Rat Report

As a Public Service Announcement here at The American Futurist. We feel the need to warn our readers and the public of a rat. The rat we’re reporting on is none other than former member of the now non-existent organization known as “Atomwaffen Division”. Reserving your judgements of that organization and its past, whether positive or negative. We wish to inform for our readers safety. This former member is known by the name of Johnny Roman Garza.

Mr. Garza made international news as of last week due to him being sentenced to 16 months in Federal Prison and his renouncement of his beliefs. If that was simply it however, we wouldn’t even bother mentioning him. He’d be a coward but not rat and thus wouldn’t be worth our time even mentioning. What makes Mr. Garza a rat is his choice to testify against his friends and his open collaboration with the FBI and the ADL. The ADL he in fact went out of his way to contact in what his lawyers described as him wanting to help the ADL understand us and how best to silence our message and recruiting efforts. With this news we’ve contacted James Mason on the matter and in his statement he called Mr. Garza “A Rat Among Rats!” and we at The American Futurist tend to agree on this character judgement.

How someone could do such a thing is beyond us here at The American Futurist. We can understand the mindset of someone renouncing their beliefs and apologizing to get a lighter sentence. That being a cowardly mindset. What is just completely incomprehensible to us here is the mindset of someone who goes out of their way to collaborate with organizations that further our occupation of our people by the Jews and White Traitors. Especially when they don’t even need to. Like I severely doubt it was any choice but Mr. Garza’s to have his lawyers contact the ADL in an effort to help them set up a program to destroy us. That’s what’s sickening to us. Leaving this movement is one thing but actively trying to undermine it as best as you can while working with Jews is another thing all together.

I hope these actions were worth it to Mr. Garza since if his lawyers were actually intelligent then they’d tell him that there is nothing good about being a collaborator with the system. Nothing at all. As soon as those two men in Washington’s trials are over, the FBI will drop Mr. Garza like a hot potato. The FBI has a history of this. Once they no longer have a use for you, they drop you. Now after that you’re stuck in prison with no friends and now you have a big red target on your back since rightfully so, most prisoners hate rats. Even if you ratted out someone to which a certain group of prisoners don’t like, that group will still want you dead on principle. Meaning of course in Mr. Garza’s case. He could have Negro prison gangs wanting him dead even if they hate Atomwaffen Division because they hate rats even more. A lawyer who wasn’t a mental retard/system agent could have warned him on all of this.

Though if he had a public defender, those lawyers are only interested in cutting a deal with system. Since of course they are a part of the system. So Mr. Garza could have simply been tricked by a system attorney to snitch out his friends in exchange for getting 16 months in Federal Prison. Still only shows that man’s character though. Willing to sell out his own friends to save himself. Quite pathetic indeed. On another note, we ask for our readers to look into having a private attorney on hand in case you ever have legal issues on something. Save up money, know your rights, get a lawyer with a good reputation etc. It’s entirely on you for that though in terms of set up.

As a warning, we suggest any and all readers avoid Mr. Garza. As he could be used by the system to be an infiltrator or if you end up in a federal prison situation (and we hope never end up in such a situation) you are aware of Mr. Garza and keep away from him and warn other prisoners to do the same. We don’t wish to see anymore victims of this rat and his disgusting behavior.

Resources related to Mr. Garza and his collaboration with the system and the betrayal of his friends will be linked below for your review.

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Interview that Johnny Roman Garza did with King 5 News:

This has been a public service announcement by The American Futurist.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!