Emerging Black Markets and the Role of Our Networks Within Them

Several years ago now I penned an article titled “Techniques of Organization in the Surveillance Era” (re-upload) which was published on American Futurist in 2020. In brief, the recommended methodology was that of peer-to-peer networks. Individuals were recommended to form small high-trust groups and then network with other small high-trust groups in lower-trust national scale […]


Action is something not many in “NS Circles and Communities” Partake in, and that’s a huge problem we’ve encountered within followers of the Worldview or should I say, Fanboys of the Worldview. These Hang arounds insist that they are the Vanguard of the White Revolution, the saviors of the White Race. Yet they do nothing […]

On Ukraine 2

An Article written by a longtime personal friend of The American Futurist Staff and an American who has been affiliated with Azov and the conflict in Ukraine since 2014 known as Kent. This piece is for American National Socialists/Fascists to best understand Azov and the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement and why they should support it as […]