Movementarians Are All The Same

So ever since around 2017 we’ve been seeing a rise in a specific faction of Movementarians since the Alt-Right withered out after the shitfest in Virginia. Calling themselves, “America First Conservatives,” and modelling themselves around the proposed policies of Donald Trump and some of the ideas of the Paleoconservatives, they’ve become quite the little group over the years attracting the hearts and minds of many of the much more right-leaning youth over their existence through their use of irony and all of the funny memes so many like. And while they seem like a more realistic anti-establishment alternative than whatever Spencer and Heimbach’s rabble of lemmings, they are still absolute Movementarians to the core, and will only prove to be a temporary undercurrent in the Jew’s game to maintain power.

Having essentially sold out the rest of the movement for the GOP, and specifically 45th President Donald Trump, someone who has proven himself to be a venting candidate for any forming dissent by abandoning any actual nationalist-leanings in the Republican Party for the traditional Neoconservative Base he supposedly railed against. They have essentially submitted to a sheep mindset, because while Donald Trump is able to truly command respect instead of demanding it like most modern leaders, he ultimately leads his flock with false promises and hope that he’ll make it all better and 50s America will return with all of the mean brown people gone.

They’ve definitely only existed on the internet for quite a while, however their recent gatherings in Washington D.C., Georgia, and Arizona have shown that they are a definite force outside of the computer – yet their gatherings are mere showings of force for what is an almost dead movement, Trumpism without Trump is coming and it will go the way of Spencer and his Alt-Right Friends. Their King will be gone, his party returned to the Neo-Conservatives like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney (a design by his own hand), and his reforms undone by the probably coming Biden Administration. All while Trump and his herd can make mean tweets about it for the next four or so years. America First has been rejected like the Alt-Right had been, and now they may pay the price for it. For any open movement that works within the system that is out of line of the whole order will ultimately fail in the modern day.

One of the main leaders, or should I say icon, is Nicholas J. Fuentes, what Vincent Snyder would call a “Great White Leader” in the context of his legendary article The Movementarian Menace something which has changed for the worst. Someone who ultimately talks big game no different than most politicians today, giving false hope and platitudes and notions, and dozens of followers, called “Groypers,” which surround him and parrot the same nonsense. When their King is challenged or made fun of, they adopt the bitchy queen attitude, and are quite fickle. Quite the sickening sight that many are caught in this little movement and gushing down the sweet honey of lies.

This new brand of Movementarians are somewhat unique in their doctrine of public perception, or in slang terms, “optics”, where they attempt to muddle themselves for the sake of squeezing out a couple more votes or sympathy. Whether it be appealing through tokenism and other such reasons to try and get called tolerant. Yet this idea has proven itself to really hamper the little movement. My only warning is essentially, trying to build your own minority bloc without any of the benefits the Democrats grant. Yammering on about, “Based” gays and blacks will not assist you in gaining power electorally; continuing to ignore the White Working Class and appealing to opposing forces will only spell your own defeat. The fetishization of optics, and in turn some culturally sweeping wave of desire to coup the status quo is the most ignorant and least plausibly feasible option presented, to us and to any of your followers.

However, as cringe worthy this sect of the Movementarian Menace is, we shouldn’t exactly shun them completely. As Trump’s many lawsuits and trials ultimately produce almost nothing but dust, and his notable supporters like Tucker Carlson jump off the train for the future, it’s clear that the ultimate fate of these people who followed this movement until its cliff end, its coming Charlottesville, will either be quitting activism or further radicalization and to that I say we should leave a good open seat for those willing to open their minds to our doctrines and teachings. While not a mass movement, leaving ourselves open for those willing to come into our circle will be a key factor in the coming years of political strife in this nation.

Be warned. Be aware. This country is quite the powder keg of fools, and to set them off you just need that proper spark. See the writing on the wall; its message nailed to the door of the American cathedral unable to be missed, but often ignored. The mob is beginning to utter the nervous crying of the lambs as they near the entrance of the slaughterhouse, shifting and struggling uncomfortably yet still proceeding forward towards their fate. Yet the option still exists for the whole mass to simultaneously be thrown into a frenzy by one at the head, the cause of the stampede that tramples the butchers and batters down the fences of the pens. The time is near at hand; will the fools march to their deaths; or will they be set into righteous revolt?