Get On Wire

With recent news of groups such as the ADL calling for a mass ban of anything related to our politics from Telegram, we felt the need to advertise another communication app for our readers, that being Wire. For those unaware, Wire is another secure messaging app like Telegram although far better on OPSEC and doesn’t require your phone number among other security problems that Telegram has.

We’ve personally been using Wire for around 6 years now and it has worked well for ourselves just fine and we prefer it over Telegram any day, the only reason we even use Telegram is the simple fact more people use it so we have to use it to network with more people and grow our readership. However with the Buffalo Shooting causing a shake up, there is now pressure both from Governments such as the Government of the State of New York and various organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith on internet platforms to deplatform anything that is White Racialist in nature and in the case of New York’s State Government, criminally investigate, yes CRIMINALLY INVESTIGATE, anyone who hosts people like us that are based in the United States. You can read the Governor of New York explaining this policy of hers here. Here also is the ADL tweeting their demands to Telegram that they purge people like ourselves at once too.

All and all this is reminds us of the fallout after Charlottesville, where it wasn’t all at once things started being purged. Instead within the following months things were eventually all purged from the mainstream sites and everyone was forced to migrate to alternatives including Telegram, Gab, Bitchute, Odysee and alike. However what we feel is that eventually there will be a big purge, at least on Telegram, when the pressure for them gets too much, similar to how Bitchute was pretty solid until the group Hope Not Hate (British SPLC/ADL) exploited the fact that the sites owners were based in the UK and thus used UK Laws to bully them into submission and banning anyone that basically wasn’t just some MAGA QAnon type from the platform. This is why having back ups is always needed and always necessary.

Lets say that there is a Telegram purge tomorrow, what social connections that you have would be cut off by that? We imagine that this might apply to many readers who use Telegram a lot on here, hence why to ourselves its good to have a back up.

Is Wire Secure though?:

There is no such thing as a “Secure Messaging App” in the sense that literally anything can be broken into if the person doing the breaking has the time, effort and resources to do so, hence why you shouldn’t plan illegal things on Wire if that’s what you’re asking but that applies to the internet in general though so not really a big thing as long as you aren’t being an idiot. In fact if you believe that your way of messaging is this super secure way of doing things and you can totally plan illegal things on it and not get caught, we’re sorry but you’re an idiot.

While there is some suspicious things with Wire, such as it being created by a Skype Co-Founder and several Skype Employees, which itself is suspect. It’s safer than using Telegram which has massive security flaws to it, requires your phone number in order to make an account, chats can be easily downloaded, messages by default are plain and easily accessible and more. In fact in our own opinion, Telegram as a “Secure Messaging App” sucks and Telegram is poorly designed due to this.

While Wire does tend to pass its security audits by 3rd Parties, we’ve done our own security checks in terms of intercepting messages plain text with various tools and we’ve accomplished this no problem, however on our end in order to accomplish this you have to do some very autistic things and know some details before hand so this is still a chore to do. Hence why when the FBI infiltrated Atomwaffen Division with an Informant and Federal Agent, they didn’t go through some autistic method to decrypt and intercept messages, they just got into chats and took screencaps of things.

With all this being said, if you want proven secure messaging, then send your messages in PGP it isn’t that hard. In fact we have a guide on our website on how to use PGP so there isn’t an excuse on not knowing how to use PGP.

Can’t we just get purged here too?:

Yes, and Wire has banned people in the past for extremist views, though if you get banned on Wire it’s 100% due to you advertising your account publicly and thus due to that the ADL, SPLC, General Media etc. spam reports to Wire and they just purge your account. The way to avoid this is to just not advertise your account in public and just use it to communicate with others privately in direct messages and private group chats. It’s that simple.

How do I use Wire?:

Just download the Wire App here then make a free account or you can download the Wire App on various app stores or through Linux Software Manager and more. Keep in mind though unlike Telegram, Wire makes it a lot more harder to share posts around so you can’t forward messages and messages are recommended to have short timers on them. On top of that all chat groups are private so it’s not like Telegram where you can easily search up a chatroom though this comes with the benefit of making group security better and makes groups invite-only and there is forever a record in a group on who added who to the group as well.

We’d personally recommend that people new to Wire and have only used Telegram download the app, make an account and test out the app with friends to test out the app and see how it works for you. Hopes this information helps our readers out in making a backup form of communication if your main communication is Telegram in case you get purged and continues to strengthen communications between others.

This has been a message from The American Futurist.

Hail Victory!