In Response To Recent Events…

As many of our readers are aware. On January 6th, 2021 there was quite the event in Washington, DC. Thousands of Trump supporters went to protest the soon-to-be President Joe Biden for what they felt was a rigged election against the current President Donald Trump. Not long after the protest began, Trump Supporters stormed the US Capitol Building. This was while pretty much everyone in the US Government besides the President basically was in the building. This caused quite the panic. Especially after various right wing militia organizations brought battery rams to bust the doors down. Causing everyone to flee in terror to the underground tunnels as unprepared police and secret service as well as some congressional staffers left behind boarded up the inner doors with chairs, draws, tables and alike as the security stand with guns drawn. This lasted for only several hours until the US Military was called in to force everyone to leave. As of the time of this writing, 5 people died. 4 Trump supporters and 1 Capitol Police Officer.

The fallout from this event is quite the scene. Denouncements by everyone. Everyone within the system itself and its supporters on all sides speaking in total fear and shock over such a thing. It’s gotten so bad that the Republican Party is moving to purge all forms of Trumpism from the party including its supporters. This came as a total shock to us here at The American Futurist as well. We knew of talk by Trump followers for about a month prior of “Storming the Capitol Building” but we didn’t take it seriously whatsoever. We felt it to simply be hot air talk and that these protests would be nothing but a bunch of old people getting mad and talking shit on the Capitol Building’s lawn. So we were in shock to see them backing up their word for once. Which in this day and age is a rarity in itself. Apparently the FBI and the Secret Service thought the same thing we did. That its just hot air and they’re not actually going to do it.

So what of the Capitol Siege? What is our opinion on this matter? We, The American Futurist, while not agreeing with those who committed the act on an ideological level really at all. We view this siege as ultimately a good thing for our political interests. Let us explain further. This event caused those in charge to shake in total fear over the idea that they almost fell victim to what was basically a coup attempt to install Trump as God-King. That is very clear what that attempt was. It obviously failed since those who committed the attack were kind of incompetent and also didn’t actually think they’d get that far. So they had no plan really at all besides “Lets storm the Capitol Building!”. I don’t blame them either since because of how good the system is at propaganda showing itself as this invincible entity that can never be touched. It’s always a shock to people to see that in fact the system is extremely weak and incompetent themselves.

In any matter, the system itself is in total fear and also very pissed. While Trumpism was merely meant as a controlled opposition to the system, a release valve for all the anger and hatred against the system that had been building up under Obama. Just like what Reaganism was in the 1980s. The anger and hatred was too much and was irresponsibly released by this system. Causing followers of Trumpism to basically attempt and fail to overthrow the US Government when they realized that Trump isn’t going to be President anymore. So in response the system is simply just going to get rid of the controlled opposition as it accidentally developed a mind of its own. Frankenstein’s monster attacking Dr. Frankenstein if you will.

With this purge comes great news for us. Reason is that there are tens of millions of followers of Donald Trump. Many of them rabid followers of him and would unironically support a coup to install him as dictator for life. With the fallout from this failed coup. They’ve been purged from mainstream politics and Trump threw them under the bus. Now they join us Fascists in the cold outside that is fringe politics. Although the purging of all things MAGA from mainstream politics was simply a survival mechanism by the system done out of impulse. It will prove to be a costly mistake as many of those MAGA supporters are now realizing that no one in the system, not even Donald Trump, is their friend. They’re now realizing that these people that run this system and are apart of it are in fact rotten to the core and will lie about them or simply throw them under the bus to save their own skin. That in fact the democratic way is the way of poison. We will see increases in our numbers here most certainly since as we saw in Weimar Germany. The crackdowns on the Monarchist Conservatives and the betrayal by the Kaiser against them after the Social Democrats took over only made them overtime prime candidates to becoming followers of Adolf Hitler. We strongly suspect it’ll be the same here. It gives us hope.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the response from the Left has been nothing short of hilarious. While not all of the Far Left has been engaging in this behavior whatsoever and it’d be dishonest of us to paint everyone of these people in such a light. Many of the Movementarian Left such as communities like “Breadtube” on places such as YouTube has been nothing but sheer terror and fear from them. In fact they had more fear than those within the Senate itself. Individuals such as Ian “Vaush” Kochinski of Washington State who claims to be an “Anarchist Revolutionary” acted in total terror. Demanding the US Government to send in the military to gun down and kill MAGA protesters and how horrid this is and how he fears for the overthrow of this system. Even though last month Ian Kochinski was praising leftists in Guatemala storming and burning down their Capitol Building and LARPed on how he dreams of the American People doing the same. Pictures below of the hypocrisy and change of tone when what he LARPed about was actually happening and he realized he’d actually have to do real shit instead of just grifting and collecting money off of LARPing.

We strongly point to the second image of the words “Our Capitol Building”. Why would an Anarchist who views the state as illegitimate be calling the legislative building of that state as his? Oh well it’s simple. This individual as well as many other individuals like himself within the modern new left have no interest in revolution at all. They don’t want to overthrow the system. They simply want to feel special and edgy. It terrifies them at the prospect of no more system because it means no more them. So it scares the shit of them. This of course has no bearing on the entire left wing. There were plenty of leftists who called this and other individuals out for their pro-system behaviors. Again it’d be dishonest of us to claim this is the entire left.

Why bring this portion up though? Because here is how you can spot the difference between an edgy LARPer and an actual revolutionary of any political ideology. Their reaction to events such as this. If someone who claims to be revolutionary and anti-system is panicking over the idea of the US Government being overthrown and begging for US Troops to gun down anyone who might actually do it. That person is simply a pro-system collaborator playing pretend and deserves nothing less than to be recognized as a pro-system collaborator and for them to be treated accordingly to that label. Same applies to various right wingers who were all gun ho about the idea of Governmental System Overthrow until various Trump Supporters almost came close to doing it then they disavowed and threw them under the bus. Including Trump himself. Keep aware of these vipers and grifters. It could save yourself from falling down false paths of lies.

In conclusion we, The American Futurist, find nothing but brightness within this event. It can and probably will work within our favor of growing our movement and radicalizing the entire right wing as a whole towards the idea of revolution, not reform. Which makes those people more susceptible to our ideas. Of course this only works if we ourselves actually put work in towards that goal as we as a movement have been doing quite well. This event was also good in showing who actually wants to overthrow and replace this system and who is in fact just a LARPing grifter on both sides of the spectrum.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!