War, The World’s Only Hygiene

In the words of F.T. Marinetti “War, The World’s Only Hygiene”. What do these words mean? Well, they
mean as they say. War is the world’s only hygiene. It can cleanse races and societies and make them
stronger. This is a proper rebuttal to those revisionists who whine “No More Brother Wars!” in reference
to the World Wars or the wars beforehand. Saying it was “A mistake and a waste of white blood to be at
war at all! Our race needs to be pacifistic!”. This is a mantra spoken endlessly by many people who
claim to be Pro-White. In reality they’re mistaken gravely and are falling into Liberal Pacifistic thinking.
War is what made the European race great and what led us to conquering the world. Great empires such
as the British, Spanish, Portuguese and more grew out due to warfare. It also maintained eugenics as well.
Allowing the smartest and strongest of our race to thrive while the weak were picked out one by one.
War also allows us to show the might of our ideas on the world stage. While Hitler and the Third Reich
lost World War Two, it still showed how strong Fascism truly is. It took the industrial might of the entire
world to bring down a single country and it was still neck and neck.

11Pacifism is a poison and leads to a weaker society. If you don’t believe me then you can just look out the
window in modern 21st century society today. It’s a joke. Even in American Society up until the end of
World War Two was a warlike society. Out in the Western United States we had the Indian Wars fighting
groups like the Navajo and the Sioux Nation. It kept us on our feet and strengthened our resolve and our
beliefs. We don’t have that now. Our society in fact teaches the opposite. For us to tolerate invaders who
plan to steal our land we bled for as a society and celebrate their advocacy of doing so on the invaders
end. Men are taught to be weak and effeminate and their only goals should be in the material realm. It’s
a cruel joke really.

Now because of this, the very land we conquered is at risk of going back to these subhumans. Mestizos of
Mexico advocate for “Aztlan!” which for those unaware is the belief that the southwest states of
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oregon and Idaho belong to
Mexico. The Mestizo population of Mexico is moving in as well to these states to stake their claim.
California is already majority Mestizo. They’re doing this because they know damn well that we’re too
weak to stop them. If this was 100 years ago, they wouldn’t have dreamed of trying this nonsense. They
12smell weakness and are going to come and take it from us. Frankly as well if we are really that weak then
they deserve that land.

We need to reawaken our race back to warfare. Back to war we must go. For if we don’t then we risk
losing everything. Our land, our race and our people. We just don’t get to beg our way out of this non-
violently. We have to fight! As George Lincoln Rockwell himself made a slogan of. “WHITE MAN FIGHT!”.