A story we remember with much sadness was in 1945 in Berlin, Hitler was in the bunker and was just told how many of his generals had abandoned him and many who remain begging him to flee or surrender, he only had one response back as he shouted in anger “COWARDS!”. As an article to […]

How to use Monero

We decided to post an easy to understand and easy to use guide on how to obtain and use Monero. Since Monero is privacy oriented and unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the exchanges are encrypted and private. So much so that the IRS is offering a nearly $1 million reward for anyone who can […]

Book Updates & More

As an update on various things. We felt this post should be made as an explanation. Since there are topics of interest to be updated on such as us selling physical copies of SIEGE by James Mason as well as various booklets. The status of the website and current problems with it and much more. […]

Atomwaffen Returns?

In response to current events, a site that we previously supported, “Das Paradies”, is  no longer supported by The American Futurist or James Mason. This is due to their announcement of a “reformation” of the Atomwaffen Division. We do not support this whatsoever, and we have also contacted James Mason for comment who is currently […]