As it is,

  1. RELENTLESS INHUMANITY is our existential blight, the cruel and carefully treaded corridors ensuring that one shalt not step out of line.
  2. RELENTLESS INHUMANITY cometh to those who refuse to separate from thine figurative or visceral prison.
  3. RELENTLESS INHUMANITY plunges thine soul to the murkiest depths, like an anchor dragging your soul into a darker and much deeper oblivion.
  4. RELENTLESS INHUMANITY entitles thee potential loneliness if thee cometh to complete freedom, the radical periah whom speaketh a greater truth that none shalt understand nor care for. The sorrow and pain associated must be dismissed, for this is the better option!
  5. RELENTLESS INHUMANITY, I say unto you, not of you all, if ye fulfills the shattering of the powers that be’s influence, will you find peace unto you.
  6. Cometh Brethren! Begin to know yourself, what you are! The consequences, the victories, the power of sorcery ye possesses!
  7. Liberation begins with you. And the love of Christ is here for you, for the graceful Aryan is above all. The love of Christ conquers all, and the unity in Christ is the unity within ourselves.
  8. O ye art unified within the Great Architect, 1 + 1 = 3 and the inner Heavenly World. With this, the darkness of RELENTLESS INHUMANITY shalt be cast away to the fire!

So be it.