On F.T. Marinetti

A topic that I feel should be addressed is on the topic of the man who founded Italian Futurism, that being F.T. Marinetti. Thanks to this project, The American Futurist, F.T. Marinetti is regaining some interest from people again. People are looking into his old writings once more. Even digging up writings that have never been translated into English before that were only available in Italian or French. All of this is wonderful stuff indeed. However with this comes questions relating to us and our relation to him.

Questions such as “Do we worship F.T. Marinetti?”, “What about Marinetti and Hitler not liking each other?”, “Is American Futurism an American copy of Italian Futurism?” and more have been asked and should be answered. First things first, no we don’t worship nor do we treat Marinetti as if he was the second coming of Christ. In fact Marinetti himself rejected this expressly and openly stated multiple times that he shouldn’t be treated as some God-King Ideologue because he came up with some ideas. In fact he was expressly against such things. Saying that the youth that come after him should be absolutely original in their thinking and not fall into the trap of cultish worship of the past. Or as he called it “Cultural Necrophilia”

On top of this, we don’t fully agree with him on everything he advocated for. Marinetti on many of his baseline ideas we do agree on. Marinetti, even in his early writings, was a Racialist and proud of being a part of the Italian Race. However things in his early writings when Italian Futurism was first founded such as “Futurist Democracy”, weird views when it came to relations between the sexes and how families should be set up among other weird views on things like his rampant militant anti-theism and more. We don’t agree with at all. In Marinetti’s defense the writings I’m citing are all from the 1910s and early 1920s. It’s well documented that Marinetti reformed a lot of these views later on, especially when he started working with Mussolini and befriended him. He largely held these strange views due to him heavily drawing from Anarchism at the time.

Despite all of this however, Marinetti himself even in his early writings cited how if he was in error then do not follow that very thing. If you have a better way, do that instead. He wasn’t some narcissistic cult leader demanding you follow his absolute every word or you’re wrong even when the cult leader is in the wrong. Instead Marinetti demanded absolute originality. Don’t chain yourself to the past for the past is over and dead. The future is now. This is what made me respect Marinetti during my own research of him. He didn’t demand you to worship him. He merely shared his ideas and demanded that it should reflect the truth. If anything he wrote doesn’t reflect that and he was wrong. Ignore it and throw it into the trash. Something we should all hold as a view. I hold this standard to even myself. If I write something that you feel doesn’t reflect the truth then ignore it and better yet bring it up to me and challenge me on it. George Lincoln Rockwell himself stated “You either believe in the truth, and apply it to yourself without egotism, otherwise you don’t believe in it and you’re kidding yourself.”.

As for the second question, “What about Marinetti and Hitler not liking each other?”. That’s absolutely true though this wasn’t over ideological reasons from what I read in Marinetti’s letters to Hitler. It was Hitler not liking the Italian Futurist Art Style (Hitler himself was a fan of Renaissance style art and other more traditional European styles) and he thought Marinetti was also pro-degenerate art such as Picasso and other degenerate communists. Marinetti himself cleared everything up with Hitler saying that he was anti-Communist and alike and the matter was dropped from there. A non-issue really. It was just a disagreement over art tastes and Hitler being concerned over Marinetti being a Communist, which would be bad since Marinetti held positions in Mussolini’s Government.

Third question, “Is American Futurism an American copy of Italian Futurism?”, and the answer is a flat no. We take a lot from Italian Futurism but as stated above we don’t 100% agree with Marinetti absolutely everything. We’re our own thing entirely. Just as much as we draw from Italian Futurism we also draw from other ideas such as National Socialism, Rockwell’s American National Socialism and more. We’re our own original thing brand new out of the box. If we just carbon copied Marinetti’s Italian Futurists then even Marinetti himself would be mad. This is why it’s absolutely funny to us that so-called anti-racist “Fascists” such as the American Blackshirts (Which is largely made up of spics who got mad that NS guys wouldn’t take them because they’re not white) are so assblasted by us using F.T. Marinetti that they’re now just creating their own “Futurist” publications to “counter us” in which all they’re doing is being the cultural necrophiliacs that Marinetti denounced and hated. Rather than creating a new thing it’s just them LARPing as Italian Futurists despite the fact they’re brown spics and not Italian and they’re not Futurist at all.

The most in common we have with Italian Futurism is that we reject tradition, specifically in our case Americanism and the myth of the American Republic and demand to create something brand new and original from the ashes. On top of that we’re also Racialists. Which even in his early writings, Marinetti wrote extensively that he believed in and advocated for the Italian Race, its success and its triumph. Much to the dismay of so-called anti-racist “Fascists”. Who aren’t and never will be Fascists, they’re just edgy reactionary civic conservatives who preach racial equality because they’re racial inferiors.

I hope this settles questions relating to F.T. Marinetti and our beliefs around him and about us. On top of this, if want to read more on him then there is the Italian Futurist Manifesto he wrote, the Italian Fascist Manifesto he co-wrote and Antelope Press recently translated one of his works “The Charm of Egypt” detailing his time in WW1 in Egypt witnessing the battles and detailing his adventures. All of which can be found here.

Hail Victory! Hail American Futurism!

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