How To Spot Feds

As a member of the Atomwaffen Division from 2016-2020, and as a member of two other Revolutionary National Socialist groups from 2020-present, I’ve had a number of experiences with people who were later found to be FBI informants or out-and-out FBI Agents. Having avoided arrest and/or prosecution despite numerous attempts by the aforementioned Agents & Informants, I feel qualified to share a few of my pig-spotting techniques that I’ve gleaned from these experiences.

FBI Agents are generally easier to spot, if you have a trained eye. They will almost always be 35 or older, and they’ll claim to have a “long history in the movement”. When you ask them for details about their “history in the movement”, they will be quite vague. They will not name any specific groups, as you could easily investigate and dispute their alleged history. FBI Agents will initially seem like great guys, constantly suggesting activities (not necessarily illegal activities), taking the initiative regarding low-level activities (postering), and remaining very active in any and all group chats.

In a “movement” where, as you may have noticed, nobody has any spare money, FBI agents will always spend quite freely. Paid dinners for their “comrades”, hotel rooms for meet-ups, a never-ending supply of alcohol, etc. They’ll also, conveniently enough, always be available to travel, and they will always have a nice rental car. FBI Agents will also seem “too solid”. No noticeable flaws, no complaints, no unusual opinions, no bizarre hobbies. They appear to be very loyal and dependable, optimal members. As “movement veterans”, many young NS men will immediately put them into a leadership role, which, of course, greatly assists them in achieving their goals.

If you are already in a leadership role, an FBI Agent will often treat you in a very deferential manner. They will stroke your ego, treat you like the boss, and generally do as much as possible to ingratiate themselves with you. As a personal example, a 40-year-old “movement veteran” who was later uncovered as an FBI Agent treated me incredibly deferentially. I was 19 at the time, and he spoke to me as if I was his girlfriend’s dad. He, of course, didn’t gain anything from this ego-stroke, but I was taught a valuable lesson.

FBI Informants, however, are much harder to spot. I’ve seen them range from 20 to 40 years old, and they don’t, as a group, have any discernible personality traits, other than general scumbaggery.

While FBI Agents will usually not directly suggest any illegal activity, FBI Informants are more than happy to. In general, they will present a seemingly well-thought out illegal scheme. All of the planning will have been finished in advance, all that is required is your participation. The question that they don’t want you to ask is: “Wait, why do I have to be involved in this? If you already have this planned out, why can’t you do it yourself?” They will, of course, not have an answer for this, as their plan is simply to induce you into taking immediate action without thinking. If anybody ever presents a plan like this to you, take screenshots, block them, and tell your comrades about it. Assume that anybody who takes their side is in on the Pig Scheme, and remove them post-haste. Remember: the Supreme Court has gutted the “entrapment” defense, and once you’ve agreed to the plot, you will be going to federal prison for a long time.

If, in your time as a Political Dissident, you meet a person who has some or all of the traits that I’ve mentioned, REMOVE THEM IMMEDIATELY. But, do not threaten them, do not contact them after their removal, and definitely do not plan any reprisals. “Threatening to Injure or Kill a Federal Law Enforcement Officer” is a serious Felony, and you will spend three years in prison for your pointless threats.

Many solid National Socialist comrades of mine have spent years in prison because they did not know how to properly spot an Agent or an Informant. Use this information to stay out of prison. The Pigs heavily outnumber us, and they look for any chance to increase their numerical advantage by imprisoning our men. Don’t make it easy for them.