Animal Welfare

Just as we care about our race and the environment at large, so do we care about Animal Welfare. All of this goes hand and hand. During the time of the Third Reich there had been many great advancements in this goal. From the banning of animal testing to putting limits on hunting and fishing to the goal of ending factory farming (which never came to be due to them losing the war). All of this I agree on. Especially when it comes to animal testing. The use of animals in this practice is endlessly cruel and downright vile and not only that but there is a better way. Why would we test on let’s say a dog or a mouse for medical purposes when in fact we could get better results on testing on actual human beings? It makes no sense. This whole debate has been hijacked into 2 camps of unreasonable outcomes. One camp wants animal testing to remain while the other wants it to end but is also against human testing which would end all progress entirely for science as a whole. Even though this has been condemned, I don’t see anything wrong with the human testing that went on in the Third Reich that was done on prisoners, whether they be communist radicals, homosexuals or Jews. These tests brought us to a better understanding of the world at large from finding out the harmful effects of Tobacco (to which Hitler was going to ban) to the effects of hypothermia and beyond. Considering the fact that you’re going to get accurate results on how something will affect a human when you test on humans. It’s common sense really, common sense that people seem to lack. Now you might say “well that’s bad for the human you’re testing on!”, well the humans we’ll be testing on have little worth towards society at large. Whether they’re degenerates or Jews, they only act as parasites so it’s actually a good thing we test on them since it will only result in them becoming one of the biggest contributors to a society as a whole. Such a fate of testing doesn’t belong to an animal since animals are above those dregs. It’s an insult to the animals to be compared to such filth.

One goal that should be a mission of ours is the ending of factory farms, both for fish and land animals. Though I believe that the consumption of other animals is natural and something we see in the natural world, especially among dominant animals such as us. The institution of factory farms is endlessly cruel leaving maximum suffering to the animal while leading to the creation of deadly diseases and the destruction of the environment. Even though these institutions do bring us mass amounts of meat and seafood for cheap, the price we pay can never be enough for the damage it causes. Fish Farms which is the most common way for fishing in the world do untold amounts of damage on the water systems they reside in. Considering the fact that as a symptom of Free Market economics, the farm owners find it cheaper to just stick the farms in an ocean, lake or river rather than having it inland (which would still cause issues but not be as bad). Due to having a mass amount of fish in one singular area where they can barely even move in some cases due to them being so crowded for the purposes of maximum profit gain, this heavily pollutes the water from the waste. This also results in parasites and diseases that affect both the fish in the fish farm and the wild fish too. While the farmers can just feed the farm fish antibiotics and other medications to stop this, they can’t just do that with the wild fish. This in turn can cause epidemics of disease causing massive die offs and might affect the land animals and local humans who eat the wild fish. Fish Farms are not needed unless of course you’re just trying to get the fish prices down so more people can buy resulting in more profits. Humans have caught fish for thousands of years from the wild but only in the industrial age have we turned this into underwater factory farms like we did with the meat farms on land. Through our ingenuity, we have created hell. Though as stated before I do not advocate for the end of all fish consumption, instead the end of the automation of it for the sake of profit. On the topic of fishing, wild fishing is something that needs to be controlled as well with heavy regulation to it. This is something that has already seen success in implementing on areas like the Atlantic Cod fisheries in Northern Europe or the Tuna Fisheries throughout the world. Over fishing on the other hand has laid waste to areas such as the Northwest Atlantic where the Atlantic Cod populations were put to near extinction from those areas. This wasn’t due to the small time fisherman or even the commercial ones that were doing it small scale with methods such as trolling, It was due to fishing corporations and their practices of basically taking a large net and then dragging it across the bottom of the ocean and taking as much as they possibly can with little regard for the environment at large. Again Free Market principles at work. When you prioritize profits over everything else, this is what you get. It’s not “Crony Capitalism’, it’s just regular Capitalism.

Even worse than Fish Farms in my opinion is the state of factory farms for land animals such as Chickens, Pigs and Cows. The animals on these corporate farms live in their own waste and many die from disease. In fact farm animals in these farms consume more antibiotics than humans do due to the diseases caused by having the animals in such a large amount in such a small space. In turn through evolution these antibiotics breed diseases that are resistant to medications and can cross infect humans. Another issue is just the sheer amount of waste produced on these factory farms. Even on a regular meat farm this can be a lot of literal shit to deal with. On these corporate factory farms however, they produce absurd amounts of it and due to the cheap garbage feeds they feed them, their shit is not that good for the soil compared to a farm animal’s shit that was feeding on what it’s supposed to eat. A byproduct of all of this shit is two things, number one is the shit in question leaking into the water sources such as lakes or rivers which kill off the fish and poison the drinkable water and fish supply for the animals and nearby humans. The second thing is that the farmers who run these farms very often get sick from constantly being around these farms and all the waste and death around it. They can develop breathing issues among a slew of other diseases and ironically enough barely earn anything compared to the corporations in question who basically just franchise off to them. The corporations in question only acting as glorified check collectors, no better than a nigger with his welfare check really. Both are pretty damn similar except the nigger isn’t destroying the environment on the scale these Jews and White Liberals are. None of these were issues back when it was just Joe Schmo and his small pig farm provided the pork for the village. Now that you have an industry worth billions of dollars, there is a lot of effort into keeping this practice alive. This also shows the failures of Republicanism at work, instead of representing what’s best for the people, they represent what’s best for the profits of a few.

This also goes in hand with pollution such as waste littering. Now back in the day things such as paper, glass and even metal overtime would break down by nature. Plastics are something else, they don’t break down naturally. They can pretty much last forever. Plastics are in fact the biggest pollutant of all time as I see it. More than Coal, Oil, Lead and alike even during the Industrial Revolution and all the pollution that went on then. Plastics have become such a problem that in the Pacific there is a giant patch of it floating around that’s more than two times the size of Texas. Yes, you heard me right two times the size of Texas and growing. None of that will mold back into nature. Plastics don’t just go away, they can break down sure but they break down into smaller pieces that just cause more issues. They don’t oxidize like metal or break down back into sand like glass. The same happens in your plastic liquid bottles as well, whether it’s water or soda it doesn’t matter. All of it has little strands of plastic floating in the drink itself by the hundreds, maybe even thousands. That doesn’t even cover the absolute toxic effects of Plastic itself on the human body. Plastics tend to contain Xenoestrogens, which is a form of estrogen that’s not even natural estrogen. So basically if you’re a man then you’re basically feminizing yourself through this stuff. So besides being cheap for kikes to use as a material, they can also use it to feminize the masses and a feminized society isn’t as violent so that’s just an added bonus for them. Just as Lead and Asbestos was the problem of the past, so shall plastics be ours. I do not see why we should not return back the use of Glass, Metal and Paper as we had been using for centuries with no issues. This isn’t even that radical, it’s just common sense.

So the issue of the environment isn’t one of reforms but one of revolution. We can not just end this vile behavior through means such as banning plastic straws or buying so called “Free Range Grass Fed Meat” (which is most likely just regular factory farm stuff that they use Jewish legalese with the FDA to classify it as that), no there is no reform to be had because these issues are byproducts of the system at hand and are not just flaws or mishaps. It’s an absurd liberal belief that the issues within our system are nothing more than the plays of bad actors and not the system itself. This is just reformist propaganda by the system to trick those into supporting reform rather than revolution since you can always control reformers but never a revolutionary. This is why the so called “Alt Right” movement was a sham the whole time, they seeked reform through mass movement while we as American Futurists seek radical revolution and the death of those responsible for its evils. The world isn’t dying, it’s being killed and those killing it have names and addresses.