American Treachery

At my own discretion, I wish to speak about the recent renewed war on The American Futurist by what we call the “movement mafia” internally. This has intensified after the arrest of Brandon Russell, although prior to Brandon’s arrest we were already the target of a large scale disinformation campaign and behind the scenes tomfoolery by this movement mafia. Some of us wanted to wait until we get the books in from our publisher to criticize them. I’d rather do it now as I’m not one to wait while both myself and this project are being lied about and being undermined by cowardly moderates, who are too cowardly to directly attack you and would rather go through proxies and other mediums to spread lies and disinformation about you.

Us being attacked by treacherous cowards within the movement is nothing new. We’ve been under attack by disinformation, lies, and outright undermining of our efforts since 2018 while we were known as Atomwaffen Division. Lies included claiming Joshua Sutter was running the group; he wasn’t, he was a state chapter leader for South Carolina and his job (given to him by the FBI) was to destroy Atomwaffen Division and arrest its leadership, not “spread bad optics” or whatever these liars claim. He succeeded at this, getting paid $80,000 just as he was paid $60,000 by the FBI in 2002 to destroy and divide Aryan Nations with August Kreis (a guy who raped his own kids).

Any attempts we’ve made at branching out to the rest of the movement (with some exceptions by solid individuals that we won’t name as we don’t wish to get them in trouble with this mafia) were met with complete shutdown. For example, Kaleb Cole attempted in 2019 to communicate and establish relations with Patriot Front. He was friends with the girlfriend of the Washington State leader for Patriot Front and she helped him attempt to communicate with the group.

She was beaten badly by her boyfriend at a Patriot Front meetup in Washington State when she brought it up to them, after that Kaleb made no more attempts at friendly relations with that group ever again. This was because she committed the unforgivable sin of even talking with Kaleb or anyone within Atomwaffen Division. Suffice to say, relations after that between Patriot Front leadership and Atomwaffen Division turned sour, Atomwaffen Division never made another attempt at establishing relations with Patriot Front again after that event.

To this day, post-AWD, we obviously don’t have the best opinion on Patriot Front leadership. This isn’t to condemn the average Patriot Front member. We have no issues with the average Patriot Front member as they generally don’t care for Patriot Front’s leadership outside of the minority who are diehard loyalists to Thomas and only use the group as a social club and nothing more. We feel that there are better organizations, even non-militant related ones, that they could join if they’re looking for social connections rather than supporting Thomas and friends’ narcissistic delusions.

We won’t name groups but not that hard to find other and frankly better networking groups in the movement if that’s what you’re looking for, rather than joining a pyramid scheme for racists. Seriously if that’s what you’re looking for, just join those groups.

On top of all of this, after Kaleb’s arrest in 2020, many lawyers in the movement refused to help Kaleb at all. They would cite their hatred and dislike of Atomwaffen Division or how they’re friends with X person or help X group in the movement and they don’t want to piss them off. Granted there was one lawyer, that, though they didn’t like us, couldn’t help because of legitimate reasons. However, the response from the movement’s legal clique was a resounding “fuck off”.

So, instead of being backed up by loyal white brothers, Kaleb’s current attorney is literally antifa, who is only helping him out for free due to Kaleb’s case bringing up bad legal precedents for other political activists that the FBI can use against them. Despite hating Kaleb’s politics, hating Atomwaffen Division, and hating Kaleb, a fucking antifa lawyer is willing to put things aside for the greater cause of opposing bad legal precedent. Yet, most movement lawyers refused to lift a finger for Kaleb.

Those that refused should feel ashamed of themselves that an antifa lawyer is willing to put differences aside to help while they have to be beyond petty and abandon people to the wolves. This is why I have my own lawyer. I don’t rely on the movement whatsoever for giving me legal aid because I know damn well that if, God forbid, I ever ended up in a legal jam, I’d be getting the same treatment as Kaleb. All this is disgusts me that this is even a thing to begin with, but here we are.

I bring all this up for a reason. Us being the victims of narcissists in the movement who undermine us more than the FBI is nothing new. I guess with Brandon gone (even though he wasn’t officially involved with The American Futurist nor was his arrest related to The American Futurist in any way) they feel comfortable ramping up attacks against us by spreading lies and attempting to cut off our funding and support networks. These cowards have even succeeded in making sure we can’t secure any American movement related publishers as of late. Every attempt is either us getting ignore, ghosted, or told to fuck off.

We had to work with a good friend of ours in Bulgaria to get our books printed. The cowards fight us more than the damn FBI or antifa journalists. Explaining this to our European allies, they’re taken aback and disgusted by how we’re treated. No other country’s movement is as backstabbing and as volatile as the American one. It was alien to our European friends, even those who are strictly movementarian, at the thought of using everything in your might to fuck someone else worse than the FBI does over because they said some mean things about you or disagree with you on tactics. Disgusting.

While we are strong criticizers, we never undermine other groups. We don’t snitch them out to the police, we don’t spread disinformation or lie about them, none of that. You would think Thomas’ cringe 1800s Americana cult would honor and respect our freedom of speech even though we have some disagreements, right? Criticism is good and infighting happens. But this frankly jewish way of acting is pathetic. If we’re proud White men, why do we have a US movement that acts like this? This is nothing new to the American movement either. Joseph Tommasi was murdered by Matt Koehl strictly because of the same dynamic of us against certain cult groups such as NJP or Patriot Front. The radical militants piss off the grifting cult leaders and, since you’re a threat to their bottom line, they seek your destruction.

By the way, Patriot Front’s New England leader went to the police due to NSC-131’s Chris Hood kicking his ass in a fight. The Patriot Front individual got a broken nose and then went crying in the police report how Chris Hood’s girlfriend was recording him as her boyfriend was beating him up. Police report below. What a bitch.

Images of the police report in question regarding the snitching to police.

Sadly for these cowardly losers, we didn’t bend the knee to the US Government nor the United Nations when they both cracked down on us and, in the case of the United Nations, stole our previous domain. We’re not bending the knee to a little man in a gas station cowboy hat who thinks he’s the next Hitler and LARPs as some wholesome rural Texan boy when he’s a spoiled rich brat from Dallas or a crypto-communist that looks like he got hit in the face with a shovel and is holding back tears while dressing like an Elvis impersonator that smokes meth. Not happening ever. We’ll never be someone’s bitch. We’re our own men.

You can cut us off from everything and lie about us, we don’t care. We’ll not only survive, we’ll thrive as we use that to invest in ourselves, grow ourselves, and help those that stick by us. Hitler and the NSDAP survived similar behaviors by the German movement in Weimar Germany, though not nearly as bad as we experience. This is why Hitler wanted the original title of Mein Kampf to be “Four and a Half Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice”.

If we are to survive as a movement in the United States, we must get rid of this movement mafia of individuals who take it upon themselves to run cults rather than doing anything political. They use their movement cults to attack, lie, and attempt destruction on all those that have new ideas and concepts as those are threats to such cults. It’s already led to murders such as Joseph Tommasi. It does more damage to the wider movement than the FBI, ADL, and SPLC combined. So we shouldn’t tolerate these people in the wider movement period.

I don’t care if you’re moderate/movementarian. I think your tactics are pointless and lead to nowhere but as long as you don’t bother me then I won’t bother you outside of presenting my own point of view. However, I do care if you’re running money grifting schemes or making groups to serve your own narcissistic ego. At that point, you’re actively harmful to my end goal of a White Fascist North America and you and your counter-revolutionary behaviors must be opposed and destroyed at all costs for the sake of victory.

Hail Victory!