Oliver Cromwell: The Demon

Studying history is always of great importance. It helps you learn the source of things and where things started from. A historical figure that constantly pops up as the source for many of the societal ills we face today is a man by the name of Oliver Cromwell. Well who is Oliver Cromwell? Oliver Cromwell was a member of English Parliament and an opposition leader in the English Civil War. What’s notable about him was what he did after his side won the civil war.

They proceeded to behead the King of England, King Charles I and some other wars including the conquering of Scotland, Ireland and Wales. It became a Republic ruled by Parliament known as the “Commonwealth of England”. Only after a while did Cromwell dissolve it and become “Lord Protector” of the Commonwealth and practically become a dictator. Besides the issues of establishing a Republic in the place of a rightful King, Cromwell was the first “Judeo-Christian” as well. 

In the 1650s Cromwell ended the 1290 edict made by King Edward I which expelled all Jews from England. Little over 350 years later, Cromwell ended it. He brought the Jews back as a privileged class while engaging in genocides on the Irish and killing all Englishmen and Scotsmen who opposed his Judaized-Christian beliefs. In fact many of his own Puritans such as William Prynne openly stated that the Jews aren’t to be trusted and shouldn’t come back and the 350 year old ban should stay in place. Sadly for him, reasonable voices like his were drowned out by Jewish worshiping lunatics who believe that the Jews were “chosen” and holy people and that if they convert to Christianity then Christ will return. We still deal with these people today except today they’re known as “Judeo-Christian Evangelicals”. They run the mega-churches in the United States today in states such as Texas and the rest of the so-called bible belt and are the main political driving force for US policy on Israel. That being we give the Jews as much money as they want, declare war on anyone they don’t like and build Jewish Settlements in Arab lands in Palestine and Syria. So it’s nice to know we’re still dealing with these lunatics so many centuries later.

It’s no surprise that the person spearheading the lift on the 350 year old ban wasn’t a Christian or even white at all at all. He was a Portuguese Rabbi by the name of Menasseh Ben Israel. He was the man who took advantage of the mental sickness most Puritans were facing in England with their blind worship of Jews. He argued that the Jews should come back to England in order for Jesus to return somehow. Some even believed that if the Jews come back to England then Jesus will come to London and London will be the new Jerusalem. It’s absolutely insane to me that anyone could think like this but people did and these Jews took advantage of it. Just like they do today.

When Cromwell died and overtime the Monarchy was restored with King Charles II. It was already too late. The Jews had entrenched themselves in English society so much that it was impossible politically to remove them. Considering they owned English Finance, Business and alike. Despite begging from the English people to reverse Cromwell’s Pro-Jewish policies. The King couldn’t without collapsing the country. So began the Jewish rule over England that continues to this day. Nathan Rothschild (A Jewish Banker himself) said it best on the subject “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”.Through England they spanned to take over most of the world itself and start this hellscape we live in today. They emerged from the ghettos of Europe and through taking advantage of the chaos caused through civil wars and the Protestant Reformation, they planted their roots. 

Through time we end up here today. Had Cromwell never existed, Jews would have just been like the Roma Gypsies. A bunch of rag pickers who survive on stealing and scamming but are ultimately powerless and an underclass. But due to delusional white traitors, our enemies planted their roots. As the Romanian Fascist leader Codreanu said “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins” and he is 100% right. The Puritan Government in England got what they deserved for believing such rotten people as the Jews were somehow “chosen” and just as today we have the Jews we deserve due to our leaders and people tolerating their rule. While we must remember demon men such as Oliver Cromwell who has created such hellscapes for us so many years ago. It’s truly a learning experience. We should never tolerate anything Jewish in nature. These beasts will never be kind to us and will only take advantage of it. So in turn we mustn’t be kind to them. For the Jew is the demon of the world. But we mustn’t also forget his white traitor enabler who allows him to take power in the first place. Without them, the Jew is powerless.

Hail Victory and may Cromwell be burning in hell!