We Are Under Enemy Occupation And It Should Be Treated As Such

We are under enemy occupation and that is a fact we must live with. Occupation by who? By Jews with the help of their white traitor collaborators. It’s been this way since the 68’ Riots when the Jews in question using the blacks took total control over the system in question from the WASPs they were power sharing with since the late 1800s/early 1900s. I will state that though the system before total Jewish occupation wasn’t good and is not something we should strive to return to. It was mainly white owned and ran, it was not run by a foreign race like the Jews in total. Rather just by rich and greedy whites limited by shortsightedness due to that fact. Which the Jews used to their advantage by first climbing to the top to get it where they share power then using groups like the blacks to take total control.

In any matter we must treat this as an enemy occupation. When we accept we live under such a thing, the next step is simple. How do we end this occupation? Well as James Mason pointed out in his book SIEGE, we won’t end this occupation by begging the Jews and their collaborators nicely to hand power over to us. That just won’t work. As Chairman Mao said “Political Power flows from the barrel of a gun” so we must expect that we must use some violence to take power for ourselves in the coming future. Just as how Republicanism was put into power throughout the world. Blood fuels the gears of history and keeps it moving. There is no such thing as a non-violent political movement ever. There is none. Power is taken by blood and by force. Every revolutionary and radical knows this as fact. This especially applies to the United States. Just as this nation was born through blood, it shall die in blood.

Now that we’ve established further that to end this occupation it must be through violence. I must clarify that it won’t be through stupid violence. Wasting our lives killing individuals who are useless in the grand scheme of things is exactly that, wasting your life and throwing it into the garbage. To quote James Mason “You’re no good to the revolution dead or in jail!” and “If you’re going to do something, for God’s sake make it count!”. These are truly principles to live by. These are principles that many successful revolutionary groups lived by as well. The best example would be the Anti-Fascist Partisans of World War 2. They didn’t just waste their lives killing random nobody Germans. They targeted vital things to the Third Reich’s system at hand such as rail lines, electric power grids, bridges, German leadership, collaborators and alike. They attacked things that mattered and played a crucial role in screwing over the German War Effort and Occupations of various areas. Another great example would be the early Irish Republicans and their war for independence. Specifically the actions of Michael Collins. He was infamous for his assassinations of various British Leadership in Ireland and Irish Collaborators as well. This caused many within the British System in Ireland to hide in the safety of their castles causing it to become weak. This also occurs in Occupied Afghanistan where the Taliban has done these actions so well, the Americans rarely leave their bases and when they transfer to another base, they rarely do so by ground movement. It’s a common place to just use a helicopter instead. This causes people to view the American Occupied Government there as weak and if they’re unable to fend off some goat herders in the mountains then it must be the Taliban that are strong. As Osama Bin Laden said himself, “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse”. In the event the masses see this system as weak, the more able they are more able to accept our propaganda over that of the system’s own. This is how we will win.