings use this insult, ‘brainwashed’, as an easy way to disregard anything that differs from their pre-ordained views. We National Socialists are trying to tell the white world that they are driving off of a cliff, and they respond by telling us to “stop drinking the Kool-Aid”, while they continue down this deadly road.

And this is exactly how the Kikes and the white traitors want it- most of the time, they don’t even need to suppress our views! Most whites will hear our reasonable points, and immediately disregard them, not because the points are ridiculous, but simply because they have never been taught them at school, because they haven’t heard them on TV, or because a “Nazi” is telling it to them.

The million-dollar question, is what do we do about it? We National Socialists have tried for decades to spread our message, and it has been shot down, both by the jewish media, and by the brainwashed whites.

Soon enough, we need to realize that agitation simply doesn’t work anymore. If whites won’t accept our message via traditional methods, new methods will have to be found, and used. “Hitler or Hell” must be our motto, and it ought to be the standard that we apply to our own Aryan people as well. If, with all of our prodding, and with all of the information that is available at any white person’s fingertips, they still don’t accept the Fuhrer, what they deserve is Hell.


-Ryan NSO