Mark of the Beast

The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle (or, The Revelation) is a major book in the Bible, in fact, it is the last book of the New Testament. What is depicted paints a damn-near portrayal of the current trends that are a culminating build up since the fall of the Third Reich. What we have in this book is an estimate what will be witnessed at the climax of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is told by Moses in the book of Deuteronomy the method of negating the mark of the Beast, which is highlighted within the Revelation as being a figurative speculation; “a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads”.

What could this speculation be? Most Christians would suggest that this is referring to some sort of one-world government headed by a Super Tyrant (or the Anti-Christ). Nowhere in Revelation does it mention the Anti-Christ. Rather, the Anti-Christ is introduced by John in his First and Second Epistles, not referring to “end-game” common-placed Christian myth.

To understand what the Mark of the Beast is, we must shatter the mystery of what it really is. How do we solve the riddle behind 666? To my own (and many others) assumptions, “a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads” does imply something high-tech. A form of control by none other than the beast System. A mark could be chip-technology as some will assume – and perhaps this is what is meant by “their right hand” – but I have my own hypothesis on what it possibly could be “in their foreheads”.

The chip technology is now being tested and celebrated by none other than the mass media of course (more on them later in this essay).

Back before the opening of this website, meeting James Mason for the first time unraveled a lot of mysteries of the Bible that I had the privilege of learning. At the time, I was much more interested in hearing Mason’s thoughts than I was in the Bible until the knowledge began to sink in and I saw that he had a point. Not only just a point, but he was right. If my memory serves me right, I recall inquiring about what the significance of “666” was when I was looking at the cover of his spiral bound copy of “When We Were All Jews”.

What I learned from that short question was that the word “Jew” first appears in Second Kings, 16:6 without any introduction or explanation. The accursed Canaanite tribes are mentioned and condemned eighteen times within the bible, and it wasn’t until receiving the manuscript for Revisiting Revelation until I was able to receive full proof of this observation. Listed below is exactly what I am talking about: 1. Genesis, 15:19; 20; and 21
2. Exodus, 3:8
3. Exodus, 3:17
4. Exodus, 13:5
5. Exodus, 23:23
6. Exodus, 23:28
7. Exodus, 33:2
8. Exodus, 34:11
9. Numbers, 13:29
10. Deuteronomy, 7:1
11. Deuteronomy, 20:17
12. Joshua, 3:10
13. Joshua, 9:1
14. Joshua, 11:3
15. Joshua, 12:8
16. Joshua, 24:11
17. Judges, 3:5
18. First Kings, 9:20

Of course, it takes three pairs of sixes to form eighteen.

And by the time the word “Jew” appeared, it was too late. Original Israelite society had been infected by the Canaanite menace for failing to heed God’s warning of them. It had become a mixed multitude of “Jews”.

For readers of the website, I feel this explanation will suffice for those who do not understand the Bible or what I am talking about. The overall point is that the Mark of the Beast is the mark of the Jew.

This very well could mean the application of chip technology in “their right hand”, and the reprogramming of consciousness serving as the “Mark” in the forehead, the Jews’ agenda being introduced and accepted into people’s psyche. After all, the Jews and white-race traitors who do the bidding of ignorance are in control of scientific development. While John received visions of the future, I would argue that there are some details about today’s society that were perhaps missed (or not understood). A brain-dead zombie that “goes along to get along” without fighting for truth would indeed appear to be possessed by something, whether demons or high technology.

I think George Orwell accidentally gave an indirect an answer to this question of what the Mark of the Beast is. “Accidentally” because he did not predict the creation of the Internet and other things that were not mentioned in his novel 1984. One thing he did get right though is those who serve Big Brother being masters of psychology, and their ability to implement control of the mind through New Speak and Double Think without cognitively being aware of it.

Inc-Soc, the party that governs all of the Oceania territory in 1984, has the ability to eventually have complete control of the human psyche by erasing the English language and replacing it with an “approved” language known as New Speak, the language of the Party. New Speak is the shortening and destruction of language, and the purpose is to eliminate opposition to the Party within the human mind. A citizen in Oceania when New Speak is complete will eventually begin to forget the English language after it is completely destroyed, and raise generations to speak “New Speak”, where there can exist no way to formulate negative thoughts towards Big Brother. New Speak destroys resistance all the way down to the mental level. How can one hate the party if they can’t even form a proper thought about why Big Brother is wrong?

In the book of course, New Speak was still being revised and edited. With each new edition of the New Speak dictionary, that meant more English words being tossed into the memory hole and members of the Party no longer using them – and effectively forgetting that they even existed. In the meantime, this means the Party must deal with any dissent amongst their ranks, and the way they can detect dissent is by having a “telescreen” in the homes of everyone, and even out in public areas. These telescreens come equipped with several Party propaganda re-runs and cameras that are carefully monitored. They also send out the “Thought Police” to quietly monitor the public, while the public is completely unaware of who could be a member of the Thought Police.

There are a number of ways the Thought Police or a telescreen can detect treachery.

“Face Crime” is a crime with severe punishments for making the wrong face while being in the presence of the secret police, telescreens, and the members of the Inc-Soc party. Only because this indicates that you are committing a “Thought Crime”, which is another crime that if caught will end with severe punishments. This means that by thinking anything unorthodox to Inc-Soc means that you need to be imprisoned and “cured”. As O’Brien (a member of the Inner Party) said in the book, the Party doesn’t simply just kill you, they “cure” you before you are shot as an exercise of total control and power over the human psyche.

“Face Crime”, “Thought Crime”, and “Inc-Soc” are all New Speak terms.

Does this remind you of anything?

To use an example: In the real world today, if you murder someone, you can be arrested and sent to jail. You go through a trial to determine how long your sentence will be, and all of that good stuff. However, there is a catch. If you happen to be white, and happen to murder a non-white – for whatever the reason may be – investigators will sometimes try to determine what you were THINKING while committing the crime. This means that if your political views dissent from the status quo, you can be slammed with what’s called a “Hate Crime” to ensure that your sentence will be much harsher. In other words, you committed a “Thought Crime” by having a preference of what race of people you personally like over others, which to the establishment is totally not acceptable. Those who support the existence of “Hate Crime” also perpetuate the United States’ prison culture of having one of the largest incarceration rates in the whole world.

And to your average lemming, the mention of “Hate Crime” seems to not be up for debate of whether it’s right or wrong.

The words “Racist”, “Fascist”, “Nazi” etc. have been effectively re-written into real life New Speak. With their original meanings gone, no one has the capability of understanding what they USED to mean, akin to how Big Brother has total control of the human psyche. The word “Hate Crime” in of itself being a term that is Orwellian style New Speak. Instantly, upon hearing it, “Hate Crime” is just “bad” and “should not be tolerated”. People these days are incapable of forming their own opinions that did not come from their telescreens.

Even if you were to educate them, you will be speaking through ‘outdated’ and ‘uncool’ knowledge that they wouldn’t be able to comprehend anyhow.

Real life New Speak isn’t orthodox to Orwell’s vision. Of course, we have the English language today (and because of the failure of our educational facilities and the poisonous media trends, most people are incapable of properly speaking it). The difference between real life New Speak and Orwell’s New Speak is that in real life, the language isn’t destroyed outright, but all words of Truth have been ‘over intellectualized’ to the point where people either don’t understand them anymore, or their meaning has been changed outright.

A valid argument for how “recruiting the normies” is an unworkable endeavor.

The Mark of the Beast?

This is what I believe that John really meant by this was perhaps not a trans humanist form of high-tech being physically implanted – or tattooed – into the forehead, but rather the Jews’ utilizing the technology of the internet and television to manipulate the human consciousness, to where they mentally hold the Mark without having to have anything tattooed or inserted into them.

Being a brain-dead lemming is already being “marked” by the Beast. Once you’ve let the unclean spirit in, you have ceased all individual freedom, individual thought and even your own identity.

Revelation being fulfilled. And of course, this would imply that we’ve reached this far into Revelation.

Even within modern society, we have our own forms of “Thought Police”. Anyone who has read my previous works would know my feelings towards the current pro-White Movement, but something I will acknowledge about them is their ability to gather in massive numbers and their ability to truth-seek themselves. The “Thought Police” of 1984 is applied here, where agent provocateurs and informants are placed within these groups to circumvent any real efforts from being made.

There are several functions of these agents, the primary one perhaps being to entrap and prevent crime from arising from Skinhead and Klan factions. Another one being informants to gather data about groups for the purpose of investigation of certain people, and for the less-professional types of data-miners – being placed within a group to gather intelligence for the purpose of evaporating the group by rumor spreading and amplifying drama in order to render the group worthless. Even investigative journalists or Antifa place these informants in or around groups to secretly obtain photographs or video tapes of these groups for their stories or to send off to law enforcement, which is something I have a personal encounter with.

Perhaps this isn’t as dramatic as the Thought Police of 1984, but again, Orwell was a genius when it came to predicting this sort of behavior that the System would indulge in.

In “No Response?” I told the tale of A.C. Thompson, but not much of the rest of the episode. For groups that gather in public – for whatever the reason may be (Atomwaffen Division’s being to enjoy a concert) – you must be aware of this type of infiltration.

A few comrades and I after the A.C. Thompson encounter began to notice three strange characters that were oddly ‘close’ to us the whole night. One was wearing a blue brand new denim jacket, blue jeans and a Misfits shirt that looks like it was brand-new, straight out of Hot Topic. He also was equipped with this fat woman who was sitting around him a lot of the time. Perhaps she wasn’t part of this thing, but the guy in Denim was certainly dorky enough to have low standards like that. He looked like he should have been at Starbucks sipping on a Frappuccino while tapping away on a MacBook. We’ll just call this guy “Denim Guy”.

The second figure was a guy in “normal” cloths. Often seen around Denim Guy. He had a blue shirt on and regular white shorts. The second day however he came to the show with a black metal shirt on plus shorts. Not as embarrassing as Denim Guy, but still within the same league. We’ll just call this guy “Blue Shirt Guy”.

Denim Guy the entire time was sitting near us or standing near us. This went on for the first and second night of the festival we were attending. Denim Guy was in constant contact with the Blue Shirt Guy, and sat there not watching the show and comparing data on their iPhones.

The second night of the festival, one of my comrades noticed Denim Guy snapping photographs of us on his iPhone (Specifically, photographs of my friends all teaching each other how to properly Slav Squat), which at this point we began to talk amongst ourselves about it. The conversation getting louder while he sat near us looking at concert footage on his phone that he quickly pulled up after that “I am caught” look appeared on his face. While he wasn’t looking at us, my friend walked over to him, and farted right near his face, and walked away. We started laughing at him. He finally decided to get up and leave. We all began to do a very corny and evil laugh, and the louder we got, the smugger this denim wearing Starbucks cave dweller looked as he was walking away. We shouted “WALK ON HOME BOY!” and he left. And was not seen for the rest of the night. Denim Guy and Blue Shirt Guy had cleared out.

He nor his Blue Shirt companion appeared on the final night of the festival.

But this isn’t the end of the story, there was a girl who I had approached during the concert who constantly had a backpack on. She was a resident of Washington State, and after making my acquaintance she pretty much stuck with our circle of friends. Several things about her were off from the start, and perhaps she wasn’t a low-rate hooker that Propublica or Antifa hired to hang around us, but some things really struck me as odd about her.

What tipped the “she’s one of them” moment wasn’t the fact that she was pretending to be drunk without actually drinking anything, or suspiciously bringing up “Pol Pot” and other mass murderers when it was unprovoked, but rather what happened while Denim Guy was taking pictures of my comrades slav squatting on the second night of the festival.

Again, it begins with my comrades and I standing out on the patio, just drinking and goofing around. I saw at the other end of the patio (where there was a few Mexicans selling tacos and hamburgers) that the girl was standing in line. She was suspiciously looking around, not very interested in where she was standing. As soon as we made eye contact, she came to me. Said that she had been waiting on a hamburger for almost “20 minutes”. I told her to get her ass up and go get it. She was playing a ‘drunk girl act’ and insisting that it was okay.

As we kept goofing around, she kept bringing up the damn hamburger, and said that she wanted to see the next band that was playing but she didn’t want them to finish her hamburger without her being outside to grab it. I told her “Lets walk up there then, and I will tell them that when they finished her hamburger, I’ll take it and hold on to it her you while you’re enjoying the show.” She insisted that we not do that. After a while, I finally convinced her to go get a damn hamburger. When she came back with it, she apparently wasn’t hungry and kept asking if I’d finished it. I declined.

At this point, Denim guy was sitting only a few feet away from us, dicking around on his phone.

One of my friends who was visiting from Washington to see the show began to ask her questions about Washington, sort of giving her a “quiz” to make sure what she was saying was truthful. Oddly enough, she passed the quiz. Perhaps she really is from Washington?

In the middle of all of this, she’d go back inside for another shot, come back out, and offer it to me. Me specifically. I declined every offer (although I did take up the offer she made to buy me a jello shot). This tactic is commonly used to get information out of people, because the more drunk you are, the more comfortable you are with talking about certain things. You seem to lose your filter with more booze in you. I wasn’t having this, and one of my friends instead decided to take the drinks. She looked mildly annoyed.

Eventually, my friend approached me (while I was standing next to her) that Denim Guy was editing photographs of us on his phone. Specifically, photographs of my friends all teaching each other how to properly Slav Squat. We told the rest of the guys (very boastfully I might add, we WANTED him to hear that we caught him) of the news. The girl looked very spooked. Not in the way a girl would look if a creepy pervert had been stalking her, but rather in the “I have been caught” way.

After Denim Guy had left, she disappeared and wasn’t seen for the rest of the night, despite showing up for the final day of the festival telling me how much she enjoyed the final band.

After the show on the third night, we drove to a Wataburger. I believe it was her idea to do so, and I drove her myself. Isolated in the car, I annoyed her with more jokes about pedophilia that she kept giggling at. We arrived at Wataburger, and she didn’t want to stay there because she wanted to get back to her hotel and sleep. On our way to the Hotel (which wasn’t the same from the previous night, I think), I was the most cunning and deceptive person to her. Lying about my life, my beliefs, and feeding her a line of crap to measure her response. After telling her what the journalists were there for, I came at her from a pro-Nazi angle, and measured her response, I came at her with an anti-Nazi angle, measured her response. I said I liked Nazis, measured. Said I thought some Nazis I’ve met and known are lost individuals, measured. Went into some esoteric sounding metaphysical mumbo jumbo about humanity, measured. This is something the Right Wing could never pull off, PLAYING people to see how they react and respond, body language, tone of voice and facial expressions are everything. Of course, I wasn’t just running my mouth, this was all done within the context of whatever conversation we were having in the car. I integrated these things in for subversive purposes. A waste of time perhaps? Only time will tell if she was one of them.

You cannot treat these people like human beings, because they’re not. They’re tools to lie to, deceive, and toss in the bin like a piece of trash. After all, they all HOLD the Mark of the Beast, and PROUDLY!

And yes, the System is, and is going to get worse than anything Orwell could have predicted.

This is why I stress to protect yourselves against this evil, by sharing my experiences I hope this will help others within the Struggle deal with them in an intelligent way. The wrong way is to conform to their expectations, which includes getting in a scuffle and getting your ass hauled off to prison, or by giving them information to work with that will help them understand you better. If the former happens to you, you get to have those try to “cure” you O’Brien style.

Not many will read this website outside of those who have been awoken already, this is understood. When you search us or our brother organizations, your first recommendations will be the rhetoric of Journalists rather than the SOURCE of what they’re crying about while they act as a reliable source. This is deliberate “New Speak” being applied to us.

And you can forget about any noble efforts to “get the message out” as a “Freedom of Speech” issue. For the reasons I’ve stated, there’s no need to ban speech when you can just CHANGE it.

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned Moses and circumventing the Beast. To avoid “the Mark”, you must shield yourself against it. Pulling the typical right wing stunt of lowering your standards for the sake of numbers and community respect is an act of giving into the Beast. However, let me suggest something rather controversial, we all have Satan in us. There is those “seven deadly sins” that tempt mankind. So when dealing with the enemy, do you indulge in those sins? Or do you EXERCISE that Beast that and use it effectively? You must become the greater menace to defeat the menace.

This is why I can never call myself a Christian, as Christianity is not only outdated but irrelevant, and hence is why “Identity” must be emphasized the most in Christian Identity. What are you roots? Do you understand those roots? And… how will you FIGHT to PRESERVE those roots? Knowing who you are will tell you what you are NOT.

Remember the truth of why Jesus and Hitler were both murdered by the “System” of their times. Could there be any better response to this madness other than to recognize the increasing worthlessness of mankind and look forward to the end? Remember, we can blame the Jews, but it was the WILL TO IGNORANCE that resulted in the Israelite society being mixed out, and it was the WILL TO IGNORANCE that lead to the creation of the “System”. It is mankind’s COLLECTIVE WILL TO IGNORANCE that placed us in the situation we are in today.

Higher awareness, a new level of awareness. James Mason suggests that this could be what the “Holy Spirit” is, something that only a noble elite can ever reach. And that elite will never accept the Mark of the Beast even in the face of death.

In that case, for our readers, may the Holy Spirit be with you.