Mass Movementism is Mathematically Impossible

Mass Movementism within the United States is Mathematically Impossible. What does that even mean? As a reader of this website, I assume you’re familiar with the works of James Mason and are already against the concept of “Mass Movementism”. This piece however is less of a preaching to the choir and more of a piece for those to show fellow Americans within the greater movement the uselessness of their idea of a “Mass Movement”. One could easily link books by James Mason or Vincent Synder’s lengthy article on the matter but I wish to rather have a short and snappy article that can be read in a couple minutes easily since telling people to just read a 500+ page book or an article that’ll take them an hour to read isn’t the best way of starting things off in breaking the mass movement mind virus although it doesn’t hurt whatsoever. Let us begin shall we?

Simply put the idea of Mass Movementism is simply the idea of using democratic means to establish a political movement. Popularity among “The People” and such. This issue with this in the context of the United States especially is that a Pro-White Fascist movement cannot succeed in the United States by democratic means. It’s mathematically impossible. How might you ask? Demographics, that’s how. As of the time of this writing the United States is 60.7% White. At the time of this writing as well, the majority of newborns within the United States are born non-White. What does this mean? It means just by demographics, you’re screwed from day one in terms of trying to build a mass movement where you take power peacefully through democratic means. Sorry but that’s just how it is. The Jews and White Traitors increased non-White immigration for a reason. It is so they’re never voted out. They always remain in power even for useless positions like the US Presidency. They don’t want us to take anything from them through legal and democratic systems. So they just flood the country with minorities that’ll vote them in every time without fail.

Minorities on average tend to vote for left leaning parties and policies. It’s not hard to figure out why. It’s better for Jamal and Manuel if the Democratic Party is in power since it works best in their interests. They openly reject even basic Neo-Conservatism on average. Reason being is that they’re not dumb, Left Liberals will always give them whatever the fuck they want while Neo-Cons and others will give only a little bit of resistance before caving in as well. While both parties get them what they want, they prefer the Left Liberals since it offers them no resistance at all. So if we’re heading towards a nation that is already majority non-White then my question is how the hell does anyone in their right mind even then running some mass movement begging for political positions through popular support even going to work? Really ask yourself that question? 

Why would any racial minority vote for a Pro-White Fascist Party? They’re not retarded, they know full well that the moment we take power means the end of the free rides for them or them even living within the US. So, Jamal and Manuel aren’t going to be voting for us in the upcoming elections sadly. Instead they’re just going to vote in Neo-Liberals and Communists pretending to not be Communists since that’s their best bet on security at this time from us. So right off the bat just from demographics in terms of race, we’re screwed out of voting. That’s just not going to happen. 

Now of course I can hear the movementarian screeching at his screen at me with “I know all of this but you just said that the US is 60.7% White! We can still win through a mass movement!”. My response of course is that you’re absolutely delusional if you think you can get that 60.7% on our side. Good luck at even getting 20% support on the national level through voting. Our greatest enemy isn’t non-Whites or even Jews for that matter. It’s White Traitors! White Traitors are the ones who enable all this bullshit to happen. Now think to yourself this, how many of that 60.7% supports policies that are antithetical to our interests? How many of them would rather see us dead in a ditch rather than cast a single ballot for us? How many support having non-Whites from the 3rd world flood into our areas? As I said, you’d be lucky to even get 20%. 

When people bring up supposed “success” stories of Mass Movementism to me. Most famously that of Adolf Hitler. I only see stupidity in such arguments. Hitler, being the one that all of these mental retards keep bringing up, is a shit example to bring up to me of how “Mass Movementism is a success!”. Excluding all the arguments I could bring up how Hitler wasn’t exactly this “Mass Movement Optics King” that could fill a book. Germany in the 1920s and 1930s was almost entirely German in its ethnic background. It was basically entirely White. So it’s frustrating to me to hear mental retards such as followers of the Homosexual Conman known as Nick Fuentes or that his Jewish Fraudster rival Mike Enoch bring this example up to me as some golden rebuttal to shut me down. Without actually understanding context of course.

Now of course I’ve well made my point that Mass Movementism for our ideas, at least within an American context, is completely impossible. Now the question is “What do we do now?”. Criticizing something is easy, offering up workable solutions on the other hand is harder. Well the solution is simple. Tactical Direct Action. What does this even mean though? Well it doesn’t mean we all go play pretend in the woods shooting off guns for edgy videos to LARP as ISIS wannabes. That I reject outright. What I mean by direct action can be one of many things. Revolutionary Propaganda, Vanguardism, Propaganda of the Deed and many other realistic and radical tactics like it. These are more effective than marching in the streets getting in fist fights with the cops or antifa or watering down your own beliefs to attempt (and fail) to attract the lowest common denominator. Revolutionary tactics create revolutionary conditions and allow us to seize power in the coming day. I strongly advice readers to look into such tactics or find new tactics of their own. Be creative, original and inventive. It keeps our enemies on their feet and leaves them chasing us in the wind. By doing the same old failed tactics, we only become increasingly predictable and easier to stop.

Hail Victory and may luck be with you!