Texas Independence

In the past few years, Texas independence has been on the minds of a lot of Texans. Especially after the 2020 election and in today’s political climate.

Every day, 1,000 people move to Texas to escape the growing societal decay taking over the country, especially in the Northeast and West Coast. The majority of these people are White. Some are even from the Midwest and Southern States, looking for better employment opportunities. But they are by and large White, Conservatives and especially Anti-Communists. Obviously not fully in line with our views, but still good starting material for radicalization in the event of something like Texas secession.

If Texas seceded today, we would become the 11th richest nation in the world.

But a lot of people aren’t talking about what would happen.

First off, the Republican Party hates the idea of Texas leaving. The reason for this is due to the fact that Texas is the voting block leader against Democrats in every general election. The GOP can’t afford this loss because it cannot ever win another election again. The US government in general has always hated the idea, and as we saw with Texas v. White, they try their hardest to suppress the movement. As an independent Texas spells doom for the greater United States.

The Democrats don’t want Texas to leave because they are trying everything they can to flip Texas in their favor. They want open borders to stop the White voting majority. Texas is a very rich state, and they want total control. But if Democrats don’t achieve this agenda of taking over Texas, it could be a big win for them if Texas did leave and they could control the rest of the country. Which would further polarize general American society and lead to further radicalization of Whites outside of Texas.

These are two reasons why Texas independence is hated by both major political parties in Washington, D.C.

But for every White Texan, we should not care what their opinions mean or what the impact would be. The rest of the country, by and large, has gone to hell. They are too far gone, and there is nothing we can do to fix their states.

To give examples, look at the Northeast and the Northwest States. They are majority White, but they are so far left and rotten to the core. Should we move to a leftist state to give up our freedom because it’s more White? If anything in these regions were to happen there. It’d be leftists leading the charge. Just like what we saw with CHAZ, where armed leftists took over Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and even took over a whole police station and the city hall. The Northwest isn’t what it used to be decades ago; it’s now dominated by leftists and controlled by them. Seattle is the only major city in the US to have an openly communist city council member, for example.

The Northeast isn’t worth anything either. It’s dominated by wealthy neo-liberal WASPs who are a part of the system elite and collaborate with the kikes to suppress us. These are system collaborators as far as I’m concerned and are no better than the antifa communists who dominate the Northwest politically.

Let’s get back to this issue of population. Texas has a large population that is growing every day. We are about to have 30 million people in our state. 40% are White. That means 20 million Whites live in Texas. That’s more than most regions in the US combined. Yes, we do have a non-white problem, but you can thank those in Austin for this.

What would happen if Texas gained independence?

First, it will have a big impact on Whites in the entire country. Because of the massive migration of White people moving to Texas to escape the crumbling US and the non-White migration moving out. Considering the non-Whites in Texas know full well that the Texas independence movement is dominated by Whites and leans heavily towards our political direction. They’re not going to stay when all their federal protections from things like the Civil Rights Act and the 14th Amendment that were forced upon us to protect them no longer apply.

Beyond that, there’s no more federal free money for them! Non-Whites will be flooding states like Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico to continue their cash flow from Washington, D.C., in the months leading after Texas independence. White liberals will be moving to the Northeast, Midwest, or other parts of the South, such as Georgia or the Carolinas.

The Republic of Texas will become a White nation with a coalition of varying far-right ideologies dominating the state. Some racialist, some are not. However, like we saw with the Spanish Civil War with the Nationalist Spanish government, just because something starts out moderate (in this case, the Nationalist government was originally moderate conservatives pissed over Spanish liberals and leftists winning elections, so they pulled a coup), it later allows revolutionaries to get their foot in the door and take over. Which the system will hate, but in the end, Texas gaining independence is something they can’t do anything about.

For those who support Texas independence, be proud of it, because if we had the vote today, it would happen today! The opportunity for a White nation of our own is still achievable, but it’s going to take Texas to break this! No other state has the ability do it, and it will justify our cause to have a real, legitimate government and a purpose to fight back against occupation.

Beyond that, obviously, if Texas gained independence through a referendum or a declaration after a referendum was obviously rigged by the system to not go towards independence, the system would invade Texas militarily. The system will have little luck with this. As we saw with the first Texas revolution in 1835. Just because the occupying forces have stronger armies doesn’t mean they’ll automatically win here. The US Military will have a very tough time holding Texas. They can steam roll on in and occupy all they want. Holding it, however, is a different problem all together. Something the Mexican army during the first Texas revolution ran into and why they had to leave Texas after just a year of being here. The geography, climate, and just how armed and dedicated Texans are will be a serious challenge to holding the region.

Just because you have good weapons doesn’t mean you can actually hold an area effectively. An F-35 can’t patrol a neighborhood and kick in doors. A missile can’t maintain effective control over an area. Only on-the-ground soldiers can, and that becomes really hard when the population doesn’t want you there. Again, they can take over everything pretty quickly if they want; holding it, however, becomes a serious issue. Santa Anna and the Mexican Army took a lot of Texas in 1835, but they ran back to Mexico after holding the region became impossible. Just because you have the best guns and more soldiers means nothing if you can’t effectively hold an area for the long term. Despite how much liberals love to act as if F-35s can just magically control an area without considering men on the ground.

Beyond that, any revolution in Texas would cause serious harm to the system’s resources. They get cut off from large amounts of things like oil and other natural resources, which are vital to the system. On top of that, now all those imports from Mexico, from cars to the entire clothing industry for Americans, can’t come through anymore or have an extremely hard and expensive time getting through. Any independence in Texas would cause devastating economic damage to the US economy. The US government would, in the event of a failed occupation of Texas, like the Mexican government prior to their withdrawal, leave Texas alone without officially recognizing the Republic of Texas. De-facto independence would be an inevitability at the very least.

This doesn’t even include the fact that any Texas independence movement that turned militant in the face of an invasion by the US military would get support from Russia and China pretty quickly for obvious geopolitical reasons. Like the Afghan fighters against the Soviets in the 1980s who had support from China and the US getting things like anti-aircraft weapons and more. The US military would have a very tough time even just existing in Texas without losing a lot of assets that long term they can’t afford to keep losing.

Of course, this has yet to happen, but the chances look good. Texas Independence and its growing momentum in Texas will be a very good chance for us to see a White nation of our own.

Hail Victory! Hail to an independent White Texas Republic!

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