No Response?

I am compelled to end the ongoing and ever relenting state of affairs surrounding the Movement today. In essence, we have been notified of a Movementarian renaissance currently taking hold – the fear of people who advocate for SIEGE running amuck in their social circles and becoming a bad influence on the direction of their downward spiral. Even in some cases, leadership types out-right telling their loyal followers that they aren’t even allowed to read any of our books nor talk about them with threats of black listing those few who might get any funny ideas of stepping out of the party line.

It’s a disgrace that the so-called vanguard of the white race has stooped down into levels of absolute paranoia of their henchmen gaining any sort of independent thought or even carving out their own personal destinies. The Alt Right, the National Socialists, they have all found themselves in orbit around a System black hole of constantly having to purge ranks of anyone who dabbles into our way of thought.

It truly is an interesting ordeal, however, once again we have to make the statement that can either remedy those fears or intensify them. As we are unyielding in the game, and we refuse to pick a side to stand with. The whole idea of this ‘red vs blue’ type of behavior is something that has been transcended by James Mason over forty years ago. Siege, as it has been and always will be is an idea that exists, it is something that has no physical embodiment. This is something that has probably been realized by our detractors, as the tables have indeed been turning. Siege allows the reader to see through the mirage. This is not a statement on the movement itself, but see through the mirage of the world of which we live in today, and provides the only solution to this problem.

No movement group needs to worry about any ‘Satanic’ individual infiltrating their ranks, because we are not part of your movement. We never will have interest in any of your efforts nor want to participate in your struggle. We have out-right rejected the movement, and still despite those efforts, we continue to hear the droning lectures of ivory-tower individuals that wish to inform us that we must be doing something wrong ‘for the movement’. Even worse is, the movement has been completely split on their perception of us. It brings me back to the days of high school where people were wondering “who is sleeping with who” and “what did this guy say about me?” This split perception is exactly as I just described, people who are in a debate over whether we are ‘Satanic’, and if so, is it right to lend us support?

You are all late to the party.

Part I: The Apotheosis

Part II: The Movementarian Framework

Part III: Humanity is the Devil


For the record, this is not meant to be an official Siegeculture public statement in regards to all of the rumors, absolutely not! In fact, this piece is not even targeted at our enemies. This piece is entirely educational for those who have the cognitive development to succeed at life. And this will be the last time this will ever be brought up, so what you see is what you get.

Again, this is the left right and center ‘red vs blue’ behavior that only manifests through ideological fossils who, while mostly millennials, have become stuck in the 1930s.

The Movementarian Menace was written with the intention on being a three part series in which it would fully deconstruct the Movement for the purpose of exposing the excuse-driven phenomenon that it really is. It’s presentation had the desired effect on a few individuals, however there are those who still did not get the point. Despite our heavy criticism of National Socialist and Alt Right movements, we chose those categories as specific targets merely because it is familiar territory for not only ourselves, but our readers as well. However, what was written was meant to apply to all movements as a whole. This includes NS, Antifa, and the list goes on, but the Alt Right/NS comes closer to the truth than Antifa or III%er types.

As for the title of this article, the way the Movementarian Menace relates to everything that is about to be said is that we, in all of our brilliance, were proven right on a massive scale. This time, it was proven to be true right in our own backyard. Having “no response” is the only reasonable response to our main detractors, the Oracles of Movementarian Prophecy. The torch carriers of everything SIEGE had warned against. The living embodiment of failure. And my personal favorite, the woman-like hand hand wringers that are the most fun to neglect.

This is what the Movementarian Menace Pt. II was supposed to communicate, however written in the context of everything that has happened since the Satanic Panic surrounding ourselves and our brother organization Atomwaffen Division I personally feel it’s appropriate to once again dissect the psychology behind what it is like to be a meek deficient-ridden bottom feeder.

The Movementarian Framework

If it wasn’t already obvious, the origins of the Satanic Panic came from a collection of teenage kids who needed something big that they could use as an advertising gimmick for their monstrosity that they called “Fashcast”. For those of you who have never heard of it, I wouldn’t blame you if the name instantly made you think of some fucked-up underground gay BDSM joint. But anyhow, the Movementarian masses of human retardation bought it hook line and sinker, and now we are known on the NS turf as being a gang of Satanic lunatics. This became so big that the Daily Stormer and the mass media even began to jump on the bandwagon.

With that said we must take some time to ponder what the paragraph above stated. Reflect back on the Movementarian Menace/SIEGE for a quick second. Of course, idiots in any social environment will exist, the criticism is not on their lack of original thought nor the abomination that manifested through it. The focus is the last two sentences of the paragraph.

Lemmings cannot think for themselves, they need complete strangers over the internet like these ants to do the hard work for them. This is significant because even Andrew Anglin, Weev and a few other more popular figures hopped on the bandwagon once they were able to snatch a few more clicks on their website. Except in the case of the Daily Stormer, people will forgive/forget anything they say or do that they find momentarily unpleasant because DS is their mouthpiece/thought-thinker. The Daily Stormer is an important key-component in this whole affair only because of their large draw and their ability to think for others (this of which Fashcast does not have the ability to be, as much as they would like to).

The trend is; gossiping nobodies who never contribute anything productive, only existing to endlessly stir shit. Their biggest contribution is reposting someone else’s bullshit. However, they all want to benefit from their “association” with SiegeCulture. This means that by mentioning our very existence, they get brownie points in the form of “upvotes” or “likes” over Gab and Twitter. The lives of the average National Socialist/Far Righter these days consists of a sad existence spent arguing with complete strangers over the internet. All the while, never contributing anything positive of their own.

But what does all of this really mean?

This means that what we’re dealing with is a case of clinical narcissism.

The format of their inane ramblings follows the trend of “This is bad, but look at me!” They cannot help but use our existence as a way to gain tablets of narcissistic supply via the validation of other online strangers. The feeling of being noticed and ‘approved of’ is a drug, a very powerful drug. The addiction to internet attention is no different from those Instagram whores you see that have obtained some kind of high status through their selfies and the energy that thirsty men have covered them with. No better analogy could have possibly been made to describe the Movementarian’s narcotic mental illness. The validation they seek at the end of the day will leave them just as empty and aimless from when they began.

It does not come as a surprise that these individuals who seek the “Star” status by spending their days bitching on the internet.

James Mason was practically resurrected from obscurity, and a lot of time has been spent preparing and publishing lost information and new contributions. Not for fame, but for those who will actually listen and use this wisdom to better themselves. This doesn’t stop the narcissists though. As they felt it necessary to use this as their chance at obtaining the “Star” status they seek.

     The fakers know why they are fakers. They have too much to hide, too much to protect, too much to lose. The attraction of any real talent or genius or personal drive is a direct threat to them as it threatens to “take away” not only their livelihood but also rob them of their “star” status.

     To protect these meager, paltry considerations, they are more than ready to stifle and squelch the Movement itself. They are quite ordinary people with ordinary capabilities who only just so happened to “bump into” the Movement.

     Outside the Movement, they’d be absolutely nobody… and they know it.

– James Mason, SIEGE, 8.21

     No. Not everyone is a fighter. That’s understood around here. But don’t come on like a fool and don’t use that term to hide behind. I will show respect for anyone who approaches me in seriousness and who is willing to apply themselves seriously.

     Let the fakers keep to themselves as there are plenty of faker-style groups out there who thrive on hot air. Not around here.

     “Ready to fight.”

     Son of a BITCH!

– James Mason, SIEGE, 4.15

For us to debate Movementarians in this case would force them to confront the world of spirit, which is why they dodge the main issue here, their loyalty to the Movement, rather than to the Worldview. But I don’t believe they’re smart enough to be that self aware.

As stated earlier, the Movementarian cycle is not just unique to National Socialist/Alt Right movements. Antifa for example are movementarian in their own right, what ultimately keeps them together is their solidarity which is much easier to come by. The herd-like mentality of these “National Socialists” are just as present within the far left. In Antifa’s case, their loyalty to the “Movement” is much easier to accomplish because they exist within the status quo that they conform to. Them being ‘anti-establishment’ has been bought and sold, therefor they can operate much more easily in the System’s environment. With us, we have no environment to operate under. Donald Trump sure as hell does not provide us with any desirable conditions. Those who have taken the Alt Right/National Socialist stepping stone have come closer to the truth in some regards, but will ultimately find that the truth offers no comfort, no company, and they will forever be aimless unless they take it upon themselves to achieve that individual drive to separate themselves from the world of horrors.

With everything that has been said here, we can piece together the obvious conclusion. As a result of them being aimless and not having the cognitive development to deal with reality, they have conformed to the herd-like nature and sought out comfort from their social clubs of endless shit-talking and unrealistic idealistic ambitions.

My God! Can anyone actually even THINK for themselves!?

Humanity is the Devil

Idealists don’t fare well in this world. Either they self-destruct young, or they end up as James Mason did within SIEGE’s finale “Universal Order”.

With this said, it’s time to wrap this up by discussing the meaning behind the title “No Response?”

As what was said about their addiction to internet narcissistic supply, the worst decision we could ever make is by giving them what they want, which is to give response to their bullshit. Engaging the “Satan vs. NS” thought-war that they crave from us. This would be our way of validating their existence and stooping down to their level.

This creates a situation where the NS/Alt Right bottom feeders begin to become the mainstream media. When they make public posts, the mainstream media is filing away everything they say just in case they need it. By playing these online thought wars, they are giving the media more scoops to write about. So if they’re providing the media with free information, does that really even make them different entities? We refuse to be like this, and if we can help it we will not be caught dead in an online flame war with bottom feeders just so the media can gossip about it in their next NS hit-pieces.

A few weeks ago, I had attended a black metal festival. The media showed up for an interview with my friends and I (for their PBS documentary I’m assuming). The same crazies that have been the main spearheads in the Atomwaffen Division “investigation”. By directly confronting me, they were hoping to gather more fear that they could sell to the public, since after all, they need people to be afraid of something because they want to make money from their fear and misery.

They were aware of this festival in advance because going to see the bands was discussed within the haze of discord shitposting that they – with all their brilliance – confiscated by using l33t hacking skills to breach our defensive firewalls before we had a chance to do anything about it!

Just kidding, just ask former Atomwaffen Division members Brenan Frank Duffy and Tyler R. Wiesing about their amazing ability to hand over information on their friends to our sworn enemies.

Anyhow, a reporter introduced himself to me as A.C. Thompson who wanted to do an interview with me while I was sitting outside with my friends. While I had voiced that I don’t consent to being on camera, he continued asking questions about our “plans for race war” and other nonsense. Sensationalizing the whole affair, making everything a lot bigger and normie consumable. I had responded “no comment” to every question. Eventually, while he was asking me about this race war mumbo jumbo, a group of Mexicans from behind me overheard what was happening. One of the Mexicans had told A.C. “Hey man, this is an underground metal show.” (Paraphrasing of course, don’t remember exactly what was said.) A.C. in response to this had told them that I was planning on starting a “race war” (didn’t know these people, public shaming attempt). The Mexican had dismissed him and said “This is underground metal, man”. Obviously, they didn’t care, and cheers for them shutting down A.C.’s boyish attempts at tattling to a bunch of people that I didn’t even know about my “views”. I guess “race war” is what gets the payroll going for people who have nothing better to do than play 007 with a bunch of Nazis.

I am curious how they’re going to spin THAT ordeal.

A.C. at this point began to morph into his good cop attitude. He began to ask me how I was enjoying the show, asking what kind of music I liked, asking if I liked specific bands. I answered these questions honestly, violating my “No Talk” rule. The reason why was because I knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to seem less “intimidating” and more “friendly” just so I would be more open to talking. I made a friendly comment about the shirt he was wearing – Anaal Nathrakh – telling him he was the last person I’d expect to be into extreme music. I did this to measure his response, because I knew he wasn’t actually into metal music like the rest of us were. After all, someone knowledgeable on black metal wouldn’t have called NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) a “rock sub-genre” and played War by Burzum as an example of NSBM (which he did all of these things on a podcast he was interviewed in). After this act, he continued with asking me specific questions about my “activities”. I shut him down with more “No comments”.

Finally, he had offered me his email, saying he’d love to get an interview out of me. I just said no thank you, and told him that if I wanted to reach him I know how to, but I am not interested in interviews. This marked the end of the interview, and they went back inside. We later saw them being escorted out by security, perhaps security was tipped off about them harassing us and they asked them to leave?

That was perhaps the world’s most boring “NS” interview, because we have zero interest in assisting them in making money. THIS is how you do it, the public online gossip and arguing only serves to further THAT agenda.

Think about that the next time you decide to flamboyantly show the world your ability to whine and cry.

However, what is fun to do is to implement “Siegeculture Radio Static”! This means completely neglecting them, and even keeping our plates clean of anything that they can whine about. This has an effect of setting their Coast to Coast AM paranoid schizophrenia into a complete panic. Ever since we have made our social media accounts private, we have noticed an increase of rumors surrounding us as a result of them no longer having access to our regular posts. I of course pay no attention to their shit, but we do constantly get emailed about it. And boy, let me tell you, some of the stuff that Siegeculture and our brother organization Atomwaffen Division have been accused of is completely nuts! Can you imagine living like that? Living in a state of constant Alex Jones-tier paranoia to the point where your own bullshit shrouds your reality and you end up actually believing your own ludacris dementia!?

All of this has worked to a major advantage, as James Mason has gotten readers through this game. We want people who actually have any sort of worth to pay attention to what James Mason has to offer. And “Fashcast” as I have mentioned earlier, back in the days of Ironmarch were huge adherents to SIEGE (without even understanding it, mind you) had the full intent to destroy the work we have done with Mr. Mason just because they were not getting the “Star” status via leeching off of Mr. Mason.

However, it must have really sucked for them to know that Mason is not merely some old-fart version of them, but rather is an individual, not a member of the movementarian hive-mind.

Yes, we will continue to be as “Satanic” as humanly possible, because this is getting our message out there to a wider audience by having more people share our stuff and cry endlessly. We want more and more people to leave behind society, stop feeding into the beast System. Divorce themselves from the System so that they can live independently. We want NO MORE excuses, and the “Movement” is the ultimate excuse for those who are in possession of the truth but don’t know what to do with it. And we want to see these rats embarrass themselves even more with their online hissy fits.
If Satan is what will make you PAY ATTENTION, then we will be Satan.

Do NOT spend your life being one of these people. You only get one shot at life, and these people are all low-grade nutjobs who suffer from persecution complexes that they are compelled to manifest through anti-social behavior. Met one, you met them all. They act like assholes, alienate everyone, then go screaming about being betrayed after everyone gets sick of listening to them whine all the time.

This act of theirs keeps them from having to perform/pull their weight. Notice though that so as there are plenty of other normie-type Movementarians within their ranks they’re okay. But as soon as the balance shifts, and people start needing shit done and competent people to do it, then they all have their simultaneous break-downs.

That is exactly what happened with the Satanic Panic.

But of course, our existence giving something to waste their time to bitch about is, as Liber 333 would say, “drain their life force”. These people drain their energy by pouring all of their hatred on to us, while we give them no energy back, so that they’re left completely empty. That is the strategy on dealing with them. And now, our “No Response” has been told, and that will be the only “response” they will get.

Live an examined life. Drop out of the System. Don’t be a sheep.

Humanity is the devil. Pass it on.