With Us Or With The Police State!

As it is,

George Lincoln Rockwell once declared; TO HELL WITH THE RIGHT WING!

Ironmarch then declared; TO HELL WITH THE ALT RIGHT!

Siegekultur, in all of our wisdom, now declares; TO HELL WITH THE SYSTEM!

The System, or as we shall name it by its true name – THE SYSTEMATIC DEMIURGE – has launched its new arm of unlawful persecution against those who wish to cast away the darkness of the world. Even by all legalistic means, the pigs and their handlers could not sit back and just allow the Struggle to persist, even as the Struggle remains within the realms of the law.

James Mason once stressed in SIEGE that the last yielding form of resistance was TOTAL DROP-OUT. There are no more friends to be had, no more masses to recruit, no more forms of operations to be undertaken. As I’ve stated before, everything is happening as it should be happening. The Demiurge lives via the enslavement of you all.

We no longer care to distinguish between the System and idiots, as every idiot actively serves the System without any direct association to it, therefore making him/her part of the System.

They are all the same.

Recently, with the rampant cracking down on “right wing extremism”, the book SIEGE has been thrown into the mix. Presented as a Movementarian style “manifesto” for revolution and terrorism, this has the reactionary crowd suckered into what they claim to be SIEGE, despite the fact this press SIEGE has generated is far from it.

We at Siegekultur affirm that anything that is not produced by this website nor its writers is a fallacy. As the media cannot (and does not) report correctly what we preach, nor can the media’s best friends – the movementarian money-makers.

Kaleb Cole was not part of this System-created script, nor was he ever a product of the FEDs. The attempts the FEDs have made to appeal to Siegekultur and the organizations that Siegekultur stands by has failed on all fronts. This is why they have over-stepped their bounds. An illegal seizure of firearms as well as a wave of media slander.

And guess what? Those enslaved by the Demiurge all cheer in rejoice as they celebrate the System’s shackles being gripped tighter and tighter around them. To the extent of rejoicing in the Federal Government manipulating the law to seize the firearms of civilians who have committed no crime whatsoever.

Morality is and has been out of the question, what is there to be said for those who love the lash of their Systematic masters? Antifa, journalists, the left, the right, all who celebrate this violation are all one in the same. All fronts played by the powers that be like a chess board. Despite their pleas for “less police brutality” or “government violations of privacy”, they in turn are part of the same party line that maintains the Systematic Demiurge’s grip on mankind.

From the FEDs attempt to infiltrate, copy and reproduce – we are not fooled and never will be.

Simply by reading 1984 by George Orwell and replacing any mention of “Big Brother” with “the Demiurge” will give you the clearest picture possible of what is happening.

SIEGE is your way out. The liberation of mind, body and spirit. However, as we’ve seen, SIEGE has been purposely associated with random acts of terror and violence. All of which, are provoked and state sanctioned. Those who have read SIEGE would understand the System’s motivation and how they more or less operate. There has always been tons of historic tid-bits to give you the inside knowledge needed for understanding.

If you are with the left or the right wing, you are with the Police State.

If you support any sort of System politics, you are with the Police State.

If you are not SIEGE, you are with the Police State.

If you are not with us, you are with the Police State!

Let there be no mistake, as this is objective fact.

We not only salute Kaleb Cole, but support him through his hardships. As he was the selected target, the one to be made an example of by those enslaved within the Systematic Demiurge. The more and more those in power submit to the will of their masters, the more and more they become damned.

For they are damned, as purgatory awaits them. Never to enter the gates of Heaven when his Kingdom arrives to this Earth…

So be it.