The Place of Jews in the Bible

Christianity has long since found itself hostile in Revolutionary Fascist/NS Circles, mostly as it is perceived as a Judaized religion that weakens resolve. While this is the case for many nowadays, as the Church loses its bite and is infected with certain politically correct elements, it isn’t always exactly the case – many have tried to distance the faith from Judaism with the creation of Christian Identity, although that is a dying breed of person as many look for Odinism, Satanism, or Atheism to fill their respective group’s hole in spirituality. I’d say this really isn’t the case, and the perception of them venerating Jews is a misconception from the Bible by those who wish to control and deceive. In fact, Christianity is possibly even demonizing the so-called “Chosen People,” more than we realize.

The general misconception with Christianity is that Jews are the Chosen People of God, a supposed fact that really isn’t true upon further examination aside from what the Jews and the Mainstream Neo-Conservatives and Liberals wish to tell you to debunk or defang Anti-Jew Thought. It comes from mostly the book of Genesis, or at least this debunking comes from it. The Chosen People come from the descendants of Noah when they departed from flooding, and now Abraham, and a descendant of Shem, they were promised by God to seed and build many great nations across the Earth. This blessing then went to Isaac, and then finally to Jacob.

This is certainly where this gets interesting, as Jacob had twelve sons, and among them were two important figures which were discussed, Joseph and Judah. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite, and received his blessing, and thus the Blessing of Abraham, from which his sons would become the Chosen People. Judah, his brother, along with his many other brothers, would become jealous and would sell Joseph into slavery. It is important to note that Judah is the father of the Jews, the so-called “Chosen People.” In fact, the Judas and his Sons would be portrayed in the Bible and other such Holy Texts as devils, treacherous men that should not be trusted by any means. It could be taken that the Bible says that Jews shouldn’t be trusted.

However Joseph, being the true chosen among the Lord, would effectively free himself from slavery by becoming the Vizier of Egypt, only second to the Pharaoh in power over Egypt, then having two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim meaning “Forgetful” and “Fruitful” something which will come up later. While Judas had two sons and they died, and he ultimately ended bowing before Joseph’s mercy.

The invasion of Canaan is very important as well, indeed Exodus shows us much. While the Tribe of Judas was one of the 12 Tribes present, it was Joshua who led the invasion, who was a man of the Tribe of Joseph, and was part of the Chosen People. Then, upon the United Kingdom of Israel and the confederation there, it was the Sons of Judas, creating the Kingdom of Judas, brought ruin to it, dividing it into a Civil War, once more showing their treachery. Meanwhile, the Sons of Joseph, ruling the Kingdom of Israel, would bring prosperity to their Kingdom, allying themselves with the Phoenicians and their colonies to begin seeding and building their great nations.

However, even the Sons of the Chosen Joseph would find themselves under threat, as they fell into mindless and utter hedonism and would see themselves paid with conquest by the Assyrians. Now this part is quite important. Some Israelites would find themselves deported to other parts of the Middle East, while many would run to the Phoenicians and their Colonies, reaching out from North Africa all the way to Britain to begin God’s promise to Abraham to build great and powerful kingdoms seeded in his image. Meanwhile the Jews would find themselves devolving into hedonism as well, seeing themselves conquered from by several Empires throughout history, the most important being the Romans. The Jews would seek their freedom through a Great Revolt that ended in failure which saw their false idols destroyed and their temples looted and burned, fulfilling what Christ said in Mark 13:2, “Do you see all these great buildings?” replied Jesus. “Not one stone here will be left on another; everyone will be thrown down.” They would proceed to revolt two more times, as supposedly chosen as they were, they failed repeatedly.

Now comes the question of how the truly chosen lost forgot their place and allowed the treacherous and undeserving Sons of Judas to usurp their place, Joseph’s sons were named “Fruitful” and “Forgetful” perhaps as signifiers of the future, where his sons would be fruitful and fulfill God’s promise, yet also forget their place and perhaps venerate the undeserving.

The final question should ultimately: What happened and who are the Chosen People? That I cannot answer completely straight, some claim it’s the Europeans, some claim it’s the Americans of all people, but we can rest assured it isn’t the Jews, that they are merely usurpers and false idols to venerate. That is, in my mind, the possible teaching of the bible and the old testament at large, that the Sons of Judas are mere snakes and should be run out.

There are many, many other things we can prod and test the Jews on, from the Talmud, which claims that Jesus, supposedly among them, is a heretical bastard sorcerer burning in hell in boiling waste, to the fact they assisted in his killing. But that may be left to another article.