Now that we have your attention…

Where to begin…

With the development of this shooting that took place in a church in Texas, the usual, and expected, Right Wing cranks have created another Frankenstein monster of conspiracy theories. We’re familiar with the story, so we will not give our own analysis on it, for those who are interested a quick Google search will suffice to get the story as presented by the mass media. Nothing really more to say about it other than be careful of what you read coming from our incompetent news media.

This story, concerning us and our position, was born through the usual /pol/ message boards, which is what fuels the fire of these conspiracy theories that develop, and it bypassed the realms of those boards and found its way onto Twitter and other social networking platforms. On one hand, there’s the side saying this was the work of Antifa, on the other hand we have those who believe the Nazis were behind this, and straight down the middle there is the naive assumption that Nazis and Antifa worked together on this. And somehow, it is us that have the mantle of responsibility.

We know exactly what these people want, they are expecting us to run away scared or to come out and condemn the church shooting. Well sugar, this isn’t the case. We have an entirely different message planned out for you.

George Lincoln Rockwell, the Commander of the American Nazi Party which was started in 1959 and officially died in 1967 (we don’t give Matt Koehl any credit here), and through those rough and tough years, the great Commander Rockwell poured his blood, sweat and tears into trying to make a difference in this world, namely WAKING PEOPLE UP. The Commander had to face imprisonment, attacks and everything else that you can possibly imagine on trying to get the white public in America to reclaim their destiny and throw out this corrupt System before it gets out of control as it is now. It ended when he was assassinated.

We had William Luther Pierce, who founded the National Alliance, who went through the same hardships and fought till his dying breathes even with his cancer that overtook him and ended his life. Another hero bites the dust.

Even before – Adolf Hitler. The great man who could have, and would have, prevented this giant mess had the cards been played right, had the Jews not have seized victory over the East and West. We’d all “be speaking German” in a healthy white society under the worldview of nature that we at Siege Culture stand for.

Where I am coming to with this is that you morons, you stupid mother fuckers, have been warned CONSISTENTLY, when your fathers, your grandparents and great grandparents could have fought on the side of the eternal truth, they in turn made this society worse to the point where it has become completely unsalvageable.

Are WE to blame for this church shooting? We had no communication or contact with the shooter, never even knew of him, and if that shooter had read our website and took to heart what we’ve been trying to say, he would had NOT shot up that church and instead focused on MOVING AWAY from this beast of a System mentally, spiritually and physically.

How convenient is it that we, here at Siege Culture, are the scapegoat for these right wing cranks? These people that cannot accept their own responsibility.

Every white person reading this has the power in their hands to make a real difference in their lives, to stop buying into the System’s propaganda, get away from the System and stop relying on it. We here promote the lifestyle of “doing it yourself”. Learning your own skills, being self sufficient, and permaculture, the ‘crazy’ idea that you can grow your own food in your own backyard! What a fucked up notion! A free grocery store all for you, and it’s all LEGAL!

No… it’s all too easy to just point the finger and not accept your own responsibility. This man who shot up that church, if he hadn’t already had this alienation, had this society not have been so sick and corrupted, would have NEVER done this. There would be no reason for it at all!

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is ALL of your own fault. You’d rather place your bets in on these corrupt politicians who lie to your face about “stopping these wars” and “fighting globalism”, while they, behind our backs, go and bully one of the last nations that is not owned and operated by these Jewish controlled Rothschilds banks. All because the USA, the demon of the world, wants to stick their hands in their pockets and milk them for all the money they are worth. Yes, we saw most of our detractors are Trump supporters, and you are supporting the death of these sovereign people because you are all BOUGHT INTO THIS THING and you will DIE within it. The ELECTRIC JEW has you sucked into their program of mass control and manipulation.

This civilization allows these problems to exist, and ALL OF YOU feed into it, YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM! If this is really “the greatest country on Earth”, then why do these things happen almost every week at this point? It’s not us who are fueling it, because these are isolated lone wolf attacks that seem to just come out of nowhere. This country constantly bombs and bullies other countries and sends its own citizens to the gallows with these artificial and bullshit laws just to make a dime off of them, they target your children and brainwash them with this race mixing, anti-white agenda. They pollute this Earth and make a profit off of the suffering of those as a result, and you have THE GALL to POINT THE FINGER and BLAME US?

You all have the power to stop this.

Or do you?

Lets talk about this uncomfortable factor for a moment, if you have read this far without taking your frustrations to twitter to complain about how awful we are.

Race mixing, degeneracy, the destruction of our former Fascist leadership and countries, this has all been the mark of the official death of Western Civilization. Don’t misunderstand us, we’re not here to “fix” anything, our program is strictly built to help people think straight and set them on a set path for self sufficiency spiritually, mentally and physically. And with this said, there is a reason why we don’t ally ourselves with any Alt Right / White Nationalist bafoonery…

NOTHING IS GOING TO FIX THIS MESS, this world is becoming far too populated for these Jewish ran industries to handle. Everything has been thrown out of balance in this world. The air, trees, water and wildlife is all dying because people are buying and selling their death. Sooner or later, life is not going to be able to be sustained on planet Earth. And again, it is your fault for not doing anything about it. Instead, we are the fear and the boogie-man that the public needs to alleviate their own wrong doings. We don’t need to encourage ANYONE to go shoot up a church when CIVILIZATION ITSELF is the problem, we don’t need lunatics with us, and we don’t need to encourage it either. All of this chaos and panic, it’s all coming down and it’s only going to get worse. There is nothing you can do to stop it other than BREAK AWAY.

It boils down to, do YOU want to SURVIVE? YOU can learn to SURVIVE when this System comes down. YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, you can ALL SURVIVE if you break away from the brainwash and break away from the mind games that this System and its Jewish media has you wrapped around.

There doesn’t need to be a race war, we don’t need to start any revolution. Nature, is already taking care of this mess. This shooting is proof of this.

This is the message that Universal Order stands for. We, the harbingers of Universal Order that was discovered through Minister James Mason and Charles Manson, have this last thing to say.

At one point in time, Christ may have been the truth. At another, the old Norse gods, the Vedic God/avatars, and more recently – National Socialism. Now, the truth in our times has become Universal Order. It is the final evolved form of our worldview, set to apply to our century and has adapted to our current situation. Free of all dogma, mind games, thought, politics, and “movements”. It doesn’t need a movement, it lives and breaths within us, and even when we’re gone, it’ll still exist, as the laws of Nature have always existed since the dawn of time.

We understand our detractors will read this and not understand the message, instead this will probably give them all more energy to keep making up more silly conspiracy theories, they will continue to let their paranoia be fed, because they are empty shells of human beings with no purpose. That’s okay, you never were part of the game in the first place.

Wild wishes for the end times.