The Judgement and The End

As it is,

The book of Matthew is a significant book in the Bible, as it gives us a descriptive account of the death of Jesus Christ. What is outlined is no other than the consequences of two of Christ’s anomalies; having the truth in his possession, and surrounding himself with those also in possession of the truth. The outcome of the two resulting ultimately in the beast System – at the time – coming together to forever cast out the one who acted as a thorn in the side of those in control and the people who relished in said control.

As it goes, the best way to examine ancient history is to only observe the people around you and take note of their behavior and actions. With this said, we can conclude that Matthew’s description of Jesus’ execution is nothing new. As the same exact thing – although less brutal – takes place in today’s world. Whether it be the total censorship of today’s dissidents, or the imprisoning and/or execution of those who dare to speak a truth that no one wants to hear.

The latter consequence I described being Christ surrounding himself with those who either were noble like him or were converted by him is what remains to be the most prevalent mistake that is experienced by anyone who has had their Elect “on-switch” flipped by the Truth.

With what I am most intimately experienced with for half my lifetime – National Socialist organizations – the same pattern that happened in the days of Jesus become far easier to spot, decrypt and read. That being the attempt to “awaken” their fellow man, or worse, recruit their fellow man, even those who had been “awoken” to the truth. This can continue long enough before their energy becomes exhausted and they proceed to retreat back into their complacent way of life. The infamous “18 month syndrome” described by George Lincoln Rockwell. That, or those who were too emboldened by the truth they possessed in their hands and being tricked into falling for a false self-manifested archetype that only serves as being their narcissistic supply in-take. Or more brutally put—Individuals who always were narcissistic and losers seeking the company of people who seek the company from others that their lack of talent and ability would never afford them in any serious operation.

Anyone who has been in the “Movement” long enough can now see that indeed nothing has changed, from the times of Christ to the NSDAP, there really is no such thing as individuals who are going to stick with their guns for the long haul. And instead do exactly as I described as an excuse for their inability to perform and pull their own weight.

Or worse, they become snitches for the System, as we saw with Judas Iscariot, the Movementarian prototype.

What followed after Christ’s death was the subtle and soon rapid growth of Christianity throughout Europe. However, contrary to what is commonly thought, the Christianity after Christ was only a co-opted and watered down version of “The Way” Christ preached. This only was the case because with Christ dead, and with his ideas resonating well, the System was able to take the idea, strip any originality/anything that made it special and true, and ideologically market it to the slaves. And thus, use it as a weapon to get rid of the ‘inconvenient’ pagan population and/or convert them over. Akin to how Capitalism works today, or how certain hobbies/forms of entertainment are always made mediocre, dumbed down and oftentimes weaponized in one way or another the longer they exist.

The Alt Right was perhaps the biggest example in modern times in comparison to National Socialism. As I am convinced that most of the bad and rotten ideas came exclusively from paid informants to plant these ideas, or perhaps even lead some of these organizations that tapped into the cultural zeitgeist. The same effect is being had on the other end of the spectrum. Communists, rather than rejecting the System wholesale, have decided to join forces and engage in their communities of people who only support the System instead of taking the initiative and forming their own communes, a la Charles Manson (who in no way was a Communist, however this example is a good one for illustrating the point). The act of being stuck in the game of “red vs. blue”, “this or that”, “right vs. left” is not only reactionary, but a golden seal of ideological enslavement.

For those who are National Socialists, one eventually reaches a point that things are so terminally ill, and sick beyond the point of return, that National Socialism is too merciful for mankind, as we have become far too hateful to spare those who would otherwise hang us. And as an added bonus, those responsible for the imprisonment and murder of close friends and loved ones who simply knew ‘too much’ and decided they wanted to forever get away. Life showers down disappointments in order that we don’t become philosophically complacent. For the higher man should have no idols left by the time he’s middle-aged.

Life, as it is, is a con-game.

This is where the “Elect” steps in.

As described in a fictional tale by Nietzsche, a man seeking wisdom and truth travels out alone to the top of the mountain to sit in contemplation until he feels he is ready to descend into the world once again to share the wisdom and enlighten those to what they could have never known on their own. Not taking the old man who warned him of the futility of this, Zarathustra instead goes to the closest village only to have his wisdom mocked and rejected.

The worst mistake you can ever make is paying lip service to those who are unworthy. As the saying goes, it takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. The Bible describes this as meaning a bad person never becomes “good”, but rather, begins to taint and corrupt the rest of the bunch until everyone is down at the bad person’s level. Similar to how the standard for success in public schools has been lowered to accommodate the worthlessness of niggers.

Mankind (and only WHITES being the only ones that get to qualify as mankind), being stuck in a perpetual cycle of defeat, is in of itself terminally ill. Heed the teachings of the Process—“Humanity is the Devil”.

Universal Order, being the only logical step forward, was described within the last pages of SIEGE of being the result of what I have written about here. The only solution, being the obvious! The house in the woods, the separation from everything and everyone. For the Elect, those few individuals are what counts. SIEGE, of course, being one of the most important texts to ever grace this Earth. “Existential Apartheid” is a well summarized phrase that describes the action one takes once he has starred long enough into the SIEGE abyss, and who has made his pact with Universal Order.

Ted Kaczynski would have had it absolutely made if he had just waited patiently, for his attacks against the System are mere firecrackers for what is to come. The book of Revelation – happening in real time – is coming to a close.

We have seen a lot of press regarding recent shootings in Mosques and Churches, and while the Mosque shooter having the decency and sense of humor to film himself gunning down his country’s invaders, it still hasn’t amounted to anything other than some praise over the internet. The same could be stated for Timothy McVeigh, as his attack being for a noble pursuit only came down to his arrest and death sentence, while the owners of the FBI headquarters phoned up their insurance company to have better structures put in its place, with more immigrant workers, and a better security staff.

The System was smart enough to swarm our white lands with their own meat-shields. The Jews, the Muslims, all of them. Redirecting action towards these people has served to only encourage young people into wasting away their lives blasting away at people who don’t and who will never matter. Meanwhile the System uses their actions as justification to strip away what liberties we have left. Not one person can actually kill one or many individuals to take down this global monster.

Any noble attempt leads to the same story of the criminal justice system being financially fueled, as well as arguably the biggest con-arists – the journalists – collecting their paychecks from selling fear to the public and practically being death merchants, despite their calls for “justice” and “peace”.

Perhaps this is a good thing, as I wholeheartedly agree with the “worse is better” idea that one of America’s best racists, Tom Metzger, puts out. However, the crazies will continue mowing down the System’s meat-shields (after possibly being groomed by paid informants to do so), while the Elect should take the initiative and simply drop out away from the ugliness.

While I will never “disavow” these individuals for their sudden acts of violence, it is still foolish to parade the tactics.

Everything now is as it should be.

On a long enough timeline, I believe Dr. William Pierce would have eventually closed off all recruitment for the National Office once those who were in it for the “long haul” like him were acquired.

When the mess collapses, mass starvation and panic will trim the human population down to a far healthier number. And from there, that number will only dwindle.

The state of mind, beyond the false perceptions of left and right, light and darkness, right and wrong. This state of mind is Abraxas, and what is necessary for living as the total drop-out on top of the physical labor required for survival.

Nothing will change. Nothing can change. If you can’t kill the cancer, it will devour the host alive.

Anything said otherwise is only perpetuating the problem. There is nothing worth salvaging.

And perhaps… Next time around, those whites who were forced from their natural positions of superiority will have what they do deserve.

So be it.

And when we see You walking in the night we want to follow You our God
And as we feel You stirring in our hearts we want to be with You our Lord
Now as the thunder is rolling close we look to the heaven for Your call
Praise the doom and bless the light what else is left to do?