Answer the Call

On this day 36 years ago, Robert Jay Mathews fought bravely and died for his race.

In the bleak face of comrade betrayal and overwhelming ZOG forces his resolve never weakened, for love of the Aryan race and hatred of all opposed burned in his heart so brightly that the insidious influence of fear could never take root.

He courageously took up the banner of our Racial Holy War just as the transcendental warriors of old did. Through the revolutionary life he led he proved himself a worthy successor of the Kshatriyas, Knights, and SS which came before him.

Not long before his martyrdom did he deliver this powerful speech which to this day continues to serve as a reminder to all who aim for Total Aryan Victory:

A Call to Aryan Warriors video link

Even now, as our many enemies grow more brazen by the day, Mathews’ spirit still calls out to Aryan warriors across the globe to zealously commit their lives to the Racial Holy War.

Only the brave shall answer this call.
Only the brave shall continue this fight, never surrendering.
Thus only the brave shall triumph.

Hail The Order!
Hail Robert Jay Mathews!
Hail Our Martyrs!

Hail Victory!